Why Men Aren’t Committing To Relationships


Let me start this MyTake by saying that I believe that being in a committed relationship with a quality partner and working together as a team is most likely to result in the best outcome in life. It doesn’t assure daily happiness - struggles will always find you - but overall, a team supporting each other will have a much easier time overcoming those struggles.

Why Men Aren’t Committing To Relationships

Many if not most of us are aware that for a very long time, it was a normal, expected thing for people to get married and have families and stay together for life. This may describe your parents, and it’s even more likely to describe your grandparents, and it’s probably what you were taught to expect to - but you may have discovered, with great confusion - that things don’t seem to be working that way anymore, and that’s frustrating and unsettling, and you want to know why things changed. That’s what this article is about.

Why Men Aren’t Committing To Relationships

The seeds of this change happened with WWII in the first half of the 1940s, when women went to work in factories to replace all the men who were sent overseas to fight. When the war was over and the men returned, many women happily went home to start families and raise children, but a few of them missed working outside the home and earning their own money, and began a movement for women’s rights, which we now usually refer to as “Second-Wave Feminism.” This movement took another generation to really catch hold, but the growth of the American economy in the late 40s and 50s, as American helped rebuild Europe and Japan, led to middle-class Americans being able to send their children - including girls - to college en mass for the first time in the 1960s, and by now, those early 2nd-Wave Feminists of the 40s were teachers and college professors - AND they’d been co-opted by pro-Marxist Soviets via one of many KGB subversion campaigns (but that’s a whole other story).

And while the first Women’s Studies courses were being taught in college, other Radical Feminists were hard at work changing divorce and child custody laws to heavily favor women in the name of “equality.” Women in the 60s (Boomers) were also being told that they needed to stop being wives and mothers and to seek careers of their own, and like before, that generation didn’t embrace that idea widely - but the following generation, the GenXers, did.

Colleges expanded significantly in the 1960s, more than doubling capacity, and expanded again in the 1980s, doubling again. Women were encouraged to follow what just 2 generations before had been the path available only to upper-class men and a few prodigies on scholarship: a 4-year University education (in many cases followed by graduate school and advanced degrees) and a career working outside the home. In fact, by the 80s, this had become the expected path, and women choosing to start families and be housewives was widely and publicly derided by RadFem leaders as being “a traitor to your gender.” Needless to day, this was pushed even harder onto Millennial, with the late 90s-through the 2000s being the peak of RadFem power.

The results of all of this has been a few key points that have massively affected relationships in Western societies:

  • Women are choosing (or being pushed to choose) college and careers over motherhood, at least in their 20s. This has caused women to go into massive debt, and has kept most women from having children until their late 20s or early 30s - and some even later, leading to a rise in expensive and nerve-wracking fertility treatments to conceive past her prime fertile years, as well as a noted increase of children born with congenital disease or mental and behavioral problems.
  • Women have largely abandoned traditional female roles, in their dress, in their skills, and in their attitudes, and have become more and more like men, and are competing directly with men in many respects.
  • The laws and social attitudes have changed such that men are massively disadvantaged in marriage, parental rights, and divorce.
  • Male children are being taught, at home and increasingly in school, that masculinity is toxic and that natural male tendencies are bad and should be suppressed.
  • Hypergamy: with women increasing their own education and income, they’re no longer satisfied with average or even above-average men - they insist on men who are well above their level, no matter how high their level becomes, but there simply aren’t nearly enough such men to go around. Nevertheless, huge numbers reject anything but a Top 10% man, even if they’re single for years. Most can attract high-value men with casual sex - and often do - but many don’t realize or won’t accept that those men would never consider them for a relationship, so they hold out for one, ignoring men at or near their own level.
  • Women believe that men will find it desirable that she has an advanced education and a career, and are shocked when they do not. No matter how often men tell them otherwise, most women can’t accept that men aren’t looking for competitors, they’re looking for someone who brings to the table things he isn’t already providing: a wife, mother, and homemaker. When women say “I’ve got this degree and this career”, men hear “I spent my prime fertility years in school and getting my career going, I have a ton of student (and consumer) debt, and I’m unlikely to be around when you need me because I’ll be at work.”

For women who didn’t take relationships, marriage, and children seriously and rushed into marriage or children with an “exciting” bad boy, only to be a single mom in her late 20s or early 30s, her value to most men is extremely low - and the further she is past 30, the lower her value is likely to be. Many women in their mid-30s still believe that they have the kind of social market value they had in their 20s, and are still looking for a super-high-value man as if she was a “social market billionaire” herself as she once was, having no understanding that, in her mid-30s, and especially if she has children, her “net value” has plummeted, and while she thinks she’s an 8 (like she was at 24), she’s really a 3 to men in her target age group.

That’s because, aside from sex, most of what she’s bringing to the table has a low or even negative value to a man, causing high or even mid-value men to reject relationships with those women.

Men know how to evaluate a deal - to weigh the pros and cons and to analyze the costs and benefits - and being in a committed relationship (except with women who reject Feminism and who prioritize being a mother and wife rather than a career) simply isn’t worth the high cost and risk that men are required to accept if the take the deal - and so, increasingly, men are no longer interested on signing on the dotted line. It’s far too often a one-sided deal, and men today know it.

The other thing is: women have never been less happy, and more women than ever are single, are single parents, are the sole providers of their household, and are disappointed with their careers. They've gotten their career, but it turns out that having a career doesn't really fulfill them, and as they progress in their career, the career is ever more demanding and time-consuming, so even if she's making more money, she has less time to enjoy it, and that leads to growing depression. It is also leading to a lot of women who realize that what she really wants is a relationship and a family. But the realization comes too late in so many cases, with her biological clock having nearly run out or already run out.

Both men and women are worse off as a result. Who knew that huge societal changes would have huge unintended consequences?

Why Men Aren’t Committing To Relationships
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  • I'm a wee bit concerned by this post. Because well I find it hard to agree with this.
    I met my fella back in 09 and I thought we were going to be together simply because we clicked so well finishing each others sentences etc etc.
    I was at university studying fashion but after the first term I realised that the course was t for me. Things were just a little too clicky.
    So I left, I eventually found a job in retail to keep me in the loop and planned to find my way back to study. He would routinely ask me for financial aid before the month was through. I fell pregnant and he accused me of all sorts. So he told me it wasn't the right time.
    After we aborted he insisted that I was clingy and needy and fat.
    When we got past that stage, I moved into a move secure career, I had my own flat which I decorated and I had paid for without his help. He moved in, he didn't want to help with bills or pay and rent. He didn't even want to put anything in the washing machine.
    All he kept saying was he was trying to set up his business that he wanted to go to the gym.
    That I was trying to hold him down.


    I think its safe to say that in this case he was just a user.

    There have been other men an engineer, a construction manager, a marketing executive and at first they were very happy I could look after myself they themselves would want to whisk me off 2 of them offered to buy into my flat so we could start building a life together. But I noticed they were very controlling and cheaters.
    Men these days have an appetite especially when they earn more, but don't feel the need to be discreet.

    There is no honourable man left.

    They talk about marriage as if suddenly that paper will make them less of a liar, less of a cheater, less controlling but what idiot would allow it to get that far.

    I only work 3 days a week. I cook and I clean, I keep fit. I want to have a family.

    I'm 29, my price went down when I stopped giggling, and telling men how wonderful they were for meaningless shit.
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    • MrOracle

      Well, you certainly ran across some shitheels, and, yes, there are some worthless men out there, no doubt about it. That first guy should have been kicked to the curb much, much earlier. But that's also why you should focus more on selecting guys based on their character rather than looks or lifestyle. Even the best-looking guy with all the money in the world will quickly become unattractive if he doesn't have morals and values and some ambition. And not all men do.

    • @lilyanony1 Your first example of men seems to be growing in numbers. Especially in the under 70 demographic. I have known far too many women who shared an ‘identical’ experience or are presently still living it. I can think of three as I type still in one.

      The larger earners and flagrant cheating. That actually throws me for a loop. Perhaps it is the circles I keep, but the wives or girlfriends have been the ones who have done the sneaking around while their husbands are playing the part of obliviously happy husband and “soccer coach” dad. I know of several divorces with my male friends are due to their now exes having been screwing around with either the neighbor or the guy at their work. I only know of two dickheads who screwed around on their wives versus the other way around. ... and as you mentioned, men don’t hide it remotely well. Women however go to lengths in concealing their “affairs”.

      Again this could be entirely restricted to the circles I keep - men having far more to lose being largely the excuse why they are terrified too. Divorce truly scared the shot out of them so they won’t even dream to cheat.

      You are “done”. I get it. Your experiences have repulsed you just as my own have walked off with what little I had left. I to an done.

      It is too bad that anymore the sexes shit upon one another. Not long ago we actually complemented each other. It only seems to be getting worse and more of us are just checking out...

    • lilyanony1

      @mrOracle- I find these days whatever the package they all think they're the need knee's.
      @ManmitAntworten- of the them didn't have kids, I think that's why he cheated, he looked elsewhere, and found me. She couldn't have kids. I spoke with her and he told us the exact same things, I won't divulge as I notice these days people read up these things only to perfect the mistakes. He was just very skilled at lying through his teeth, but not skilled enough. I hope he's learned to do better

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  • MzAsh
    I learned very early on which men to take and which men to avoid. That is probably the most important first step in relationship happiness. I learned that the Cory Matthews type was a better man than the Shawn Hunter type. (Younger kids, look it up)

    My man is a Cory Matthews and we've been together for 13 years.

    No, I'm no traditional wife and he's no traditional husband. We don't have kids and we're happy with that for now, until we both decide it's time to have kids. We both cook and clean and we both work and pay an equal amount of the household utilities. He supports my career ambitions and I absolutely love what I do. In fact, I did it for many years with no money coming in. Even for free, I dedicated a working shift worth's of time every day into my skills, because that made me happy. So I am happy doing what pleases me and he's happy with the choices he's made in life as well. This is how we prefer things to be.

    The thing I've noticed about your take is that you're repeating a lot of ideals pushed by the red pill. Guys in the red pill and "the manosphere" are the Shawn Hunters of society. They think being a playboy and badboy is what will win him respect and admiration. They often brag about being former Vegas playboy troublemakers. They want to live this life until they decide they want the 20 year old "good girl" when they are in their late 30s. Only, the "good girl" is already taken, and if she is single, she doesn't want him. It's not that men like this aren't committing to relationships because they don't want to. They do want relationships, but they want relationships where the dynamics were more in their own favor. They want to the good girl virgin even though he's the bad boy ex con with maybe a kid or two wandering around out there, he's not sure. This isn't going to fly.

    You gotta stop listening to those guys because they simply aren't as insightful or as desirable to women as you think they are.
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    • Belleevans

      Oh snap! You are 100% spot on! Couldn't have said it better myself. Yes I am aware of who you are talking about as I watch these channels and I agree!!

    • MzAsh

      I’m not saying all red pill notions are bad, but take a good look at these guys. Think about what it is they are asking vs what they are offering. A lot of it is ridiculous and only a foolish woman is going to be baited by. They can’t stand feminism because feminism has afforded women the freedom that territorial men don’t want their women to have, plain and simple.

      No, women don’t get degrees and careers because they think men find it attractive. We don’t care what men thinking about our careers. We achieve these things because we want to, regardless of what men think. That is, unless we want to scrape by on some measly allowance someone provides for us, which I sure as hell will never do.

      For the most part, red pill men are average looking middle aged dudes with sordid pasts and a bitter attitude and unfair expectations.

      Smart women are wise to avoid men like that.

    • Bluemax

      Well said. What does your husband do for a living (if you don't mind me asking)?

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Most Helpful Guys

  • JackSmy
    Maybe for some, as you say, here, but for others, it can be AMAZING, and wonderful!!
    Not pissing in your Cheerios, and intending offence.
    As you said, some things that some guys deal with, and a lot of those, are about women? Or are they about you, and failing to be a good man! Maybe being an Old-style kind, that assumes women are submissive, and should serve you?
    If women don't want to date you, do you ever question, that maybe, there is something about you, that women don't like? Or do you just hate on women?
    I am REALLY quite offended, about many things you posted, about women, my Lady friends, my family relations, and it's just BAD!!
    I think you need to get with the MODERN age, and have more respect for women!
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    • MrOracle

      None of this is about me at all. I've simply seen this question asked again and again by women, and I'm simply answering the question.

      And, as ALWAYS, it's a generalization - it's not going to apply to every woman by any means. It's mostly targeted at SINGLE women who find that men aren't willing to commit to them.

      What did I say that was so terrible about women? Mostly the issue is society as whole, and Feminism (specifically Marxist-based Radical Feminism) in particular - but men contribute (negatively) to that too.

      I'm all for equality (which is very different from Feminism), but you also have to take biological differences into account, and Feminism wants to erase all difference - biological and otherwise - as part of their efforts to destroy the family and the society. Again, plenty of men have responsibility for that mess; it isn't just women.

    • What a simp lol

    • What a simp

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  • Jamie05rhs

    "When women say “I’ve got this degree and this career”, men hear “I spent my prime fertility years in school and getting my career going, I have a ton of student (and consumer) debt, and I’m unlikely to be around when you need me because I’ll be at work.” "

    I disagree with this. That is not the reaction I have. What I hear is "I'm better than you" and "You're not good enough.". ... Which is the truth, whether we like it or not. It is what it is.

    Though if they do have debt, then I think that's really ironic, because the main reason I chose not to go to college was because I didn't want to get into debt. In other words, due to the exhorbitant and inflated cost of tuition, I determined it to be a "bad deal."
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    • MrOracle

      What I hear is "I'm better than you" and "You're not good enough."

      This can also be true, and I went into that a bit more on another post. Some women will throw her degree (s) and/or career in the guy's face if she judges his occupation to be below hers - even if he out-earns her. A guy may own a construction company or an auto shop or a trucking company and make plenty of money, but because it's "dirty work", some women believe he is "less than" because she's college educated and has an office job. Certainly this isn't all women, but I've seen it happen a few times with my own eyes. But some guys make a LOT of money despite not wearing a suit to work every day, and they're happier doing something they like.

    • Jamie05rhs

      @MrOracle Thanks.

    • Jamie05rhs

      Thanks for the MHO.

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  • mistixs
    But lots of men say men don't want kids and they only have kids to satisfy their wives
    • MrOracle

      Yes, that's also increasing, with a lot of that being fears of divorce and child custody fights and crazy child support payments. With an unrealistic and unfair family court system, there are going to be consequences, and this is one of them. These guys are still the exception to the rule among the men looking for relationships, though (most of the men not looking for children are also not looking for serious relationships).

    • @mistixs In my lifetime I have only met a small handful of women who claim to desire having children. Then roughly half actually mean it while the other have say it because they think it is what you want to hear. No, an honest response is what I ‘wanted’ to hear.

      A quickly growing segment of both sexes in Western Civilization seem disinterested in children. Some going as far as being “grossed out” by the very thought.

    • Jamie05rhs

      I am not anti-child by any means. Kids are cool. But I also don't believe that anyone is required to have them. It's up to each individual couple to make that decision together.

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  • Alyssa11
    I totally understand where you're coming from, and I am glad to see that this article alludes to the idea that men want to commit to relationships but the circumstances seem to be getting in the way.

    However, I don't think it's fair to blame the entire issue solely on women. As humans we have a human right to education, and we women, have passions and interests just like men do. It's all about balance: I can be the wife, the homemaker, the mother of his children while also excelling at my career because quite frankly, having my own life too makes me feel good (just like it would for a man!)

    Essentially, what I want to say is that there are some bad men out there, (just as there are some bad women), and many of us make the wrong decisions about who we commit to and have children with. We don't realise this until many years go by. I think we're just more outspoken about it now, because like you've said, the recent feminist movements have given us some kind of voice. At the end of the day, a good head combined with a good heart should lead both men and women to finding a partner equal to them.
    • Snakeyes7

      I don’t think it’s solely women to blame. It’s just the massive cultural shift that many things including feminism has caused and men seeing marriage as a heavy risk is a side effect.

    • @Alyssa No you can't "have it all", this is the BS bill of goods that women have been sold by feminism and Hollywood. If you have a hard-charging career and kids at home, one will suffer as you are stretched beyond limits.

    • @alyssa11I think you’re absolutely right. Normally when you’re on the path of doing those things you would find someone who is equally in the same realm you are. @KrakenAttackin I don’t think it was suffer if you’re actually working towards not letting those things happen.

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  • Yads_Is_Back
    This is one of many reasons why WESTERN SOCIETY SUCKS. Because you're right!

    This is why I was raised traditionally and am proud of it. I kind-of love when a man posts something like this because it shows me that we traditional women are even more desired now.
    Although to be honest, men did bring feminism on themselves. You can't have sex with a woman and leave her pregnant with a child who now won't have a dad thanks to your irresponsibility and expect anything other than the crap you go through now. You brought it on yourself. Does that mean I agree with it? No. But you did bring it on yourselves.
    However, now that both genders are sitting back crying, we traditional people are sitting here smiling. Like wow, if things had not changed and people had never grown so selfish...All the things you mentioned - all those feminist characteristics - are literally what we are taught to avoid. We are taught to value body over mind. (Yeah, literally, I'm not kidding.) The others also apply.

    So this makes me proud to be a traditional woman, thanks to a family who still knows what love is! Feminists don't even know what being proud to be a woman is.

    BUT... On the flip side, neither gender is innocent. Plenty of men complain and get shot down in life by things like divorce or the woman cheating because he made a stupid decision on who to be with. Well... next time make smarter decisions. Problem solved. Same with women who stupidly choose to have sex with a bad boy then expect to marry a good guy.

    As a traditional woman, I've seen proposals of marriage from men in their early 20s. Oh yes. But the woman is traditional, and he knows what he's in for. I've seen men who are also traditional and who don't have sex so much when younger then expect an innocent woman. Because heads up, guys, that doesn't fly.

    So, since the world is so diverse now, you might as well attract what you want and stop complaining. If you want a traditional woman, then show us what we traditional women want to see. If you want a bad boy, then show the bad boy what he wants to see. So let's all stop being hypocritical and expecting what we aren't willing to give :)
    • Dali-chan

      The problem is that most western men who crave traditional women are not high quality traditional man. They only talk about tradition when it comes to oppress women, but they’re not willing to provide for a wife and kids and be responsible.

    • @Dali-chan Very much true

  • GlitterFairy16
    Don't even need to read this to know its gonna be all womens and feminist fault not porn addictions and men lacking a understanding of real women. Plus there is plenty of men who are willing to commit they just don't brag about it.
    • When it comes to porn addicts and men lacking understanding is more nuanced than you think, but yeah the ones who are willing to commit don't brag about it indeed. You got that right. I know this because I'm one of those men lol

  • bluetoblack99
    I just got one question. What is the end goal of modern feminism?

    Here are your options:

    • True Equality. This means you not only get to enjoy the benefits of being a man but also have to endure all responsibilities and disadvantages. I could give you a list a mile long of unchecked female privileges here if you want.
    • What feminists call “equality”. This is cherry picked to point out specific advantages men have while purposely avoiding societal advantages women. You will never see a feminist holding a sign at a woman’s rights rally saying “I want longer prison sentences for the same crime!” or “I want the same 4x higher suicide rate as men!”. To them those are just pesky inconvenient facts feminists gloss over and at best pay quick lip service to.
    • Recognize men and women have different roles in life. This is an old school and most unpopular take. But men and women do have different roles in the world and the does NOT mean they are unequal. I completely respect a stay at home mother who raises 3 kids, maintains the household and supports her husband to do the best with his career. She does NOT have to do that if she doesn’t want to. But she has my utmost respect if she does. She is doing what is best for her kids and her husband.
    Just my thoughts. It just seems the more feminists get the more they complain.
  • Barbaric
    These changes weren't unintended. You spoke about the KGB influence, but there's also the influence of those who created the Frankfurt School - and they weren't Russian. They pushed these changes purposely to destabilise the West.
    • MrOracle

      They were only "unintended" to the mainstream people who embraced the ideas. Obviously the Marxists knew full well what the results would be - that was the whole point of doing it, after all. The feminist LEADERSHIP class, who were fully indoctrinated Marxists, didn't really hide their intentions.

      Gloria Steinem described marriage as “an arrangement for one and a half people.”

      Andrea Dworkin wrote, “How can anyone love someone who is less than a full person, unless love itself is domination per se?”

      Kate Millett wrote, “so long as every female, simply by virtue of her anatomy, is obliged, even forced, to be the sole or primary caretaker of childhood, she is prevented from being a free human being.”

      Betty Friedan wrote, “women who ‘adjust’ as housewives, who grow up wanting to be ‘just a housewife,’ are in as much danger as the millions who walked to their own death in the concentration camps… they are suffering a slow death of mind and spirit.”

      Linda Gordon said, “the nuclear family must be destroyed… Whatever its ultimate meaning, the break-up of families now is an objectively revolutionary process.”

      Robin Morgan said “We can’t destroy the inequities between men and women until we destroy marriage.”

      Mary Jo Bane said, “in order to raise children with equality, we must take them away from families and communally raise them.”

    • MrOracle

      Vivian Gornick said, “being a housewife is an illegitimate profession… The choice to serve and be protected and plan towards being a family maker is a choice that shouldn’t be. The heart of radical feminism is to change that.”

      Helen Sullinger said, “We must work to destroy [marriage]… The end of the institution of marriage is a necessary condition for the liberation of women. Therefore it is important for us to encourage women to leave their husbands and not to live individually with men… All of history must be rewritten in terms of oppression of women.”

      Regarding the Frankurt School, they might have been displaced Germans (who fled to the US and found a home in NY's Columbia University, where they proceeded to poison the US), but their influences were overwhelmingly Marxist.

    • MrOracle

      It's also definitely true that the Frankfurt School was invaluable in helping push Marxist ideas into the US culture via Universities and worked with the KGB (which essentially means the Communist Party) to subvert American culture with Marxism. And Marxists quickly took over the 2nd Wave Feminist movement (the original leaders were all pushed out and replaced by them), and were completely responsible for 3rd Wave Feminism.

      BLM and (the modern) Antifa are also Marxist organizations created by openly Marxist Americans to push the same Marxist Critical Theory, which is, essentially, to destroy western civilization, presumably to replace it with a Marxist utopia. Apparently hundreds of millions of people learned absolutely no lessons from the world's other "experiments" with Marxism...

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  • Simplismilez
    Oh joy. Another man who assumes he knows the thoughts of women. This take is so incredibly sexist. But I'll let you think what you want.
    • MrOracle

      Several of my linked sources are women. Are they sexist too?

      I'm happy to argue the information, but when you simply attack me personally, it shows that you can't argue with the information I'm presenting, and are left with personal attacks. That's revealing...

    • Lol I didn't attack you. And everything you said about women doesn't pertain to me. That's why I choose not to argue with you because you probably won't believe it anyway because some articles that only represent a small study group says otherwise.

    • MrOracle

      Obviously I am making generalizations here. You can't write an article that talks about billions of people and not make generalizations - and of course there are always going to be exceptions when you use generalizations, but that doesn't make the generalization untrue (or sexist) - it just means that it won't apply to everyone. And that's something that most people understand without it having to be spelled out.

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  • Elsa143
    Who cares that 'WHY' they're not committing?
    Lack of committment? Then end of discussion.

    Women should stop caring about men who won't commit, let them go!
    Learn to value yourself. There are better things and good people in your life.

    They don't deserve our attention so stop finding out the reasons and waste your time.
    • @Elsa143 Men won't commit because women have largely ceased to be worthy of a man's commitment.

  • KenReidCoach
    I think there's a lot of reasons as to why SOME men don't want commitment. Whilst I agree with what you've written here there's also fear of intimacy. A lot of guys are very afraid of opening up to their emotions and are very frightened of being vulnerable as it makes them feel powerless and they often withdraw.

    This is usually something seen in men who've had very rigid upbringing where they were told that they shouldn't connect with their emotions.
    • MrOracle

      That's a factor, but I think most men can get past that (some do struggle with it). Even in the 40s and 50s, that was a factor, but still, nearly 90% of men were married, so they found a way to move past that.

  • bailey11
    Like the old expression goes: "Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free." In other words, if women are having sex with men without the commitment, the men don't have an incentive to make a commitment.
    • MzAsh

      Then we expect you as men aren’t having sex without commitment either.

    • ManaX

      It's basically this, in a nutshell. Can't tell you how many men have said quote "marriage makes no difference" when they already live and sleep together. Slowly it's becoming "marriage shouldn't make a difference". Men are usually happy with that set up, women aren't but the modern world tells you that's how it should be. It's all become meaningless BS, and despite some advances, how people navigate their relationships needs to go back many many years.

  • Dali-chan
    Men don’t wanna settle cause mariage mean that they can no longer fuck around. You can be the perfect package as a girl and have an intense connection with him, but if he doesn’t wanna commit and still crave variaty he will always cringe if you ever talk about a relationship, just like a few years later he can buy a ring to a girl who’s less attractive and bitchy and that he dated a few months for the simple reason that he’s ready to get married.
    • Jamie05rhs

      Pretty much.

    • XD yeah that's how it works, because everyone values the same things so therefore if you view yourself as the perfect package then everyone else should too. "I'm 6'1, attractive, hard working, nice, caring, attentive, therefore I am the perfect package and all women should love me" this is the male equivalent of what you said lmfao.

    • Dali-chan

      @devilman666 I never said that the girl must be the perfect package socially. A guy’s perfect package can be a thick crazy girl and for another one it can be a thin shy interviewer nerdy girl.

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  • thehorriblesheikh
    I think you are right about a few or more things. Though I do not think all men want a housewife, I don't. But then again I don't want a relationship either. Most men do want the traditional family, but as you said nobody has time for that anymore, people are busy with their education and careers.

    However, the core of the modern conflict between men and women is of ego. Instead of understanding and supporting one another, they try to compete with each other. Both men and women have some fixed values that they are not willing to go against.

    With women, I believe it is abortion, without abortion women feel like they will lose their freedom, that their sexual lives will die out completely and they will be left stuck with a baby for 9 months and then for life.

    I can understand their feelings because I love my freedom quite a lot as well, but I think they are seeing danger where there isn't as much danger. Even if abortion is completely banned, the chances of women ending up with a baby for 9 months and then for life are quite slim, as there are many forms of birth control now, and some forms like condoms which are popular for not being 100% effective are still 97% effective, based on what I know.

    While I am not saying I'm against abortion or supportive of abortion, I do think that it's not as big of an issue as women have been convinced by the mainstream media that it is.

    Abortion is something that men think of as murder, and not just murder, but murder of their progeny, this is why I believe most men are vehemently against abortion.

    With men, I believe it's wealth. Men have been led to believe that not having extreme wealth will mean that no woman will ever see you as attractive, I believe that is not the case. Most men do not understand how women think and most women do not try and teach men how they think, this is the common reason why most men have trouble getting women. It is an issue of personality, men's perspective of the world and their general behavior comes off as cold, empty, and apathetic to women. I think most women may think that most men simply do not have the ability to empathize, (The men who do seem caring, considerate, and empathetic tend to get women quite easily, you will see women chasing them quite competitively)

    Though thinking that wealth is the solution, men try and go that way with a fixed belief that women are shallow. Once such men have accumulated wealth, they start to attract a specific type of minority in women, women who only care about wealth, thus reinforcing the view of those men that wealth is all that women care about.

    In the end, the problem is a poor understanding between the genders, and their ego doesn't let them see that this is the problem, so it has been left unsolved.
  • DudeDiligence
    Who knew that huge societal changes would have huge unintended consequences? Answer: most men

    Modern women offer men less value and at a higher "price" than women of the past. It should come as no surprise to anyone that marriage has become so unappealing to men.
  • backdoorman
    This is the best piece I have read in a long time on the reasons men are so disenfranchised and cynical about women and marriage today. I couldn't have said it as well as you did, but you expressed pretty much all my thoughts on the subject.

    The simple fact is that most of today's women fail the cost/benefit analysis. The rewards of marriage no long justify the costs and risks for men.
    • Jamie05rhs

      Well, people are so nasty these days. There's no kindness anymore. Selfishness is the new virtue. So, in that atmosphere, it's hard to justify getting into a voluntarily lifelong commitment to anyone.

  • PhoenixAl
    One think I know about this world is that there is no place for generalizations anymore. When gender roles existed yeah, you could easily put all people in a few particular groups and that was it. But today, there are good hard working family oriented women and there are horrible exploiting whores who nevee worked an hour in their whole life. The same goes for men.

    Personally I am a career oriented girl I am a tattoo artist and this is pretty much a male dominated industry but I still find my was to make a wonderful art. Also I would love to have a family and have kids just haven't found the right person yet. I am also very young. I don't know what you need a parasite woman for? Just cooking and cleaning and sex? Screw that kind of lifestyle. One person (male or female) should be capable of living and making money for him/herself first, then for the partner or anyone else. Everyone comes to this world alone so why depend my life on anyone? Gender roles are just a social construct and I think people can learn to live in an equal way without depending on one another. I see a relationship more like an emotional connection that you are able to create with someone you don't have a blood connection with. Other things are just social constructs in my opinion.
  • Xoxocutekitty
    1) Women choosing debt from educational/careers. Women actually have a capacity to earn more and contribute to the financial budget in ways they were not before, thus making this upfront debt moot. Women can take ON necessary debt like mortgages.

    2 ) Women have largely abandoned traditional dress and roles, because they have been penalized for them. Some men in the board room chose to treat a woman in a skirt as a distraction rather than as a co-worker.

    3 ) Men whose partners make similar amounts are not "penalized" the same way men who deliberately choose women with smaller salaries so that they can "feel like providers." I don't know your state laws, but most weigh the length of a marriage much more than "he came in with this and she leaves with that" mentality. Marriage and divorce laws are to protect both parties so that they can have similar lifestyle levels post divorce. If you are preying on partners who make a fraction as much as you and expect all decisions to be made on your terms, then you're not contributing to the spirit of "taking care" of someone. Divorce laws are unfair to those who have cake and are already eating it too. More young men should take initiative about parenting laws (why aren't most men who want families asking for paternity leave? Or do they just expect their wife to make those career sacrifices? well when you divorce, of course someone who never picks up the sick kid from school because of "job constraints," will lose).

    4 ) Male children are being taught that their self esteem should be not be defined by making others look weak in comparison.

    5 ) Hypergamy: Women are finally being able to pursue sexual relationships with men that allow them to be as indiscriminate as previous generations of men. Players play to win and overall this mentality is toxic. Not so fun to be confronted with "freedom" and "selfish lifestyles" and "not ready to grow up" is it? Young men have been getting this pass for a long time and now its effects are being mirrored. Don't like it? Don't accept it from any gender.

    6) Most women can’t accept that men aren’t looking for competitors, and women are looking for someone mature enough to have discussions at the table. Are all co-workers competitors? No. Aren't the best co-workers collaborators? Women aren't looking to "be better than" their partners, and men need be better "for or with" their partners. Basing yourself esteem on "being the leader" is going to create fights over syntax instead of substance.
    • This is supposed to sound like a moderate opinion however its just as off the rails feminist as any. Relies on the same strategy of seek successful man by being as unappealing as possible to him.

  • Unit1
    Maybe I'm just the complete deviant here but never did I face any of these problems personally (toxic masculinity? I heard that on GAG only for the first time) (feminism or not).

    In fact I really prefer career women over family oriented women. I don't like "traditions" or "gender roles". Career women for me only. I don't want to carry a financial burden (unless she lost her job of course).Why Men Aren’t Committing To RelationshipsI can only say why I am not committing to relationships and you basically pointed out, that we do the analysis ourselves first and then decide "is it worth it?".
    On another note, in my experience girls even in their 20s find their phones and instagram way more interesting than us. And they ghost me when they ask me for instagram (or failbook or whatever) and I tell them I don't have any of these.Why Men Aren’t Committing To RelationshipsSo in essence, I can't even get them out with me. So about commitments there's not even anything to talk about until then.
    • MzAsh

      I can’t imagine what it would be like to be dating a woman who didn’t at least have a good paying entry level job. I mean the guy will have to be making an extra 5-10k a month just for her and her kids. A lot of men don’t even earn half of that. What do they expect these housewives to live off of?

    • Unit1

      I completely agree with your statement here.
      My mother has been unemployed for the majority of her life and my father, who doesn't even have an adequately paying nor a stable job and he carries her (and us while we grew up - at a very heavy cost).

      That lesson costed me much potential and enjoyment in my life, that I have yet to live.

      I don't blame women doing the same thing by avoiding dating men like my father. I mean I do that too.

  • Reaperbot666
    • I know you might have covered some of this but wanted to add more context.
    • some reasons why many guys avoid the topic of marriage and long term relationships in western culture.
    • because modern marriage is no longer a guarantee. that either person will remain loyal, honest and committed to their partner. over half of first time marriages fall apart within 5-10 years of the couple saying "I do's" and roughly 70% of those it is the woman that files for divorces. because many people rush into marriage now without getting to really know their partners true self.
    • even with a prenup depending on how it is worded or where you live. their are legal loopholes to get around a prenup. plus many of them don't tend to last more then 5-10 years max.
    • recent studies show that typically. the woman is the one to get bored of her partner sexually first. even more so if she has been with many partners over the years. because she'll tend to compare all her former partners to her current one as time goes on.
    • but some guys can also get bored of their partner sexually. if their partner regularly denies them sexually. or if they don't try to maintain themselves physically, mentally or emotionally well over time.
    • because even a active and semi-regular sex life together. can often be the clue that holds the relationship together.
    • plus over time both sides start to slowly become less likely to engage in sexual interaction with each other. if their sex life becomes boring or mundane to where it is just the same thing each time. part of why people need to spice things up once in a while. but also keep an open mind to ideals their partner brings up.
    • so once the man stops being able to get any from his partner. he starts to think about out sourcing for his needs. also likely she will start out sourcing for her needs over time. as she becomes board with their sex life.
    • if you get divorced the guy is likely to lose roughly half or more. of his money and resources to her in court and legal fees. more if they end up having children together. because 75% or more of the time. the woman gets full custody with child support or 50/50 custody with child support.
    • only ways a guy can get more then 50% custody. is if he can claims she is an unfit parent. while having the proof to back up his claims in court. or she passes away for whatever reason.
    • so until the legal system is removed from all forms of relationships. I don't see any of this getting better for either side.
    • exactly why western culture needs to remove the legal system. from all types of relationships married or otherwise. with how the current world works both males and females. have their own right to earn their own wealth and recourses.
    • without needing to be given part of their partners due to a bad breakup. from the legal system stepping in and forcing them to divide up their wealth and resources.
    • some places have common law marriage where if you live together for X amount of time. the local and state government consider you married.
    • which if you have a bad breakup their is a form of divorce. with which you can try to claim wealth and resources for time spend together. so that is why they need to remove legal system from all types of relationships.
    • http://pauldavidphd.com/wp-content/uploads/Pair-Bonding.pdf
    • https://www.medinstitute.org/articles/pair-bonding-and-the-brain/
    • https://www.webmd.com/sex-relationships/news/20131125/how-the-love-hormone-works-its-magic#2
    • https://www.psychologicalscience.org/news/releases/a-48-hour-sexual-afterglow-helps-to-bond-partners-over-time.html
    • https://www.thetrumpet.com/7750-the-emotional-corrosion-of-casual-sex
    • https://globalnews.ca/news/7327501/couple-no-home-no-kids-spouses-ontario-court/
  • Warmapplecrumble
    How else will the traffickers steal babies and young women. Gotta brainwash the men via media and create fake mgtow and feminist movements and separate the two then they can traffic the weaker ones...
    • Between you and me... ide rather break a strong woman than dominate a weaker one.

    • @VanillaSalt it's not about you, it's about the people who steal innocent people

    • Your the best conspiracy theorist author I've ever heard. Lmao

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  • r3or3o
    The bottom line is that it's a s*** deal.

    Let's say you have a friend who wants to start a business together, and says you have to put down 90% of the startup costs because he doesn't have the capital. But then if the business dissolves, he says it'd be a 50/50 split. You'd tell him to take a hike.
  • Dargil
    Very well done. Above my pay grade.

    *One unintended consequence is the emergence of the hookup culture. It's a place where otherwise unworkable RadFem (I like that) women can have as close as they are going to get to a romantic fling, even if it is only for a few hours. The men, for their part part, take the role of exciting bad boys; allowed to be self centered and barely civil because the object is hot casual sex and the the hook-up has no future.

    *A second is the MGTOW movement where men simply retreat and drop out of relationships entirely. My guess is that many hope that will apply market forces that will restore more traditional relationships with the existing gene pool of RadFem women. It will not. These men were not on the A-list anyway. At a desperate 35, these women have long since become incapable of forming thriving, lasting relationships

    *A third is how I responded. I knew that in the Third World, women, except in the elite enclaves, have remained traditional and feminine. I selected the Philippines, because they are predominantly English speaking, have maintained a high level of religious faith and largely possess and and proudly extol domestic skills, which include keeping the primary revenue engine (her husband) in top condition.

    *This system of Phil/Am bonding has resulted subcultures where the women create Phil/Am social associations on which married partners center their recreation. Few unmarried Western men take part unless invited by a "member" and zero Western women appear other than Amerasian children. There is no resistance to Blacks who married into the group (often ex-military) and Hispanic and other Southeast Asian women have an open door as well. By and large, Philippine women see RadFem-tainted American women for what they are: lazy, spoiled, entitled and worthless and keep them at arms length.

    I have said here many times that foreign born East Asian and Hispanic women are a cure for the problem of RadFem women. Let them die alone curled up with their rabbit vibrators and credit cards. I look into her eyes and feel I am cheating fate every day.Why Men Aren’t Committing To RelationshipsOne cautionary note. There are gold diggers in every culture. If you decide to do this, select a woman who has worked outside the home (usually retail, resale, food service or domestic helper) and not a legal teen or post teen with no life experience. And if she has a child in tow, don't arbitrarily turn away.
  • guywithissues900
    Men aren’t committing because of a few reasons
    - Women act like complete sluts these days and throw themselves at any man who makes an ounce of effort to be with her. A woman being an easy lay is not someone I want to commit to.

    - Women think they’re strong and independent but refuse to do the amount of effort men did throughout history. Women think they dominate society when in fact they’re not doing anything, just existing and being praised for having a vagina. This makes them think they can act entitled in relationships

    - Women think they can dress however they want and still be taken seriously and be respected by men. If you dress with your cleavage showing, you’re going to be treated like a slut and men won’t see you as girlfriend or wife material.

    - Women, especially American women, have stopped taking care of their looks and weight by screaming “body positivity.” This makes zero sense because in the real world if you truly loved your body you’d take care of it. We don’t want a fat slob as a girlfriend or wife.
  • errorgoodnameunfound
    Dude, that one with the surprised femenist... Im at a loss for words. "who hurt you?" Is that all he can say? What in the actual fuck that's so randomly disrespectful. He laughs at it and actually handles it well. He grew up around women just like me and ofc, developed similar perspectives. Maybe that's a British humor thing cause to me sounds condescending and annoying.
  • Kaamraj
    Relationships are an exchange on the sexual marketplace, a compromise between the man's commitment and the womans youth, fertility and sezual exclusivity. If a man doesn't get that for whatever reason then he's not sexually obliged to commit. Politics will never triumph biology.
  • djmzes
    SimpleWhy Men Aren’t Committing To RelationshipsWhy Men Aren’t Committing To RelationshipsIt is simple as follows:
    Why will someone drives 100km to buy something when he can get it next door and in half price?
    Does it worth the effort invested to drive these 100km, adding fuel, food stops and etc.
    • djmzes

      Secondly why should someone drives 100km to buy something that is broken?
      You know the answer, all knows the answers but each one will blame the other without really solving the problem. But no matter the solution could be, we all responsible for it, both Genders.

  • captain_voidwalker
    Yeah let me boil all this down for you all. Men aren't committing because we A. Don't have to, and B. Recieve no benefit by doing so.
  • havingfun101
    Marriage, cohabitation and childbirth are at all time lows. Women file 75% of divorces, get custody in 90% of cases through unpunished false accusations, only white men don't receive Affirmative Action in universities and the workplace, child support arrears can become a felony and spinning robot vag! na is spinnier than ever. Why Men Aren’t Committing To Relationships
  • Tonita91996
    I really do believe that men are more selfish than women are. Men are about about his own needs and only wants a woman who will help provide from them. So they dont have to be doing everything by themselves. They always just want sex too.
    • Men are more selfish? Smdh

    • @bluetoblack99 they are I dont care if men get mad for me saying this or not it is true.

    • I could rattle off a list a mile long when it comes to the contrary. Both from personal experiences and from observations of western society.

      If you lived in the Middle East or Southeast Asia you can claim that. But not in the western countries especially first world ones like the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, NZ, Nordic countries, etc.

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  • supercutebutt
    I think finally, after all these years, men realize that not only women have assholes. We girls have sorta become irrelevant. A gentleman can now slip his peen into a pretty trans butt and have a kewl peen to play with, too. Sadly, we don't have that extra feature :(
    Butt AND peen?
    Butt AND peen?
  • Saturnxox
    I don't think guys my age think like that. They grew up in the new non-traditional world.

    At least I can't imagine not studying and being fully dependent on my non existent boyfriend.

    My father is disabled and only worked until his 30s because he got a virus on his heart muscle and working would likely kill him. So my mother has always worked and my father cared for me and my brothers.
    So I've been brought up with all the non traditional values.

    I like to take care of myself and take care of the children I might have in the future if I don't find a guy who wants to date me.
  • blank_expression
    Well this is getting old as any broken record. I would say that everyone knows how f-ed everything is by now and I certainly have reached the so-what state. These really are just the symptoms of the Cultural Marxist undertone that seeks to enslave us all. Once women have freed themselves of men and finally learned to abandon relationships completely then they will have reached their peak of independence. The death of heterosexual relationships is the finale of this all. As soon as there are, no more family units remaining the architects of the Frankfurt School will have their way with those feminists with their soft office job hand and shove a shovel in it and say dig or die. Women today wear the gray uniform of the Marxists in spirit and appearance as they have adopted the herd mentality for easy control.

    You write this as if you care about it and I say work the real problem, not the symptoms.
    • FatherJack

      This is deliberate toxic social engineering at work... financed & legally backed by the Rothschild Cartel. Cultural Marxism is just one symptom of the real disease... such as this " super deadly covid -bola " scamdemic for another symptom, you are correct , the goal is total control under the planned One World Government

    • @FatherJack Agree on both and I say the "scamdemic" will subside after the election. The "scamdemic" is being distributed now by the "One World Government." We see Joe wired in deep with China, we see the Chinese funding university professors directly to teach the ways of the CCP and this genius asker is concerned about his relationship stupidity and while being from CA he will probably vote Marxist anyways to keep himself looking for his imaginary lover because all his women-type are Marxists too.

  • SuccessfulHornDog
    Very nicely written

    Many will deny or ignore it because they want to lay the blame somewhere else. Maybe its not a bad thing when a woke feminist gets a tubal ligation. These are the absolute worst women to ever be mothers and they would poison their children's minds with their man hating ideology. Sometimes a problem comes with its own solution.
  • Belleevans
    I agree however I am divorced with kids and I'm 39. It took me 2 years of meeting non commitment men and also men that were not fully connected or men wanting just fun... i mean heaps of bad dates and men to finally meet someone who is my match. I went for every type, every job and every culture and age to find this. Now this one was not sure initially because there's a strong connection but he said I'm 5 years older with kids and this was not what he wants but he fell in love with me, my feminine personality and the sex I provide. I had a career too. I recently quit. This guy was not my type although sexually and physically he is, he is a student and barely speaks English. He also smokes weed which I hate. I negotiated. I said look- I'll accept the weed and your English and not much income if you accept I have kids and older. Now we are in love and happy. Did i settle? No but I negotiated, I never gave up hope and I am not competing, I'm complimenting him
    • " I went for every type, every job and every [culture] and age to find this."

      And right there is another reason men won't get married. This blatant out-group preference women have. Once a woman has even stepped into the out-group's clutches, even for a moment, she has demonstrated that she has no loyalty. Face it, how can she be loyal to a man if she can't even be loyal to her own cultural and genetic heritage.

      A large and ever increasing number of men realize that they can not live with another human who shows this blatant lack of loyalty and therefore would rather not form any sort of long lasting bond with a woman.

    • Belleevans

      Wrong! My culture don't want relationships. They also cheat. Many Aussie girls are now looking elsewhere and im loyal. I'm in love with an amazing man who I would never had met if it weren't for him traveling to Australia to learn our culture and language. Stepping outside the box is sometimes the answer. Aussie men just don't appreciate or want me so I now am happy. I think you are angry with women I hope you find happiness

    • Wrong, you have betrayed your culture and if I have to hazard a guess, as is the amoral trend for Western women these days, your European genetic heritage. He's most probably African, isn't he?

      Well, white men don't want to touch a woman ever again once she has gone there, even once. We find women disgusting after.

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  • jabberwocky00
    What exactly is toxic masculinity? Is that like a boys don’t cry type lesson?
  • Dave31989
    men aren't committing

    because women aren't committing

    it's a fact that more women these days, are preferring friends with benefits, and random hookups

    than actual relationships

    that's all you need to say, not this long drawn out piece
  • beefy40
    Relationships are one car at a time bi-directional street. I think relationships have become way more asymmetric. When we had gender rules, it was two halves making a whole. But in today's world, rules are something you negation. yes, you can still find a good soulmate, but I think a lot of people ( men especially) don't see the point of negotiating a Relationship. In fact, to me it's downright unromantic.
    • It also complicated dating. With so many different personalities finding an “acceptable” partner is more difficult... dating used to be a 500 piece puzzle... now it’s a 10,000 piece puzzle with a mix of such vibrant colors you have Seizures.

    • ManaX

      @VanillaSalt never seen it phrased that way, but my garsh you're right, these days it's so unnecessarily complicated.

  • Zen10
    Because they trying to legalize hoeing
    Women are overly aggressive
    And don't like to submit
    They don't have natural femininity anymore all they care about is sex
  • extremelybored
    Best take I've seen on here, very well said brother.
    cuz more mens are red pillin... its the way to go in this society where womens have too much power in the game... best answer is not to play
  • NorthShoreCalling
    I disagree with some points of your post. I know quite a few nurses with degrees and masters that are in relationships with men less educated or earning less. Not everything is a numbers game, it's about how well you fit together as people in a team like you first stated. That and some of your other evaluations have gone a bit too far. I also know men whore still single in their late 30s in New and happy relationships with women over 35, who are career orientated, and even those with children. These aren't low quality men either, they're successful in the or jobs and academic achievements too. This seems like general fear rather than a true reflection of reality. I mean I'm sure it does represent a certain percentage but from what I see in day to day life I can't agree that it's the norm.
  • Posterboy56
    Uh... strange point to end on; it seems as though you're alluding to some solution to these problems, yes? What would that solution/those solutions be?
    • MrOracle

      I could have written a whole book on this subject, with footnotes and videos and other references, but you only get so many characters in a MyTake, and people are already complaining that it's too long.

      There's no one-fits-all solution, but my one substantive idea, which I rarely hear discussed, is for women (and society in general, as that sets the tone in a big way) to take marriage and children seriously in their early 20s - to PLAN for an early 20s marriage from when they're a teen, the same way they plan for a career today, and plan to go to college in their early 30s, when their kids are already in school. Given that biology limits fertility to a specific age window, but school is not similarly limited, there's no reason why women who want BOTH marriage/children and a career to be encouraged to do the career AFTER the marriage/children, rather than before. in my opinion, that would make it far easier on women - who find it very difficult to put a career on hold to have children, and often find they have fertility issues because they waited until their early 30s (or later!) to start trying for kids. And companies are also less likely to promote a woman into an important position if she's likely to take a bunch of maternity leave, because she could be gone 6 months a year for several years.

      Women were encouraged to go straight to college because that's what men did (and they were told they needed to directly compete), but that completely dismisses the fact that childbirth puts women in a very different situation that should be accommodated. Of course, part of post-50s Feminism was the destruction of the family, so this was done on purpose, but I think we all agree that it was a huge mistake and absolutely detrimental to families.

    • "Women were encouraged" ... Yes. By themselves. This isn't something that fell from the sky-- the place they held in subservience to males for hundreds of years was obviously displeasing in many ways to them, or they wouldn't have desired college and whatever else in the first place. What you're proposing obviously didn't work, or things would have not evolved over the last century to become the way they are.

  • Nick568
    Nah I disagree that men just want a traditional wife and don't care about their career/ambition etc. At least that's not true for me personally.

    I hope my future partner is ambitious and passionate about her career, hobbies, life etc. and I hope she's interesting. I'm actually really attracted to someone adventurous and ambitious. Of course I hope she's a good partner and a good parent too, but idrc about the traditional housewife aspect.

    I agree with the part about men getting fucked in court/custody battles though. A divorce happens and men are pretty much guaranteed to lose custody which is fucking ridiculous.
  • Compassiondude101
    Because 9/10 times she has a super jealous ex boyfriend who wants to kill you Becca sue he thinks you “stole” her from him. Best to just watch porn and get the sexual feelings out of the way
  • Juxtapose
    "Who knew that huge societal changes would have huge unintended consequences?"

    ^^ this.
  • anametouse
    You said it yourself, it's about having a quality partner. Most people out there are just not that in my experience
  • cth96190
    You explained the situation accurately.
    When a woman makes a move on me, what I see is a former bad boy carousel rider, who would have told me to FOAD when she was 20, but is looking for a ‘good man’ now that she has slammed through the wall.
    She brings with her a 65 per cent probability (the second marriage divorce rate) that after an average of eight years she will use the Family Court to steal everything that I own.
    In Canada, a month ago, a court ordered a man to pay spousal support to a woman he had dated. Not married, not lived with, just dated.
    Expect that to spread all through the West.
    Women, as a collective, have made themselves too legally and financially dangerous to get into an elevator with one, let alone apparoach, date, be alone with, have consensual sex with, or have any type of relationship with one.
    MGTOW monk.
  • 0112358
    While the work shifts at ww2 were significant, I think you’d have to say the birth control pill, the shift to the vast majority of work not being physical, increased life expectancies well beyond what’s needed to raise children and urbanization (which makes children, financially, a cost not an asset) have pretty massive implications as well. Societally we are likely still in the early stages of absorbing these changes.

    I think we are in a not-great place now, but we are a long way from a new equilibrium.
    • MrOracle

      All of those are factors to be sure. I can only go into so much detail in a MyTake, and was already pushing the character restrictions...

  • Finchie40
    Perfect my take and I totally agree I been saying this for years , bottom line most Females are very selfish people a lot of them can not be content they constantly want and constantly compare but little do they know their own female race fucked it all up for them wanting rights to work and have careers and be independent, so society gave that to them and look what happened? Our economy is shit , cost of things increased like crazy , nowadays most people need 2 incomes to survive because females couldn’t stop their bitchen and stay in the kitchen lol Now a days most the females don’t want to work at all , they seek men that make good money and want to be taken care of , Men nowadays don’t want that ,! they want a partner a team mate to survive in this economy that female ruined for all of us. I hate to say it so bluntly but it’s true Girls will never be satisfied , if you find one that is you hit the lottery
  • Liam_Hayden
    I'll be my typically blunt self, expecting lots and lots of downvotes and blocks for it, but here is how I see it:

    In generations past, men exchanged financial security for the lifelong devotion of faithful virgin brides who gave them children to build a family legacy. If she ever cheated, she lost everything, including custody of the children.

    Now men are expected to trade the same financial security for women who have had dozens or even hundreds of previous partners, and who in most states are protected by law and awarded half of everything plus alimony even if they cheat.

    A new Bentley deserves a new Bentley price. A 2000 Civic does not.
  • Manab
    Women now a days don't want to date hardworking or average looking men at all even if they are average or below average looking. Because of easy availablity of sex to them a general rule came that fun with hot guys while young and will treat average guys or guys who are not rich but still working hard , poorly. Then when her looks fade way , settle for those guys and treat them like trash again.
    Those are not my words but have heard from girls..
    That's why average guys after certain years don't want to commit...