Trial and sentence

Trial and sentence

The court is in sitting.
The disgraced People's commissar is hurried to his seat, flanked by armed guards. Since he's a short man, he can hardly be seen; he keeps squirming in his seat.
The main officials keep watch on the going-ons and on him. The judge, a tall woman, reads the summation and the confession the prisoner has produced.

The summation lists a lithany of crimes and charges to which the accused confessed to.
It wasn't a easy confession. It took a lot of nights and many tribulations, and towards the end of their ordeal, the accused became sick and exhausted. The interrogator took advantage of the situation in a desperate attempt to get a confession. The interrogator warned that the accused must affirm at a public trial that he had plotted against the stability of those close to him. And that's what he did.

Now, standing trial, the judge reads aloud the crimes admitted.

  • being short, standing at 162cm and repeatedly lying about being taller
  • having a dirty mind, drifting towards that attraction among Christians to not be named
  • being unfaithful
  • being criminally incompentent in his job
  • being criminally uncapable to enjoy satisfaction with a woman, connected to the accuse no. 2
  • being a wrecker

The accused confirms all the charges and denies nothing, but insists most of them come from circumstances outside his own control.
Silence; orders the judge.

The accused insists that he's been implicated by three women and an accursed man who should stand trial in his place.
Silence; repeats the judge, those are the witnesses who bring the case against you, do not slander them. State if you consider yourself guilty or innocent.

I would like to repeat that I am fully and utterly guilty

repeats the accused, and again he is ordered to shut up.
After 30 minutes of deliberation, the judge reads the long and dull summation leading up to the verdict. She announces that the defendant is sentenced to death by shooting.

Those in attendance fully expect the customary addendum which is used in routine trials that stipulates that the sentence is commuted by reason of a defendant's contribution to the lives of those he loved and whom loved him. These words never come, and it's fully apparent that the death sentence is final when the judge placea the summation on her desk and leaves the courtroom.

The accused becomes histerical, weeps and faints in such a way that the officials have to hold him up. An immediate appeal for clemency is promptly rejected.
They take him to his cell.

He's promtply recalled back to be told the sentence can't be carried out because of a lack of guns and ammunition.
The sentence is amended to death by exposure.

Immediately he's stripped and carried off to be executed by the cold.

Trial and sentence
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  • AlienParasite
    I also have my own trial. In that one I've acussed you of depression and even borderline personality disorder. The actions that would make you guilty of those "crimes" are:

    * Suicidal thoughts
    * Self-harming behaviors
    * Substance abuse. Tobacco in this case.
    * Eating disorder.
    * Unstable relationships
    * Withdrawal from friends / Self-isolation
    * Low self-esteem or negative perception of oneself. Proven by the way you describe yourself in this take and the way you seem beign unable to forgive your own self.

    I'd like the accused to reflect if he has extreme mood swings or explosive anger, if he has had anxiety attacks, if he feels empty, if he has ever feared beign abandoned, if his sleep habits have changed or are abnormal.

    The sentence in case of proven guilty it's known to be therapy.
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    • Sadly therapy is not available.
      So for now I've limited myself to smash half house until she restrained me.

    • More like throwing some things down, but still.

    • Why is it not avaliable? If it's economical I believe there are organizations might offer free help or group therapies, as long as you get a diagnosis by a specialized doctor at a hospital. Throwing or smashing stuff is not going to magically help you to feel better, at all. So don't tell me that fact as if was a therapy replacement. I think we both know is not.

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  • lanadelrey25
    So you are gay or bi? I think you need a long break from your fiancee
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Dargil
    He was tortured and forced to confess. But he was guilty anyway. He presided over mass arrests and executions during the Great Purge.
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  • raven6933
    Sounds like reading then ending to someone in particular without the admitting to any wrong doing 🤣🤣🤣. Is this just part of?
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    • The interrogation was to bloody to be put here.
      But the sentence is real and it will be carried out.

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  • OlderAndWiser
    I assume this is a bit of hyperbole!
  • msc545
    Very strange but interesting story.
  • Gwenhwyfar
  • legalboxers
    Is this a hypothetical?
  • Flakey-Flake