We all Need to Get Along

This HAS GOT to Stop
This HAS GOT to Stop

I have been noticing there is a fair bit of hostility on the site. I have had a few run-ins myself recently. "You're a dumbass", "You're incompetent", etc. The ones exhibiting hostility need to understand something; When you log in and post a question, you are opening yourself up to criticism, and just all-around hearing responses and answers you don't want to hear. Sometimes when it comes to advice, there is always a sad part of life known as "PAINFUL TRUTH". If you are a person who is offended by blunt reality, it would be best to just stick with answering questions, giving opinions and reading posts from others similar to your situation. Otherwise, it is best to delete your account, and as everybody hears me say at the end of MANY posts, "And move on with life". The same goes with answering questions. You can answer a question/post an opinion, and there will be others just like Emily12345 who respond to you, calling you full of shit all because they think differently.

Earlier I got into it with two individuals. One was an Anonymous user, and the other was Emily12345. Her (Emily's) answer to me was, "stfu. I haven't thought about that in years.". Needless to say, I threw something she revealed in a prior post in her face, then said to not bother trying to respond because I was muting her post. Then she blocked me. The same went with the Anonymous user. Those two incidents were what encouraged me to put up this MyTake. If you are the type to get offended towards somebody that says something you don't want to hear, agree to disagree and move on to the next opinion. That is EXACTLY what I said to the Anonymous user. Then I proceeded to mute them as well.

I had another one on Saturday evening, by the profile name "kyleelyn199723". It got nasty between us. Now I know you are going to ask me why I didn't take my own MyTake advice with these three. Simple. When I was growing up, I was never taught how to defend myself. It wasn't until last year when I got my anxiety under control that I gained the ability to step forward and tell people to knock it the hell off about this and that. I decided with these three I wasn't going to walk away with my tail between my legs cowarding. They put the gloves on, and I decided I was going to as well. I was entitled to putting my input in, so I did just that.

So to conclude my MyTake, if you can't handle the truth, or a responder who doesn't like another person's input, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF AND MOVE ON WITH LIFE.

We all Need to Get Along
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  • exitseven
    I liked this MyTake. I have been insulted by a few people on this site. I try to avoid them and I will not get into a shouting match.
    There are some people on this site however have different opinions than I have and can carry on a civil conversation without resorting to name calling.
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  • Stephanie38
    Perfectly said!! 100% agree
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  • Brainsbeforebeauty
    Unfortunately this generation doesn't seem to understand the concept of civil debate so they jump straight to insults because they think that makes them look badass and smart when it just shows a weak person that goes on the attack when they know they have no valid point... There's users on here, we don't always agree but we keep it respectful.
    If I disagree with people, they try to insult my intelligence by saying my username doesn't fit like I'm stupid.. Jokes on them, the whole point behind my username wasn't too come off like I'm Soo smart, but that I wasn't to be seen as more than just boobs or butt or blonde hair..
    So I laugh when they try to use that insult...
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  • Cnlngler
    I don't mean to offend but i really don't care what anonymous people have to say, specially when they don't have the guts to show who they are.
    Not all, but some take this as a way to say something meaningless and stupid just to disagree. Instead of learning something or giving their honesty thought.
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    • Interstate

      I completely respect how you feel, as well as understand where you are coming from.

  • Cro_Laura
    We will never get along sadly. There's always someone who likes to troll or be rude on purpose. And then we have people who get offended on almost anything you say. People (not all) are like this now days sadly.
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  • Sincerly_KittyCat
    Truthbringer, Doopayo and Isawthelight are some of the most hateful and unnecessarily disrepectful/rude users I have come across so far and they are all blocked, because of how digusting they are. All of them start arguments for no reason when none is looking for an quarrel.

    Blocking them is the best way for me to get along with them.😊
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  • FatherJack
    That won't happen , sadly. I personally do not care if some eejit attempts to insult me , or tries to lecture me , I ignore them. Civil debate is welcome , but exceedingly rare
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  • Djaay
    I agree. This cancel culture of youths is about the stupidest thing a person can accomplish walking this earth.
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  • Browneye57
    Yep. Lots still on puppy dogs, rainbows, and pink unicorns. :)
  • TheBigGuy9
    That’s just life in general. Imagine being a Conservative?
  • Kvynhanma
    People are stupid and have let propaganda place us against each other
  • Jamie05rhs
    This started out well. I liked the title.
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    • Interstate

      Well after the ordeals with those two girls, I figured it was time to put my foot down and do something to keep this social epidemic from spreading. I figured this would be a perfect start.

    • Jamie05rhs

      I understand why you did it, and I don't blame you for that. However, what you did wasn't exactly "getting along."

    • Interstate

      Agreed. After what had happened, I asked myself, "Why the hell didn't you just act like the bigger person?".

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  • Anonymous
    Never going to happen