An open letter to my boyfriend!

An open letter to my boyfriend!

When I first saw you 5 years ago, I never thought you would mean to me what you do now. Then you were just another cute little shy guy who was awkward around me, not knowing you had a huge crush on me then. I got a bit annoyed on how you kept staring at me infront of my friends and I remembered you sending me random letters telling me how beautiful I am. I always had too much pride about admitting I had feelings for you too so I was aloof and cold when you we're talking to me back then, but everytime I saw you alone at the library reading your comic books, I was wishing you would ask me out even if we're polar opposites, you being introverted and me being extroverted. But let's be honest, at first when you finally asked me out, I kept you chasing and chasing after me not knowing you would cry and and almost drop out of business school in which I regret doing.

Now that you are my best friend, my knight in shining armor, the love of my life and my boyfriend, I have a lot to thank you for!

Thank you for showing me what it truly means to love a man.

I can admit that before you, I used to be this high school bad girl who always gets into girlfights and make fun of nerds. Before you, I didn't know what it truly means to love someone so much that it hurt. I didn't know what the real meaning of a relationship was as all I cared about was guys chasing me and me shaming them to the point that I was already hurting their feelings. I didn't know how it felt to have a bad day and come home to you and wipe my tears away when I want to cry. Most importantly, I never knew what it felt like to love someone like you love yourself.

Thank you for not giving up on me.

I know sometimes I don't say thank you when you're being chivalrous but you've always been consistent and stoic despite me seeming hardhearted. Through thick and thin you promised to court me even though I kept taking your efforts for granted. I remembered you crying over me when I almost wanted to break up with you, I admit it's because you tend to be a bit needy and a bit self-conscious, but in the end I always knew that you wanted to grow with me and that's why I choose to stay by your side as I'm more than willing to see the best in you and that you're better than you're mistakes!

Thank you for accepting me as I am.

Some say that you have to be like this or that in order for a person to like you. But I never felt that way around you since knowing you, you never gave a fuck about what people say you should be. Therefore, my self-worth has increased knowing that I should be myself to the ones who really love me, and that person is YOU!

Thank you for taking me to your family.

When you we're ready to introduce me to your family, I was so reluctant that time that I refused to commit to our relationship, but as time went by I've thought about knowing what I want in life. I want us, I want our relationship so I decided to get to know your family and befriend them! I'm really happy that your dad has raised you well and that he treats me like a princess! 🥰

Thank you for those random gifts and spontaneous dates.

I remembered us and our group of friends when we had a "quintuple date", all 10 of us stayed late at night until the mall closed as we had dinner at this cheap but luxurious restaurant and watched Endgame until all our friends and us decided to stay until 1AM since we never stopped talking about all of us having a family in the future. On top of that, there's this one thing I'll never forget about you, and that's the most incredible present you ever bought me, a giant teddy bear. 😍

Thank you for being my calm before the storm.

Many thanks for all of the pampering and sweet nothings you did for me when I was stressed or pissed. Even though I get out of hands while I'm angry, you make me feel calm and at ease rather than being intimidated by me. I've never felt so lucky that I have a man who would treat me like this!

Thank you for changing your ways.

From being a shy little guy, you start to get more confident about yourself and you don't let your past get the best of you. This is why I'm proud of having you in my life. As I see you growing in order to correct your wrongdoings and learn from your previous mistakes, I can now see that you're ready to start a mature life together. You don't stop pushing yourself to be a better person even if that meant stepping out of your shell and being secure about yourself, that's what I admire about you!

With all of these said, there's just only 2 thing I request of you!


I know that there are times you feel like you'll lose me when things go wrong in your life, but believe me as I say this, there is no other man I would be with besides you, and only you!

Never ever think that you don't deserve me because in reality, you do! I understand that after all the efforts that you give, you start to feel a bit insecure about our relationship. Sorry if I haven't been fair to you in our relationship, I promise you that I will make it all up for you no matter how hard our challenges are. I genuinely believe that you're still an awesome man even though you make mistakes and that's fine because nobody's perfect. I want you to become more confident about yourself because you my love are the best thing that's ever happened to me, no one will ever change that!

I also want you to know that YOU DESERVE ALL THE BEST THINGS IN THE WORLD!

I can never put into words how much you mean to my eyes. So once again thank you! 😊

An open letter to my boyfriend!
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  • 1truekhaleesi
    Aww this was cute. I love how shy my boyfriend was when when we started dating. Even though we were friends for years 😂😂🥰🥰
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  • Andres77
    Applause and tears!
    Well said. Very poignant.
    I wish the two of you success and good fortune in all you do together.
  • Everyoneisplastic
    Damn. This was cute, wholesome, and heart-warming as fuck.
  • Bang5luts
    Very humbling. It takes a lot of courage to write all of that out and put it out there on social media for all to read it. I applaud you and your partner..😌
  • Avicenna
    Absolutely awesome. Well expressed and congrats on the success of your relationship.
  • Givemore
    I might as well buy a lotto ticket😕
    Woohoo!! Lucky guy. 👍😄
  • msc545
    VERY sweet and beautiful!
  • Iron_Man
    Did you type that out or write it out
    to him?