Type of Woman I Wouldn't be Compatible With


Here are 7 types of Woman I Wouldn't be Compatible with if I was Ready to Date

1. Woman Who Cares About Financial-Well Being

I view woman who cares about financial-well being as high maintenance. As a result, I prefer to date a woman who doesn't care about financial-well being.

Type of Woman I Wouldnt be Compatible With

2. Woman Who Likes Being Out

I'd rather date a woman who prefers to spend their weekend watching sports games on TV because I enjoy spending my weekend watching sports game such as NBA on TV. Hence, I prefer to date a woman who enjoys spending their weekend at home.

Type of Woman I Wouldnt be Compatible With

3. Emotive Woman

I prefer to date a woman who is composed because I don't want to feel burdened by her need for emotional support. Hence, I would rather date a reserved woman to avoid feeling burdened by need for emotional support.

Type of Woman I Wouldnt be Compatible With

4. Woman Who's Looking to Self-Improve

I prefer to date a woman who's content with the way things are because she isn't showing insecurity or inferiority complexes. Thus, I can only date a woman who's content with the way things are.

Type of Woman I Wouldnt be Compatible With

5. Woman Who Prefers to Spend More Time with Me

I prefer more time alone to enjoy my hobbies. As a result, if I can't have more time alone to enjoy my hobbies, I'd get annoyed. Thus, I can only date a woman who enjoys their time alone.

Type of Woman I Wouldnt be Compatible With

6. Wildly Passionate Woman

I prefer to date a woman who stay in control of their emotion because I view emotionally excitable person as a sign of carelessness. Hence, I'd rather date a woman who can stay in control of their emotion.

Type of Woman I Wouldnt be Compatible With

7. Woman Who Enjoys Traveling

I prefer to build relationship mainly based on everyday events because I prefer to stay in my home city. Thus, dating a woman who enjoys traveling would stress my body.

Type of Woman I Wouldnt be Compatible With
Type of Woman I Wouldn't be Compatible With
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  • zagor
    I'm sure there are a few dozen women who fit your criteria somewhere in the world...
    Is this still revelant?

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  • spuitkaas
    I wonder if you should get into a relationship. It sounds like you'd rather be alone.
    Also you sound like the most boring dude ever. Guess on every jar fits a lit.
  • SunnyCaliGirl
    That’s false, women who care about their finical well being are not high maintenance at all. A women who cares about her financial situation is most likely mature.
    • I don't care if she cares about her financial situation. All I care is whether she has carefree mindset about financial situation or not.

    • Oh ok, I see what you mean now.

  • F-eight
    Tbh, if you keep adding conditions to what kind of person you'd date and all, it'll turn out to be that you actually won't be able to keep that interest for that longer time. Compatibility is to some extent is fine, but too many conditions will make it impossible to find someone who is actually the way you want someone to be.
  • Liam_Hayden
    1. I see them as responsible
    2. Opposite. I do not want a couch potato
    3. ? Sounds like Vulcan or a robot.
    4. Again opposite. I want someone who isn't stagnant.
    5. Agree
    6. Agree
    7. Either way is fine as long as she like to do something.
  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Every single one of the seven types of woman you enumerated describes me entirely.
    I usually tell myself to "Live a little!"
    It turns out "I lived a lot!"
  • Aaron_Stone
    Do you even want another person?
    It seems that you like to stay alone.
  • JaneandJune
    Sounds like you’ll have a nice long relationship with your hand
  • FactQueen
    I think a woman can care about financial well-being without being high maintenance.

    I grew up poor (bottom 5%). It surely should not come as a surprise to anyone that in this world poor people have to take a lot more sh** than rich people, a lesson I learned from bitter experience. The system is unjust, unfair, but that it is just the way it is, and I don't see some socialist utopia happening anytime soon. I worked hard in school & at university. I have a well paid job I enjoy, with some degree of freedom, but not all the freedom I'd like. I've invested wisely, got out of equities last year because everything was so over priced. I bought a FTSE 100 tracker mid March when the market crashed. I'm already ahead on the investment. I have a spreadsheet of my finances I update every month. I'm on track to pay off my mortgage and not have to work after the age of 40.

    That's self maintenance, not high maintenance?
  • differentman
    For me, that's type of woman I'm interested in being partners with. It's good somebody don't like the females I'm into. But a good news for you if I ever find one and you're in the surroundings, I'll lead you guys to have a conversation together.
  • ThePrimeDirective
    Read up on the ISTJ and ISTP personality types. What you're after is probably one of those although I'd have to dig into it more to see which one. Reason why I think so is extroverts are out, given your description. IN** are the intellectual types so probably have careers and hence are likely to make good money. ISFP and ISFJ have a bigger focus on emotion.

    That being said, if you've basically described yourself then you've got it wrong. But you wouldn't listen to me in that case so it's better to find what you're looking for and learn on your own. If you are actually quite different than what you've described then know that there are women out there like this and you can certainly find that.
  • Itsme1999
    People that I know/knew that said things like you (i've seen it with men and women) turned out to be physically and/or emotionally abusive towards their partner. I really hope you are one like them!
  • incelposting
    1. Non virgin, no whores thanks
    2. Opinionated: female opinions are worthless because
    3. Thinks she has earned anything: females are handed everything for free by society
  • Unit1
    My opinion? Brace yourself.

    1. So you rather date a woman, who's in huge debts? Well, i am not going to judge. You do you.
    2. Couch potatoes like couch potatoes I suppose.
    3. Sounds like she won't be committed to you or trusting you. However I am not blaming you.
    4. In other words it's 100% OK if she gets obese, ugly and cuts her hair bald. You won't mind.
    5. OK, at this point it sounds like you just want a female friend rather than a girlfriend/wife.
    6. Wildly passionate women and emotionally unstable women link how? I am confused. Oh well, at least I can agree on the emotionally unstable part.
    7. Same as point 2.
  • Eirbness
    Sounds like you want a robot.
  • This was certainly entertaining
  • yucychan
    Congratulations on being "Alone Forever"
  • Wisdom-Strength-Love
    You gonna be an unhappy ass dude then lol
  • izzie_morris
    yikes you seem quite high maintenance
  • Dongtai
    Everyone has a preference I guess
    • His preference is a bowl of flavorless oatmeal, cooled down with a side of tap water that’s been sitting out for days 🤣

    • Dongtai

      It’ll be hard to find a woman like that in 2020. He’s describing women before they had equal rights. He needs a time machine.

    • If he wants it that bad, I’m sure he’d find a way to fund the experiments for time travel...
      But the easiest option would be for him to move to Utah.

  • doeadeer123
    so i guess you're not looking for a woman them
  • alligatorblues
    A woman like that doesn't need to date!
  • lailison
    Well, good luck then.