A special kind of relationship.


One could only be so lucky to have a relationship like this. It's really one in a million.

A special kind of relationship.
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  • Aakash_Hangargi
    To have such kind of trust yiu have to go through ups and downs pain and pleasure joy and sorrow what looks magnificent always comes with a harder price.

    To shine like sun one must burn like him
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  • MrLuckyStrike
    I wish i had one special relationship which is filled with honesty, love, respect and support no matter what happens. :)

    It has a chance 1/the all guys and girls.
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  • tofamous
    Yeah that's a tough one I've been looking for 48 months I bend vainly trying the Internet And you know what I found of spoken to 200 people I say that because some were men with a woman's pitcher and probly 98% don't have a phone that they can talk on but the in take pictures and everything else then I did Me Too! And while I'm in phrase that I suppose to meet to one tried rob me that it more got too well for them the 2nd 1 was trying to set me up be robbed then led thought this was gonna be a very fun time for them so it's risky for male and female averred every story and need to San my mama said my God pay my rent I've had multiple attempts to blackmail No they wanna see them sexy pictures you know the pretty faces you kind words get a man to do a lot of dumb things now he_she want to blackmail me And the community and a new favorite social media rather unlike while really right on The native get rid may say yo you don't think please do I've been on national TV before but I don't let my clothes on Maybe that would be a Never mind So maybe I should just ask that question OK I'll do that
  • Yes if those types of relationships exist. It’s rare and can happen
  • Mickey9999
    Exactly what I’m looking for!
    That's what i am looking for. 😥