Let me put my 2 cents and contribute. Most common male Q 'how do I get a "lot" of attention from women?' Part 1.


1. Look at yourself. Pay attention to your body, cloth, haircut, smell. If you look like you just got back from as'hole's a'shole, noone is going to look at you.

2. Don't look or meet a "lot" women just for sex. Don't get fixated on sex. TBH it is a most 'stupidest' thing you can do. Sex with her is not an end itself. She will sleep with you, on a condition that you are interested her sex. Otherwise, it looks like you are trading your self respect for her 'meow'. I mean the sex itself is important in our lives, but not that important.

2.1 Therefore, you should interact more with them, so you can practice 'talking sexy'. People call it a flirt. The sooner you become better in flriting, the better for you. I mean just imagine a hot female cop stops ypu and want to write you traffic ticket and you eventually flirt your way out and she forgets about it.

2.2 Consequently, if you do those 2 points abovementioned, you can get so much more than sex.

3.Let's say you are ugly or retarded AF and you don't understand what I jsut said. Then, you do next; you must have a hobby, 'biking' for instance, you look for women who you can bike on your free time. Just bike with 2-3-4 different women every week for like 3 months (until you get confident, and get that it is all about your inter-personal skills, not appereance) .

3.1. Do your best to get into her 'friendzone'.No sex, kisses, hugs with these women, they are friends and announciate that to them. You can bulshit that you never had sisters and sometimes you need a sisterly talk.

3.2. Finsih your "dates" first. Do not stay with them long having a deep conversations, that is not what you looking for, you are looking for sisters, and you don't fuck sisters. Eww.

3.2.1 You can ask her about her ex boyfriends, fantasies, what irritates her in men?, what career she wants?. Just imagine that you guys are realtives and you guys sharing what relatives share. For instance, after short conversation I ask "Did you enjoy or regret you first time?"

3.2.2 Be gallant and thoughtful, if you are going biking on hot weather, wouldn't be bad of you purchasing couple bottles of water before meeting for you and her. Women, tend to notice small details. It just makes you trustworthy.

4.You need a variety of women, Go to tinder and write on description what I said on my 3rd point.

Slowly but steady You will learn how to play girls' games.

5. Let's pretend, that you have done everyhting from above, now you need to learn hold a realtionship with woman.

5.1 The issue is that men lack in skills interacting with women. Women are like Mike Tyson in cross gender relationships and men are who they are, therefore men are in knock outs most of the time. The life is not horrible or difficult, you just need to see the trick.

It took a large amount of time to write this, I can't go descriptional, so use your brain and imagination. Intellect makes women' fall fot you.

You and her.
You and her.
Let me put my 2 cents and contribute. Most common male Q 'how do I get a "lot" of attention from women?' Part 1.
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