5 Signs You Must Definitely Part Away From Her

5 Signs You Must Definitely Part Away From Her

Sometimes you can't expect some people to change into anything good. While some people change into better people after they get into a relationship, some just cannot change themselves. These are some signs of such partners. If you notice any of them, you better part away from them.

She changes her stories

Day 1: "Sarah is a good friend."

Day 2: "Sarah is a b***h."

Day 3: "I was wrong about Sarah, she paid the bill."

Ever noticed something like this in your girlfriend? Today she would tell one story about a person, next day the story would change. Today she would admire you with someone, tomorrow she'd ruin your image with them. I used to know someone like this. She would admire her guy with her friends whenever he gives her a surprise, but on the next day if she had a fight, she would say nasty things about him. She would talk about what's wrong with her friends, but would never admit anything that's wrong about herself. In the same way, she would talk sh*t about her ex with you and others. Remember, she would definitely talk sh*t about you too. If you notice this behavior, better not stay close to her, even as a friend.

She tries to control you

"If you breathe one more time then I'll leave you."

If you feel like you're surrounded by a number of rules and regulations like if you're living under the control of the army, you are not in the right place. Do you think love would feel like a prison? Normally if your partner has a controlling behavior, she is more likely to get paybacks or in other words revenge. Also she would limit your freedom like an extremely strict parent. You may need to tell her where you'd been (even if you went to buy groceries), who you met and all that. And another thing, you'll be loaded with direct and indirect questions. Dude, get away from her!

You feel like you're being treated like sh*t

Never ignore this feeling! Wrote it in bold letters because it's that important. A good girlfriend will always respect you, and in the same way you would feel that she deserves respect as well. That's a sign of a healthy relationship. But if you feel like your partner degrades you (sometimes not directly), and at the same time the respect you have for her is slowly dropping down, it's a fire alarm informing you to run. If she can't respect you or if you feel like you're more like her servant than her boyfriend, maybe it's better to stay single.

She starts fights out of nowhere

Like I mentioned before, if your partner has a controlling behavior, then fights that appear out of nowhere won't be anything new to you. Trust me, you'd begin to feel oppressed with a partner like this, because you'll start taking extra care with your words in order to prevent conflicts. I mentioned about this even in my previous myTake. It's a big red flag! Assume you and your partner are having a conversation. You sense that her tone is changing like a tiny flame beginning to turn into a massive fire. She recalls something from the past and then hell loses break. This is a sign of not only a controlling partner, but also an insecure partner.

She is so insecure

You text a friend, she notices.

Her: Who is it? Who is .....? I didn't know you have a friend called...

Peeps into your phone.

Let's say you met a female friend or one of your female friends just texted you, and your partner asked about who she is and all, that's very normal and she has a right to do so (because you're her boyfriend). Being with an insecure partner is something else; it's about being with someone with a schedule of 'out-of-nowhere' fights. Insecure partners doubt you a lot. They would investigate about that particular friend and create non-existing problems. They would say "I forgive you" if you do a mistake, or "I'm alright, we don't have to fight anymore", but deep inside they never forgive you or agree with settling issues. They are the ones who dig into old problems and even your past relationships and start abusing you verbally and mentally. Please remember, most of the time, they can't give up on envy and doubt, so you can't expect them to change in the future. Also, she won't trust you even if the whole world testify for you.

In some cases, you can talk with your partner and settle things out, that's how a relationship should work. You can change yourself or your partner can change herself to build a healthier relationship. But unfortunately if you spot any of the above signs, there's not much of a chance that your partner will change. For some reason these type of people either cannot change or do not want to change themselves. Sometimes the best thing is to be alone for your own mental health, so if you spot any of these signs you better be alone.

5 Signs You Must Definitely Part Away From Her
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