Romantic Ideas For Long Distance Relationships

Long Distance Relationships
Long Distance Relationships

This myTake was inspired by an anonymous question about original and romantic ideas to do when we are in a long-distance relationship.

It is not easy but it is possible to keep the passion alive, even with an ocean separating a couple. From the simplest to the most original examples, here's my list of romantic ideas:

The classic phone call;

  • Spend hours talking about everything and nothing at the same time. Make a call to hear the voice of the one you love. A simple phone call is worth a lot.
Old School
Old School

Letters of love;

  • Send handwritten letters declaring your love. Have them open each letter on a different day or on a specific occasion.
Write down your feelings
Write down your feelings

Flowers forever;

  • Find the delivery number of some store in your partner's city, send flowers and surprise.
Romantic Ideas For Long Distance Relationships

A special gift;

  • Customize a pillow with your photo and send it to your partner, so they'll be with you every night in bed. (LOL)
Cute and useful
Cute and useful

Create a Scrapbook;

  • Make an album with all your memories. Photos, love texts, letters, dried flower petals. Send it later on a special date like your anniversary.
Its worth it!
It's worth it!

Exchange coupons;

  • On special occasions, be original about the gift. Make coupons or gift vouchers that your partner can redeem. A sexy photo, a video telling the size of your love, etc.
Be original!
Be original!

Cook “together”;

  • Learn a new recipe together and try to make it at the same time, having a lot of laughs.
Just dont burn the house!
Just don't burn the house!

Go somewhere new;

  • Make a video call in a public place like a park or a beach. Show them the sights of your city and make the tour worthwhile.
Beaches are so romantic...
Beaches are so romantic...

Plan a surprise visit or trip;

  • Make plans for the perfect vacation, dream big or even agree to travel together.
Imagine the reunion!
Imagine the reunion!

Make a project;

  • Change habits together, start daily training, read a book at the same time.
Exercises, meditation...but together!
Exercises, meditation...but together!

Say “I love you;

  • In a different language every day so you won't lose the magic of the phrase.
Eu te amo
"Eu te amo"

Watch a movie or show together on Netflix;

  • Turn on the video and it will be as if he was next to you, commenting, laughing...
Dont forget the popcorn!
Don't forget the popcorn!

Get ready, as if going to a date in person;

  • Have a romantic date at least once a month with a glass of wine, a nice meal, romance and connection. A candlelit dinner via Skype is a good option.
Almost the real deal...almost!
Almost the real deal...almost!

Magic needs to happen;

  • It's worth a hotter message, a sexy picture, a striptease... Virtual sex has to be naturally accepted by you (it is worth remembering that no one should feel obliged to anything).
Sexting and intimacy
Sexting and intimacy

I hope I helped to give some ideas and directions to all couples whose distance isn't enough to end a relationship full of love.

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Romantic Ideas For Long Distance Relationships
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  • Avicenna
    Wow, a cornucopia of fantastic ideas. Very thoughtful and well-designed!
    Is this still revelant?
  • venomhbk1313
    The man should send a dozen roses and have lots of FaceTime for you
    Is this still revelant?
    • Desconhecida

      These are the options you found to be the best ones?

    • venomhbk1313

      Honestly yes I'm not that great when it comes to romance

    • Desconhecida

      For someone who claims not to be romantic, you chose the best ones 💋

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  • jennifer_bloom
    I also think that having lifestyle photos helps
    - the book your reading
    - the food your eating
    - the Pilates instructor you follow on youtube
    - the outfit you just bought
    - the discount you got at the store today
    - the dog you played with
    - the birthday you celebrated
    - the ducks you saw walking today
  • MzAsh
    Great take!
  • LolaMexico
    Those ideas are great, but I only will add very important matter: talk about future plans where both can be in the same geographic place. A long distant relationship works only if in a sense is temporary, have plans to be together at some point means that it's a serious relationship.
  • Jjpayne
    This was delightful! It is a very nonsensical and practical way to make it work! Nice job!
    • Desconhecida

      Yes, and I'm not saying LDRs are my thing or that they are great. I just imagine couples who need to be a time apart and gave some tips to keep the relationship going.
      Thanks JJ!💋

    • Jjpayne

      You are welcome! They are some very great tips!

  • mrgspoter
    What do you mean by this as apparently long distance relationship, can be with someone you have not met in real life and to me that's not a realatonship yet till you met.
    • Desconhecida

      Many couples that are years together in person and suddenly need to be a time apart are the reason I gave some tips to keep the relationship going.
      It's not a virtual thing only.

    • mrgspoter

      Virtual reality is not real, so u mean a real thing?

    • Desconhecida

      Yes. The real deal

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  • Aakash_Hangargi
    I don't believe in LDRs yiu know it's just not worth the time and effort
    • Desconhecida

      You have the right to.

      One more time, I'm not saying LDRs are my thing or that they are great. I just imagine couples who need to be a time apart and gave some tips to keep the relationship going.

      But you are right.

    • I know when i ans a question it's more of general, not like directly oriented to the asker unless it's there personal question LDRs only work if you had been years together i would say min of 2~5 years or there is only a minimum chance it could work I would say to remain friends thet can talk and be like friends daily in contact then if they really feel that they are in for it then can go for it by this way it takes the pressure off bc expectations will be more and we cannot recognise how one feels while being only online can be easily misunderstood or possibly easy to cheat as well so why the tension yes it will hurt for two to three months but still could move on

    • Desconhecida

      Wow. It seems you know what you're talking about in a personal way...

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  • SomeGuyCalledTom
    The most romantic idea for a long distance relationship is to not be long distance. Talking from experience. If you can't live in the same place for some reason than at minimum you should be planning trips together to tide you over while you make plans to one day live together for real.
    • TruthBringer

      Amen. LDRs are just not worth the pain. I also speak from experience

  • Browneye57
    WAY WAY WAY WAY too long. For god's sakes woman.
    LDR'rs are a waste of time. The statistics are that withing 90 days one or the other will find someone else.
    Why don't you date someone you can actually SEE and BE with. You'll get WAY more out of it, I guarantee it.
    • TruthBringer

      If only I wasn't so naive when I was 18 to be in one, I would have saved myself a great deal of heartache. Never again will I be in a LDR.

    • Browneye57

      @TruthBringer - Asker thinks she's all that AND a bag of chips. LOL

  • ChocoBrownieMonster
    i think LDRs should be for friendship only, because they hardly ever work for relationships. That said youve got some good ideas lol bit cheesy tho.
  • DavidHart
    From all of those, i only fond of Plan Surprise Visit.
  • wellendowedwonder
    thank you I think we have done a lot of the things that you have listed. Even grocery shopping online
  • nella965
    You shold make a scrap book of all the texts you sent to each other over the months
  • Hermes-Paris
    Hey thanks for a great my take! I certainly can relate because I can't get back home to see her thanks to Covid. Maybe in September but it is looking like maybe the end of the year before they open up the borders. So we chat a lot on WhatsApp and send messages and pics all day long. I go out and shop for clothes purses and shoes "with" them through WhatsApp. I have two suitcases full of stuff for when I can fly back down there! In turn she shows me what she is making would be making for me for dinner. It's hard not knowing but having contact everyday is key. And knowing that this will not continue forever. Better days are ahead. But I think about the guy next door who came up for a 3 week program and got stuck here because they closed the borders in Peru before he could get back. His wife gave birth back in April.
  • curlyfritas
    Plan your meet up date, if it takes longer than a year maybe two, just cut it off, it's a set up lol.
  • MannMitAntworten
    The hard part is them making time for you with at a distance. Often you find yourself at the bottom of their totem pole the greater the distance. That has been my experience at least. :-/
    • Oceanlust

      I can't imagine it being easy at all.

    • It is a trial.

    • Desconhecida

      I understand that. But sometimes even a normal couple which are years together might need to spend some time apart from many factors. Business trips, moving away, etc. The ones who wanna keep together, try the LDR option as last resource hence the tips I wrote.

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  • TruthBringer
    To those reading who are NOT in a LDR, please, save yourself the headache and heartache and for your own sake DO NOT get in a LDR. Statistics have shown that most LDR relationships fail. It's already hard enough to maintain a direct one, let alone a LDR. You'd end up spend more time wishing than experiencing. I collected more memories within a month of my direct relationships than within my 1.5 year long LDR. And to those who are in one, don't come with the "But with him/her its different" nonesense. Literally everyone whose relationship failed thought like that, including myself. If only I thought that way when I was 18-20. It would have saved me a lot of heartache. I've promised myself to never again be in one, and I've not regretted my decision. Now ask yourself this: Do you actually want work on a real relationship, or a long goodbye?
  • Reaperbot666
    they make wireless adult toys you can get. with link up over the internet to each other. for a bit of fun time.
  • TheLastLady
    This list was so well written and neatly detailed. You are good.
  • sensible27
    Ldr sounds like an airport... : )
  • elisa_0
    I love this take 💖
  • Vacaburra
    Long distance relationships never work. Never worked, never have worked and never will.
  • alance99
    Nice Mytake
  • WowwGirl
  • legalboxers
    a lot of facetime / duo dating
    • Desconhecida

      True fact. It's very hard!

    • legalboxers

      @Desconhecida Try doing that for 15 years. I did that since I was 19. With almost every LDR I ever had. It got annoying. No one wanted to come out here. So I just gave up :(

    • Desconhecida

      What? Now I need to know this story...😓

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  • MissDawn7961
  • asshole_
    LDR's do not work

  • ali92ka
    Good ideas
  • Phoenix98
    All excellent ideas.
  • Nams_25
    OH wow !!! This all are unique ideas for LDR s.
  • colin77
    Be truthful to self and communicate daily...
  • Anonymous
    I showed her places
    Cooked while she was on phone
    We played games together.
    Had plans to share pillows, and couldn't do it.
    had sx together
    had showers together
    Slept while our phones were working
    She did her makeups while I was watching her
    She fed her pets while I was watching them
    We sang together
    Both of us read to each other in nights
    I did artworks sharing screen with her
    I taught her few words from my language
    • Anonymous

      Would you believe she was just playing with me pretending she was so serious and wanted marry me?

  • Anonymous
    LDR never worked for me and would not recommend it.

    Unless you are temporarily LDR and will definitely be together in year or whatever short time and often breaks together...

    Yes, fantasy is good, but reality is not pretty.
  • Anonymous
    • Desconhecida


    • Anonymous

      So I say Even getting a message because you love, is a very romantic thing.

  • Anonymous
    Watch Jojo's together over discord while munching Nachos and ice cream.