What it's like to be with an actual man - the period talk


I am writing this post because I in my more than 13 months on G@G I noticed that so many men on here have a very wrong view of women, constantly belittling them and treating them like they're weak.

I've been together with my boyfriend for more than 4 months now and realized that one of the things I find so remarkable about him is how he treats me when I'm on my period.

To understand what I'm about to explain, it's important to know that we are currently spending every day with one another.
I spent the past month at his place, we enjoy being so close and it's nice to have someone to hug every second of the day.

However, when I'm on my period, I experience a lot of pain and a very heavy flow for the first two days, which is something I tried telling him very soon.

What its like to be with an actual man - the period talk

I was absolutely miserable on one of our dates and didn't understand why until I noticed I had started my period. I spoke to him about it immediately.

I know that some men would have reacted negatively to me telling them, but I always knew I wouldn't want to or be able to handle an immature guy who won't touch me when I'm on my period because he considers me dirty.

That first time, I was good, I swallowed a lot of my pain and just went on with my day. The next month though, I had severe cramps, so he went out to get me food and a heating pad, which was nicer than I ever would've expected him to be about it.

The month after that, I thought I was pregnant - he got me a pregnancy test. I wasn't convinced I wasn't pregnant, so I wanted to take another one a few weeks later - again, he went outside, only to return with flowers, breakfast and the pregnancy test I requested.

When I got my period while staying with him and warning him that I may stain his sheets, he just smiled and reminded me that I was the cleanliest person he knew and that I had spent the last weeks cleaning his apartment.

What its like to be with an actual man - the period talk

He told me that he didn't care because he loved me and that this is not in any way something that would gross him out.

He got me tampons, tea, a cherry stone pillow and a lot of chocolate and ice cream.

I'm his first real girlfriend - this is not something he learned from previous girlfriends, and I'm glad he didn't, because he acknowledges that I'm me and that all women are different.

My period doesn't define me. Being with someone who knows you very well and doesn't shy away from topics like periods, pregnancy and childbirth is a very pleasant experience.

Girls, what is something you wish men knew about you?

What do you wish men did differently?

Have you had any negative experiences with men on this site you want to share below?

What it's like to be with an actual man - the period talk
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  • SomeGuyCalledTom
    Cool story and all, but I'm not sure why it had to be framed as being somehow the opposite of GaG users. I highly doubt most men are unaware that women's periods are a fact of life. We may just need a little coaching on how to make her time of the month more bearable. If she needs specific hygiene products, or medicines, or herbal teas, or whatever, then she should let her partner know so he's not just stood in Boots looking up and down the feminine care isle getting visibly confused. And if she just wants a cuddle and cup of hot chocolate, well, only a complete narcissist for a boyfriend would make her go without.
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    • Anonymous

      Thank you very much for sharing your opinion.
      I never wanted to frame anyone, this post was simply based on how I've perceived a large part of the male G@G users on here.
      I realised that while most men seem to be aware that women's periods are a fact of life, they consider them weak and sometimes make rude or offensive comments both in front of women and behind their backs.
      I do not think that all men who have asked a girl or woman "are you on your period right now or why are you acting like this?" are aware of how rude this is.
      It may just seem like a small question, but on all occasions I was asked this, I was nowhere near having my period or experiencing PMS.

      I hope that you understand why I wanted to write this a little better now.

      As for the coaching part, I agree, and I think that it depends on the woman how easy it is to talk about this.

      For example, I was very detailled about my period from the start because I knew that it's important for me to be with someone who can deal with this (which I already outlined in my post).

      However, out of my 10 close female friends, not one of them told their boyfriend about how hard it can be for them to be on their period until MONTHS in their relationship.
      They are hardly representative of all women worldwide, but I grew up in a modern, western country (not the US) where talking about periods is far more normal than in other places.
      Still, despite these non-minor girls having PCOS, having to throw up from the severity of their cramps, blacking out from the pain or blood loss, they didn't find the words to talk about this fact of life with their boyfriends.

    • Anonymous

      One of my friend's boyfriend didn't know women bleed from their vagina and pee from their urethra.
      That women pee and menstruate from the same hole still is a pretty big misconception, which shows that it's important to talk about this.

      But, like I said, not all women know how to talk about their periods.
      Thank you for being a considerate boyfriend/husband and realising the struggle here.

      I really hope I made myself a little clearer as to why I felt the need to write my post.
      I think both men and women need to be more open about periods for change to happen.

    • That's all very understandable. I didn't take any personal offense to the manner in which you raised this particular issue. I just think it's cautionary to go into these dialogues from a place where your readers aren't immediately put on the defensive. I think you'd get higher quality responses from the guys on here if you'd framed it from q place of curiosity, like, "what confuses or unsettles you about the reality of women's periods, and what would you like your partner to inform you about so that you can help her deal with that time of the month?" Problem is, an attack on "most guys on gag" could be seen as attributable to ANY guy on GaG. So right from the outset you've alienated half your audience. Just something to consider for any future posts. :)

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  • ThisIsMyOpinion
    I understand if some men don't want sex when a girl who is on her period, but that would never stop them from acting in a normal way with her.
    It's just a period. Not a demon summoned by satan! I really don't see what the big fuss is. We know you ladies are more sensitive while with it, and of course you are, its not pleasant. Don't get me wrong! Is not an excuse to act like a bitch and being violent. But we can be extra thoughtful. We love you girls after all so it's a pleasure to make those days more tolerable.
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    • Anonymous

      Thank you for adding this opinion to my post - I feel like this really hits the nail on its head.

      It's not a big deal if you understand what having periods entails.
      They're not comfortable, but they don't have to make everyone's lives difficult.

      Also, if you love someone and are a genuinely happy person in a healthy relationship, I think you won't do or say anything rude, insensitive or creepy.
      Hope that makes sense - I'm not saying that all men are rude, but I do believe that there's some rude talk behind women's backs concerning their behaviour that is often attributed to them being on their periods, while this is not always true.

    • That not only makes sense, that should be common sense!

      I have four sisters. I have a wife now. Only one is older than me and not by a lot. I saw my sister's getting nervous about their periods. Some even a bit afraid. I always have my best to make them feel good and always saw it as natural.

      Sometimes their were more moody due to it. Sometimes they weren't. So I never could tell if their bad mood was due to period or not. Bad mood can be caused by many MANY things not just periods.
      Often due to pain as discomfort they would even be more reserved instead of all over the place.

      I know it affects you, it's bad enough as it is. No need for us to make it worse.
      Good women are here for us when we need. Makes sense we do the same.

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  • HiveBee
    I dont get it. I think most men are like this. I dont see why girls are always complaining.

    Like honestly I dont believe it. Really? Are all men really so trash that you can't hardly find one who understands what a period is?

    I dont believe it.

    Either the majority of men are scum, or the majority of women really have bad taste

    I think its the latter because I see women with scumbags all the time. I see girls who say they "wised up" and realized they were attracted to scumbags and had to force themselves to give guys they weren'treally attracted to a chance. And only when they did that, did they finally find a real man. Q good man.

    Women just aren't into real men. They're into little boys with rebellious attitudes lol.

    Well, either that or it's just true that most men are pieces of shit. I dont know. But I know I'm like the boyfriend depicted here. I'm a hopeless romantic. I just can't help but be like this and I can't help but feel like most guys are too. Of course those same guys are always crying that they can't find a girl.

    I think the problem is you girls. Chasing after immature boys you think are "bad" and then denying it when we call y'all out.

    I dont know. I just can't get to the bottom of things. I can't see what the real truth is. Are men shit? Or are girls just attracted to shitty men? Which is it? Lol.
    • dolidol

      Not all men are like that, not at all. I think her boyfriend is a miracle. All the men I met devalue the fact that we are with the period and how we feel, I have already received responses from the genre "so what?" "it is not my problem" and even in the job I needed to go to the toilet I explained why and they did not let me go. Women's suffer a lot.

    • @dolidol I think the clue is that the relationship is 4 months old. This is not a comment from someone with much experience of the opposite sex in relationships.

    • @dolidol It's a bit odd that they ask you why you need to go to the bathroom.

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  • flamiE
    Your boyfriend sounds like a great guy. I wish men understood how much our hormones fluctuate and that we try hard to keep the moodiness as low as possible. I wish they were a bit more understanding, we know we can be a little too much sometimes but we’re trying. Alright. Give us some credit.
    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I get that.
      Thanks for adding your comment!

    • That's the key. Most of us are going to be understanding as long as the girl doesn't try to use her period as an excuse.
      Everyone has bad days, whether they experience periods or not. You apologize for it if you treat someone badly when you're moody regardless of the reason and move on.

    • flamiE

      We don’t use it as an excuse. We’re just moody and then when we realise our period is due, it all makes sense.
      Think about it as an extra bad day. You’re moody, having a bad day and on top of that you have a really bad headache. You sure would be a little more irritating than usual.

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  • hhH2traveler
    I love this post. I’m happy you found the right man. And yes , very much agree that you can't always use information you got from one girlfriend or boyfriend on a previous one, approach each as their own. I’m like your boyfriend, I haven't learned from many previous experiences but i like to do my research.
    • Anonymous

      I love this response, thanks so much for sharing!

    • Your welcome, people are sometimes quick to get mad at you when you have a different opinion but slow to complement you when you see eye to eye. Not that we dont see eye to eye from what we’ve said. I didn't know that some women face blackouts from too much blood loss on the toilet, that must be terrible for them when their with somebody but but too embarrassed to tell them. I’ve been reading your other replies to peoples responses and very thoughtful.

    • Anonymous

      Oh no, women don't just blackout on the toilet, that would be all too convenient. I've seen friends blackout in public because of their period.
      It's really not nice.

  • Joker_
    Only read the first paragraph, but I agree with you that the men on G@G are misogynists. If you made the claim that they are also highly degenerate, then I would've agreed with you even more
    • Nayyrr


    • Simps gonna simp

    • Anonymous

      I don't know about them being degenerate, but they're definitely more sexist than any men I've personally encountered or talked to online.
      It's crazy what comes out of people's (both men's and women's) mouths when they think they're anonymous.

      Also, I think it's highly unfortunate how men think about women in such a toxic way.

  • zollo
    Wow, what a guy! He's so sweet he sounds made up ha ha. But seriously though, for you being his first real girlfriend it makes it sound like he just had a really good up bringing and was taught right. :)

    GaG in general has a lot more men than women on here and they're usually older and more conservative. (Not saying that's a bad thing just stating what I see) There is unfortunately people that still believe that women in general are just weaker ( which in some way is true since men tend to have more muscle) but they use it as more of a way to put a women down and discourage them from working a job that's for a "man" or complaining about something. Guys have definitely told me on here that women are liabilities and shouldn't be hired (because periods, pregnancy or they're weaker). Or women shouldn't be in politics.

    It's just so crazy to me that some men and women think that just because you're a women you can' do certain things. It makes you wonder how they grew up and what type of mother they had. My mom's a strong person and she's taught me all I know about working, I was always out with her helping her work on our fence or repairing our house. From a young age I was building and exploring stuff finding my way in life and gender didn't matter. My mom would get up early, get us all food and get us ready for school and then go to work only to make us dinner, fix anything in the house, get us to do our homework and then get us in bed. Man or women that's a lot of work and should be appreciated and acknowledged!
    • Anonymous

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience on G@G here.
      I've also experienced all the points you mentioned and also noticed that there's a lot of debate about "what makes a man" on here, so that's why I figured it may be a good idea to share my thoughts on this.
      When you really think about it, no matter what someone looks like or what troubles and challenges they face or have faced, they can always be nice, kind and caring in a relationship.
      That's what it means to be a beautiful person to me.

      Women do so much for society from the moment someone is brought into this world.

  • EmotionOfFear
    I'm like that, but only with a girl who sees me as a best friend. We're not together. I still treat her with the utmost respect, though. May be why she only feels comfortable talking to me about it, versus even other girls.
    • Anonymous

      That's so sweet to read.
      I already mentioned this on another reply to one of the opinions on here - some girls just aren't comfortable talking about their periods with other girls, maybe because some can be pretty judgmental too when it comes to certain details (cramps/no cramps, pain meds/no pain meds for example).
      I'm glad you're a good friend and listener though!

  • Benja35
    I have been with several girls with strong periods. I would help with heating pad.. etc. One time I found our bed stained... no problem
    • Anonymous

      That's so sweet and kind of you.
      It's such a great quality to have as a guy to be considerate during that time of the month to be honest.
      God knows not all men are like that though, quite unfortunate, but keep it up!

    • Benja35

      Have to be considerate.. no doubt

  • joeldalton
    You: A lot of GaG men think women are weak
    Also you: My boyfriend needs to cater to my every need one week a month.
    • Anonymous

      I understand that my post would make it seem that way, though I think the correct form of this is:

      You: A lot of GaG men think women are weak
      Also you: I appreciate my boyfriend being considerate one day of the month. When he's not around, I pull myself together (like 50% of the population) and get on with my day.

      Thank you for expressing your opinion on my post.

  • Juxtapose
    That's pretty much how I treat periods. It's not a big deal and all you can really do is just try to comfort her as much as possible.

    -Guy who will buy tampons for the women in his life.
    • Anonymous

      That's so sweet, thanks for adding that.
      There was a user on here that commented it's irresponsible of me not to carry tampons with me 24/7 - I'm glad there's men like you and my boyfriend out there who understand there's more important things in life than that.

  • Flower7
    That was really sweet for him to do all those things for you. You were very lucky to find someone like that. It seems like he really cares about you a lot and is also a very considerate person who is able to see things from other people's point of view.
    • Anonymous

      I agree. I think it's very important that everyone tries to understand what challenges the person in front of them may have faced/is facing.

  • msc545
    Men's misogyny and anger do not just spontaneously arise from nothing at all; they are created and maintained by the behavior of women, white knight men, and family law courts, among other entities.

    You may think that hypergamy, child support, and divorce are good things, but you fail to realize what they cost you in goodwill and kindness from men.
    • Anonymous

      I will leave this opinion on here because I want to make sure all respectfully phrased comments remain on here for the sake of freedom of speech.

      However, I would like to add that I have absolutely no experience with family law courts, divorce or child support.
      I'm from a religious, stable household. My parents have been married for almost 30 years.
      I hardly know any kids my age with divorced parents, which shows how sheltered of a life I lived before moving out.

      Child support is something I consider to be the bare minimum requirement for making sure a child grows up with enough resources, but I'm from a socialist background, where the government takes care of child support and a divorced husband doesn't have to pay as much as he may have to in the US.

      Other than that, I'm still young, not married and don't think that men's misogyny is in any way justified.

    • msc545

      I hope you never in your entire life encounter the things I have mentioned. They factor into the experiences of many men, and they create a lasting distrust and dislike of women, unfortunately.

    • Anonymous

      I can see that and I'm sorry this happened to you.

  • MannMitAntworten
    The entire period/menstrual cycle subject never ever phased me. Just something women experience (albeit some dar worse than other women) and that is that. Not even the blood itself ever became a turn off for me of any sort. I wasn’t about to kick my significant other out of bed or deny one another intimacy over cramps and blood. If she needs something, I get it for her or help her out. After all, in spite of almost never getting sick, in the event that I so, it would be nice for someone to be around to bring me water at the very least.

    Nobody enjoys ‘uninvited’ pain (for those BDSM folks out there). It is nice to have a helping hand or words of encouragement even when the strongest are down. Anyway, periods and all that goes with them are just a part of the Life experience.
    • Anonymous

      I agree with that!
      Everyone enjoys being taken care off, no matter the circumstance.

    • Yup ;)

  • The first time I was going to be naked with my girlfriend, she was on her period. Because of this, she kept her panties on then. Now she always tells me and usually she just wants to cuddle when she has it and we're at my house. I am perfectly happy just holding her and for that week it's all about her being happy. The other 3 weeks of each month we seek mutual happiness though.
  • nathanp97
    While I wouldn't have sex with a girl on her period (I have a phobia of blood, so I don't think that would go over well), I wouldn't think she is dirty. If she wasn't to cancel or change plans because of it is fine. As for the beading I'd probably by sheets that wouldn't show the stain so much and extra padding just encase, because I want to avoid a blood stained mattress. Not something a guy with a phobia of blood really wants to sleep on. From my knowledge girls react differently from others when on their period, so if they need something they can ask.
    • Anonymous

      I've never heard about a phobia of blood before, so thank you for sharing your thoughts.
      This must be a pretty difficult situation for you and I'm sorry you have to think about it like this. I think it's not a problem at all though as long as you phrase your thoughts in a respectful way like you have here.
      Thanks again!

  • EaterPeter
    You can have a good period talk question with quiz at the end. And it's not an excuse to be treated by a woman badly. I been fortunate to have women in my life. Sheet staining would bother me but not much. I have done warm milk hot water bottle warm pillow with iron. Bought midol panties pads flowers chocolate greeting card gathered and shared info. to ease period pain. on very many ocassions. Oh the punch line. He seems to be a keeper. Give it couple of more months at least 8 to be exact and no more than 18 before getting engaged or engagement talk. I am sure you will let him know. If he likes you 12 months last he have to put cherry (ring) on the cake 🎂. All the best.
    • Anonymous

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience on here!

      You sound very considerate.

      I agree that my boyfriend is a keeper - I don't want to get engaged now though (or within the next two years) because my parents would freak out.

      Thanks again for your kind words!

    • EaterPeter

      You are welcome. I believe there is a window to take relationship to next level. And that window i think is right between 12 to 15 months more you approach toward 18 months that window narrows very rapidly.

    • EaterPeter

      No pressure no judgement. Just sharing. All the best.

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  • FatherJack
    Many years since I dealt with that from a partner / my ex wife , single dad , which means staying single. I have helped my teen daughter with her own nasty visits from Aunt Flo & how can a man , or anyone , believe a normal cyclic bodily function is " dirty " or " sinful " ? At least your boyfriend is supportive.
  • jspl90
    I mean I dont understand whats the thing about grossing some men about periods its just blood and stuff.
    i mean sure if they dont dispose used pads and tampon properly and it starts to smell in the bathroom etc that is bit offputting but isn't that the same as using the toilet and forgetting to flush
  • Kieronm
    As someone who has done A level biology and have talked to a girlfriend about this there's a lot we aren't taught at all about what it's like, yes the physical why and how of it (the whole ovulation, ovum developing, hormone cycle etc) but not what it's like. Is the expierience side of things when reaching the subject of puberty censored in some way at all levels of education?
    • Anonymous

      It wasn't censored where I grew up, we had a lot of detail when it came to our education on the biological, physical and psychological side of it, but I guess it really depends on where you're from.

      Most men don't know anything about the hormones, so knowing how the female cycle works is a huge plus already.

      I think asking females you're close to in a respectful way about their periods may help you understand the experience part better.

  • SngBirdy
    Im honestly blown away by the fact that appereantly treating your girlfriend nice when she's having a difficult time on her period is something out of the ordinary.
    Honestly, what kind of exes and men do you sorround yourself with that this seems so unusually nice to you? Thats just fucked up.
    Dont want to assume things but maybe dont try to date idiots.
  • JDavid25
    This is nice and whatnot.. And sweet but TBH, periods like peeing and taking dueces are nasty parts of nature.. But they are natural and necessary.. The reason I say nasty is because if you don't wash after a period the smell is not pleasant.. Of course guys know about periods this is not new information.. Every guy reacts differently to it.. As long as the woman keeps herself clean and whatnot its not really a problem and a normal part of life.
  • SkittleMayn
    Sounds like you're complaining about men generalizing while generalizing men. Quite Ironic. Most guys won't be revolted by their girlfriends period.
    • Anonymous

      Our opinions are shaped by our personal experiences.
      I know what it's like to be treated like less, to be subject to jokes when "acting up" and having men ask you whether you're on a period in a sarcastic way when you're not.
      I don't think any of that is okay.
      I didn't want to generalize men and I am sorry if you felt offended or attacked by my post, that really wasn't my intention.
      I've just met my share of men who ignored how they had been brought into this world.
      You sound very responsible and caring and not like you would be someone who is rude towards women based on their gender.

  • Levin

    No, just kidding, haha.

    But really, all that happened here, is that you had your period and then a guy treated you like a human being and was considerate.
    • Anonymous

      Agreed, though even the comments here reveal that not all men consider women to be equal human beings worth being considerate for, which is quite sad.

  • I don't think women are dirty cause of a bodily function. Sounds like you have a winner there.
    • Anonymous

      Thank you very much for sharing. I guess this is a matter of how mature a man is mentally.

  • MrWolf
    First of all that's not true. Not all man are like that we all know and understand that that of the month is though for you girls.

    And we certainly do all in our best to help you go trough it.

    And the way he knows is by looking for information about it. Like most of us do.

    And we sure can have a talk about it. Most of us can. Some can't handle it.

    I've done that with my girl the first time she asked me about this i had already knowledge about it.

    But i did ask her about anything she wanted to share. And as you she was amazed that I'm paying attention to this and i have questions about it.

    And we do read on those topics because knowledge is a must.

    I happy to read that your man takes care of you but do remember not to put all GaG male members under the same flag as i said few are for the kicks most stay to help and be helped.
  • Steve1071
    What it's like to be with an actual man - the period talkSeriously love, we men will do what ever we can do fix you up during your heavy flow once a month just chill with the grouchy attitude.
  • Aakash_Hangargi
    Hmmm, there are a lot of different sides to this and actually its nothing about you being dirty just bc you havd periods people might be scared of blood or they might feel icky bc of just blood be it in any form it might be even bc of a cut.

    And obviously different women behave differently on there periods sone people like to be touched, some just want to be alone, sone become over emotional and cry as well but still don't want there guy to interfere its just about preference.

    Why would someone stain the sheets even if they are wearing tampons or sanitary pads is beyond me.

    Lol most men would bd OK it's natural thing, but most women don't let men know and don't like to ralk about it themselves.

    People should be educated while young do the taboo around it will be broken
    • Anonymous

      The reason why a woman may stain sheets or her clothes is that you bleed through tampons and pads eventually.
      Even when you change them regularly, this can happen.

      Imagine being a woman on her period at work. You have a meeting but you don't know how long it'll last - this is a situation where a woman may start bleeding through her tampon/pad without anyone noticing because there's not that much blood.

      Sleeping takes between 6 and 8 hours and while menstrual blood flow is usually less when lying down, it may lead to the same situation that a woman bleeds through her tampon or pad, simply because sleeping takes a longer time than she would usually wear her tampon/pad without changing it.

      I hope this makes more sense now.

      When I'm on my period, I have to get up 1-3x/night for the first two days. I can't sleep, simply because 6-8h is a long time.

    • Yeah could understand, but if a man is just don't like to see blood he shouldn't be judged there are many things that gross out women that men do and they just leave them for smallest of reasons.

      These is were you nerd to understand put yourself in each other's shoe them make a decision

  • PhantomMk
    I disagree with your generalizations about Male Homosapiens, and we are all different you may have a few encounters with men on this website/app who only come on here to masturbate to pictures, stories, or questions they ask anonymously. Now to answer your main question what he is doing is standard in a relationship most of my friends I know go a bit further and cook, wash, and take their women out on road trips because that is something we are suppose to do take care off one another and be there for each other in sickness and health. To answer your other question every woman has had at least one bad experience on this website/app with men because most of them come to this app for “personal reasons”.
    • zollo

      My guy said "Male Homosapiens" XD

    • PhantomMk


    • zollo

      None at all.

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  • bamesjond0069
    Ok he did great helping you in a pinch but what girl doesn't prepare for a period? Like how tf could a girl run out of tampons? Dont you buy a jumbo box and leave it in your cabinet? Do you wait till you have to wipe your ass with a newspaper before you buy more toilet paper? Smh. If you need something every month you should stock up and then its a non issue. If you don't do that your giving him a big shit test being a bitch making him run to the store every month because you like attention. That is immature asf.
    • Anonymous

      I was at his place for the first time, I stayed much longer than anticipated and then got my period.
      I don't like the attention, I didn't forget about my period either.
      You phrased your opinion in a very rude way.

    • But dont you keep extra in your purse or car?

    • Anonymous

      I don't keep extra tampons everywhere I go.
      I don't own a car and there weren't any in my purse either. It's easier to go and buy tampons than to always remember to bring pads/tampons with you everywhere you go.
      It's just something that happened and there's that, no big deal.

  • worldscolide
    aside from the over generalization of men here, which honestly including your last questions in bold, you go out of your way to just out right insult all men. i get where you're coming from. On that same token, aside from my wife god bless her, cause she does not do this, Almost every single woman i have encountered in my personal life, either casually, or in a relationship, use their period to just be all kinds of hateful, mean, and just all around insufferable. My wife is the only woman i have ever met who is not like that. Notice i didn't generalize here right? i didn't say all women are like this, just the ones i have met.

    by the way i do the same things for my wife lol, I bring out the heating pads, and do what i can to take care of her during that time cause i love her. Any man who does not do that is not worth dating.
    • by the way the ones i view as weak are the ones that feel the need to have paid period leave, and other idiocy like it.

  • Zealashton
    pissing, shiting , drinking, eating, pirods, why would anyone really care. its normal
    what i wish wemon would know is.

    fuck the idolagy bull shit. fuck it all fuck relgion, fuck social study bull shit, its not rocket scince to being a nice person.

    also other thing is, i was a MGM victum male gentail mutilation, i feel disgustid violated, i can't even get off normaly, somedays i wish i where dead. i have episodes
    i cry i become violet and destructive,

    . but this feminst bull shit, sjw woke garbage idolagey religon crap, is shit,

    it not hard to be understanding and careing and use common sense, why the fuck would any normal man be worrried about shit like a pirod. that is just stupied,
    its a normal process's nothing more, only people that get disgusted are religus fuck tards and and children.

    sorry i kinda get upset by my own acored, i am fin if you belive in shit, but dont shove it down other people mouths. and force it on us,
  • classic_crime
    He sounds like a keeper :) I personally don't mind my wife's period at all. She recently came off the pill while we were trying to have kids and was far more miserable than on the pill (which is one of the reasons why she was on it in the first place she told me) but even then she still internalized it and I barely could tell she was having issues. I wish she would come out and talk to me more about it so I can know when to get her flowers or give her more massages or draw her nice warm baths with her favorite bath bombs... But alas I'm very bad at picking up her little hints and need flashing signs to pick up a hint
  • Ryfyle
    I thought menstruation was common knowledge. So I take it you were dating Squeamish boys prior?
    • Anonymous

      Yeah, you could say that. I only had one boyfriend before that and despite being several years older than myself, looking back, he was extremely insecure and immature.

    • Ryfyle

      Still a Squimish boy at the end of day.

    • Anonymous

      Probably, yes.

  • You make it sound like most men don't accept women with their bodily functions. Where on earth do you encounter such specimen?🤔
  • t-8900
    Your man sounds like a solid chap. I'm glad the two of you met and are happy and in love! Stay good to each other! Wish you all the best!
  • Tylermassengill
    Like your boyfriend I wouldn’t think that it was gross or anything and I would do anything for the one I cared about, but I would be a little hesitant to give them a hug or anything not because I’m grossed out but because I’m afraid that I might hurt them because I know what is happening to them and the pain that they must be in. I wouldn’t want them to get the wrong idea and think that I’m grossed out by them but I’m afraid that no matter what I may tell them they would think that that is the reason I am avoiding touching them. What do you think a guy should do?
    • Anonymous

      I think the best thing you can do is talk openly about it.
      Usually, tight hugs are the only ones that have the potential to hurt, so just ask if she's okay :)
      Also, make sure to be more careful with her breasts as they may be swollen before and during her period.
      Other than that, I promise it'll be fine if you talk openly about it!

    • Ok thanks for the advice, I didn’t mean to make your question about me, your question just helped me to think about it from a different perspective. Thank you for that.

    • Anonymous

      You're welcome!

  • Nottoxic
    This is sweet, I'm happy for you
    • Anonymous

      Thank you!

    • Nottoxic

      No worries, it reflects how I'd like to be. Only had one relationship so far, and that was long distance.

      Do you mind me asking how you yet each other?

    • Anonymous

      I also had a long distance relationship before this one.

      I met him on a dating app, we talked on the phone for weeks, facetimed a lot, met in real life and while it took some dates, we started hitting it off around the two month mark or so.

      I had only kissed my ex once (I was 16 at the time) before I met my boyfriend. Don't rush into things, you'll meet your favourite person!

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  • Wow, this guy sounds like a real keeper.
    • Anonymous

      Gotta gree on that one!

  • riley_anne_m
    i wish the guy i love knew that i have or started my period. because i am afraid of how he would react, but i would suspect he knows what a menstrual cycle is because he said his mom gave him the "sex talk" when he was 7 years old. which i was kinda suprized about that but not really. (FYI he is 13 years old) he always asks me "are you okay, you see a little off today." (P. s he asks me this on my period.) and i say "yeah, yeah i am good." but i really want to tell him i started my period.
    but i feel like he would just walk away or act weird.

    And i wish SOME guys would NOT be grossed out about a woman on her menstrual cycle. because it is a NATURAL THING girls go though. ( but i will say not all guys are like that.)
    • Anonymous

      Trust me, boys at that age have no chance at sensing that you started your period.
      You have to tell him if you want him to know.
      I don't think he'll act weird, but boys at that age can be a little immature and/or uninformed, so I'd try to start a light conversation on the topic to see how he reacts.
      If you're comfortable with the conversation, you could initiate by saying something like "oh, by the way, I'm a woman now"/"I have my period now".
      Whatever you're comfortable with will work.

      Don't expect him to understand you or to know when you're on your period - unless you spend 24 hours 7 days a week with him and you know each other very, very well, there's no way he would be able to tell if you're on your period or not.
      I know it sometimes feels like everyone knows, but that's usually not the case at all.

  • R3DthatDude
    I have a serious question. How do you feel about sex during your period?
    • Anonymous

      I don't like it during the first two days for the reasons I mentioned in this post, but after that, I don't care :)

    • Coffeemate

      Ok. Ill chime in. Im all for it. So long as your partner is “clean”. And by that i mean. History. Tests. Trust. Then by all means do it in the shower. On the ceramic tile. Anywhere you can clean up efficiantly.

      Women can feel excited on there menstrual cycle. Its natural. If you're in a close bond with your partner. Then fuck away !!! Wipe up and clean up and dont get it on the curtains.

      Look. there's nothing mitzvah about it. Unless your partner (male female) has sex with everything and (god forbid) anything. Enjoy sex with being on a period. Wipe it up. Its just blood. and a natural cycle that every fucken woman on this planet goes through.

  • LeoElias
    Periods make me thinks of blue balls. How would a guy feel if his girlfriend/wife said, "Do you have blue balls? Why are you acting like a bitch." Obviously the dude wouldn't like to be talked like that therefore it doesn't make it any better for a dude to talk to a girl like that. If any dudes out there agrees? Or maybe I can just stfu lol but i always thought to myself if I never finished and i got blue balls and on top of that pain my girlfriend said something very dismissive of my situation that would piss me off. I feel every female out there has a right to feel hurt/pissed when their dude says something insensitive to something they can't control. A lot of immature dudes out there. I get it, periods are nasty but acting disgusted by it to her face is a messed up thing to do. At least react negatively to it behind closed doors when you are alone or something so she won't see you but try to be her rock when you are with her. I'm sure she'll thank you kindly through favorable ways..
    • Anonymous

      That's a good comparison, thank you for adding this to this post.

  • bolverk
    It may surprise you but men do understand about women's periods, especially if they are the eldest child in a family the majority of whom are women, I would not be surprised if you boyfriend has a stash of your favourite foods and things that make you feel comfortable, But and this is a big but, never think that your boyfriend is a Beta, he has just shown you that he is secure in his masculinity and bought things for YOU that would have a certain group of men running for the hills. Count yourself lucky.
    • Anonymous

      Thank you so much for adding your opinion to this post.
      I would never consider my boyfriend to be a beta for being a nice and considerate person.

      He's a VERY picky eater and I try to accomodate to his needs as best as I can without getting angry about it. This is something that is pretty difficult for me because I like to cook and care for him, but the second his favourite dish looks a tiny bit different to what he is used to, he won't eat it.

      What I'm trying to say is that I think it's important to be considerate with one another not just when it comes to periods but also other fundamental parts of life like food :)

  • anylolone
    "I'm not weak" followed by "everyone should pamper me".
    Girl, strong people tend to not like being pampered, specially while in pain since they are strong enough to take care of themselves and it's just easier when you know what you want when you are sick to just do it.

    Also, being disgusted by blood is a normal thing, fainting just on the sight of blood is quite normal as well, men just usually are the ones less disgusted by blood.

    In my experience the norm is women who don't want to have sex while on their period, I find it silly but it's alright.

    Now, I've experienced strong women who had periods, they didn't sounded like you at all, and some just didn't liked having sex while menstruating.
  • Shhhhhhhhhhh06
    He's sounds like a great guy !
    • Anonymous

      Couldn't agree more!

  • Gosselinfan
    I think you’re lucky
  • Massageman
    You've got a keeper, there.
  • ManHater
    Coming from a girl who posts with no name...
    • Anonymous

      ... because I knew this wouldn't sit right with everyone and didn't want to face the strong opinions of users I interact with on a regular basis.
      We all have our reasons.

  • jimmy2
    Thats so cool he like that for you
  • ThisAndThat
    I don't see how or why he would be any different.
  • Nayyrr
    Didn't read, but I agree
  • Anonymous
    All some guys know about period and how’s its part of life. Perhaps arts , business once don’t...