Advice from Dr. Wendy Walsh

Advice from Dr. Wendy Walsh

I had noticed not many people responded to me when I asked this as a question. But she is spot on and talks about all the topics we discuss on here. I just thought that it would be fun to highlight her and some of the questions she actually addresses. So basically, this will be a lot of quoting but hopefully it will be at least fun to read.

"I welcome Dr. Wendy Walsh back for a repeat of her awesome performance on Episode 15 when she talked about her area of expertise: Evolutionary psychology applied to modern love.
Dr. Wendy brings her “A” game again with an effortless and effusive dispensation of extremely memorable and life-changing insights about relationships, parenting, the future of humanity, and her provocative new podcast called Mating Matters on iHeart Radio. Check out the provocative descriptions of the early episodes!

Advice from Dr. Wendy Walsh

We pick up where we left off at the last show, with the examination of modern mating dynamics, and Wendy describes the attributes necessary to nurture and sustain a healthy, happy, long-term love relationship. It’s a delicate balance between healthy autonomy and sustaining a strong connection. Wendy asserts that “too much autonomy means no intimacy. Too much union means fusion, and that’s not healthy either.”

Advice from Dr. Wendy Walsh

We transition into one of her most passionate subjects, parenting. Wendy points out that “parenting” wasn’t even a verb word until recent years! Wendy counters some of today’s boilerplate assumptions about parenting, observing that many parents are doing not enough instead of too much, and that raising your children should be a priority for that small 20-year window of time when you are on duty.

Oh, if you are patting yourself on the back as a hugely devoted parent running around orchestrating a perfect life for your precious superstar kid, you may want to reflect on whether it’s really about the kid, or about your ego—living your dreams through your kid. Instead, Wendy advocates that you should tune into your child, learn who they really are and what makes them tick, and facilitate the pursuit of their goals and dreams. In light of our cultural concerns that today’s kids might become hapless drones of the digital age, Wendy observes that children are extremely smart and adaptable, and they are simply adapting and leveraging the necessary skills to survive in today’s world. And keep in mind that the older generations always think that things are in decline when looking at younger generations

Advice from Dr. Wendy Walsh

Wendy takes a segue to fawn over her celebrity crush, Elon Musk. You’ll realize why this dude comes to mind when you learn the recording location. Wendy says he’s definitely a genius; alas he might not be dateable material. Wendy is ever sharp, spicy and humorous, but we also get deep at times when she reflects on the future of humanity, on how to come from a position of gratitude in daily life, particularly how it relates to not sweating the small stuff in relationship (Check out Mia Moore show, episode #9 “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff” for more on this critical relationship attribute. Another relationship tip: If you treat your partner like the king or queen they deserve to be treated as, and consider them to be a king or queen in your mind, you will manifest this into reality. Human psychic energy is real, as proven by the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief (e.g. walking into a conference room and sensing low energy, and arriving to a party and becoming enveloped in the positive energy.) Consider that your brain knows no difference between what is real and what is imagined, so envision an ideal relationship and true transformation is possible.

Advice from Dr. Wendy Walsh

We end with Wendy describing what’s in store for the Mating Matters show, enjoy this blurb: Hosted by psychologist and relationship guru, Dr. Wendy Walsh, Mating Matters explores the secret evolutionary motivation for virtually every human behavior. We are here to reproduce and behind everything is a desire to increase our mating opportunity. Season 1 looks at how concealed fertility has created the sexual double standard, why high testosterone men may be lousy husbands, why religions make rules around sex and how dating apps bio-hack your brain.


Relationships are a conflict between autonomy and union. [00:08:01] 

Why doesn’t great sex last forever? [00:09:54] 

Why is it so difficult to give love? [00:12:08] 

Are they helicopter parents or narcissistic parents?  [00:16:02] 

To raise a successful kid, just stop and listen to them and let them grow up.[00:18:09] 

When we talk about intelligence, there are so many different kinds. [00:20:49] 

College admissions competition is a big problem. [00:22:24] 

We need to build strong social networks again. [00:24:11] 

Emotional self-stability is most important. [00:24:45] 

How can good communication solve these problems that cause conflict in the relationship?[00:28:32] 

Brad and Wendy talk about modern technology in cars. [00:31:25] 

We are all destined to finish the emotional work of our parents.  It gets injected into us.  [00:36:27]

Our feelings shape our behavior. Our behavior impacts the environment. The environment feeds back our feelings.  [00:41:00] 

Can you look on the bright side too much? [00:45:31] 

If you ask the most successful people why they are successful, they will say because I failed so much. [00:50:51] 

Have enough self-confidence to ask for help. [00:55:08] 

Looking at the digital generation kids. Is their “addiction” to technology harming them? [00:56:35] 

What does it mean to be human?  What is the meaning of our life?  Where does love play into it? [01:01:16] 

What is in the future for Wendy? She is in the wisdom phase. [01:04:37] 


Details about the initial episodes of Dr. Wendy’s new podcast, Mating Matters. Coming soon Feb 14th!

Follow Dr. Wendy Walsh on Facebook – very lively account!

Dr. Wendy Walsh GOY Podcast Episode #15"

and while I posted these videos with the question I posted. Let me use titles so you can actually see what they are this time.

Why Ball Size Matters - video

Why women love bad boys - Video

Why Women Have Sex - Video

Dr. Wendy's best tinder tips - video

What to do and what not to do on a first date - video

Four biggest dating mistakes that women make - Video

Who gets laid on the first date - Video

I could keep going with videos she has so many but her advice is dynamite! I highly recommend binge watching her. She is so smart and so wise! I have been listening to her on an app while cleaning up and the way she approaches relationships and kids is eye opening and mouth dropping.

Advice from Dr. Wendy Walsh
Advice from Dr. Wendy Walsh

I honestly can't believe how good her advice is. Here is some other links too.

JJ over and out

Advice from Dr. Wendy Walsh
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