My Turn to Answer BuzzFeed's 36 Questions Women Have For Men


Now, a lot of you know that I am not a crowd follower or like to jump on the bandwagon like the rest here, but I admit this time I gotta go with this one. I read @DaddyRollingStone 's first one some days ago, and saw the one from @the_rake, so I'm gonna give a thanks and shout out to him for passing me the torch.

1. How does it feel to be the same sex as Donald Trump?

- I think I could just as easily ask you how it feels to be the same sex as Hillary, Kim Kardashian, Lario Berlusconi, Miley Cyrus, Christina De Kirschner, and Sajida Talfah, Saddam's wife.

2. Why do you hate RomComs, or do you just feel like you need to hate RomComs?

- I hate them because they are corny and cheesy. Dreams for hopeless romantics and lonely chicks who've been on the same dating site for 10 years. Do you hate action and war movies just cuz you feel like you need to?

3. Why do you make women sit around and talk about men in movies when men can talk about boobs for hours?

- We do? Was news to me.

4. Why do you automatically assume you won't like TV/movies that star a female lead?

- True for me, I admit. I generally don't find movies with chicks as the lead particularly fascinating, though it does depend on what it is. I did like Girl With A Pearl Earring, Sicario, and Sleeping With the Enemy. But for the most part, yeah, they just generally don't do a lot for me when it's supposed to shout in your face, "Look at me! Look at me! I'm a woman in a man's role! Impressive, riiiiiiight?"

5. Why are you surprised when women are funny?

- I'm not surprised when they're funny, I'm surprised at how differently funny their jokes can be. Women are definitely funny, they just usually catch me with it in their own hilarious way.

6. Why do you think we are obsessed with you when we hookup.

- More news to me. I actually think it's much more common for women to think that about us when we hook up with them. Chicks are usually sure they must be all the shit a guy wants to be in bed with.

My Turn to Answer BuzzFeed's 36 Questions Women Have For Men

7. Why can't I sleep with as many people as I want to without being judged? When men do it, they're congratulated.

- Women aren't high-fiving guys for sleeping with lots of women, that's other guys, while women will see us as "players" or man-whores for doing it, so I don't think most people are congratulating us. Sleep with whoever you may, but my decision to accept you or reject you will still be my decision. Deal with it.

8. Why do you consider a women a tease if she doesn't sleep with you after 3 dates but a slut if she sleeps with you on the 1st date?

- I didn't know guys thought this.

9. In what world does no mean yes?

- I think my answer will have to be the same as DaddyRollingStone's: In what world does yes mean no?

10. Why do you say women are too emotional to be leaders but justify catcalling by saying men can't control themselves?

- I've heard of both of these, but I don't think the argument ties into each other. Emotions vs. leadership is not the same as lust vs. self-control.

11. Why do you think just because you're nice to me, I owe you my body?

- I'm not in entire agreement with them, but I don't think "nice guys" think you "owe" them your body, but I do think they think it's contradictory that you give it up so easily to any slacker. So if you can do that, you're a free-for-all, right? Should I also consider you nice for being generous to all the guys? And since you are, then why are you NOT giving it to the nice guys? I mean, you could argue it.

12. Why would you send an unsolicited dick pic?

- I've never done it, but most guys who do it know there's a chance it'll be well-received. Come on, we live in the 21st century. I honestly do not get how chicks keep pretending there are no women interested in sex pics when a lot of them are sending them out to guys' phones themselves. Most women who like dick picks, are generally not gonna say they do or put that out there, even though they exist. Hell, I've had them ask me for mine, and then play it off as "just joking" when I said I wasn't interested.

My Turn to Answer BuzzFeed's 36 Questions Women Have For Men

13. Why do you think it's ok to harass women but when someone does it to your sister it's not ok?

- Yeah, I do agree with that. It's always been annoying to me too. The same thing with fathers being so protective of their daughters, yet not even knowing about the boys she's sucking. Plus some of these fathers are looking at other fathers' daughters too.

14. Why do you feel the need to interrupt me while I'm making a point during a meeting?

- Is it just you? Or you only notice what's done to you? Men do the same thing to each other, and women who think they have all the experience and answers are also doing it. I've had experience with both.

15. Why do you sit with your legs wide open?

- Something about having a male body makes you feel like you need more space or something, though I have seen women do it when no one's around.

16. Why are women perceived as the weaker sex, even though we birth you?

- Your natural biological ability to give birth has nothing to do with your overall abilities as a woman. Your vaginal muscle contractions don't help you lift as much as I do, work out as hard, not get dramatic, not scream with your boyfriend in public, or not lament over me choosing her and not you. What your vagina does plays virtually no role in determining your level of strength as a gender.

17. Why is it so bad to show your emotions?

- Men actually show their emotions much more than people really say, what's actually going on is that they get disregarded as male "whining" and seen as not as important as women's. Men have actually been screaming at us to take them seriously emotionally for a long time now, but people - particularly women - would just rather not hear.

18. Why are you always trying to prove your masculinity?

- Depending on what it is or how it is, I don't really have a problem with guys doing that. Would it make you feel better if I tried to prove I could be just as feminine as you?

My Turn to Answer BuzzFeed's 36 Questions Women Have For Men

19. Why the fuck isn't it ladylike to cuss?

- You have to ask? Well, do you think it should be gentlemanly for a guy to cuss or spit?

20. Why is it your first instinct to doubt women who have been sexually violated or raped?

- Do guys really doubt this? I don't ever doubt that unless it's a particular case in the news that's making headlines and there seem to be certain holes in the story.

21. Why do you assume a woman is angry because she's on her period?

- Why do you assume a guy is angry just because he tells you about something you do as a woman that's annoying or he just doesn't like it?

22. Why do you think women who wear makeup are false advertising? We could say the same about your dick size.

- Many women don't do this, but many also do wear makeup as false advertisement, yeah. Come on, you ladies are the ones paranoid and insecure about tiny facial quirks, wrinkles, aging and wanting to cover it up. Are guys doing something to their dicks to make you think it's false advertisement? When you find the answer, let me know.

23. Isn't it weird that a bunch of old white men sitting in a room together making legislation about what I can and can't do with my body?

- Oh definitely. But the old white women in the same room aren't doing you any favors either. And neither will Hillary.

24. Why are straight guys obsessed with lesbians?

- Gotta say I am far from those kinds of guys. Bi's and lesbians - though mostly "experimenting" lesbians - are the most insecure women out there, and there are many of them. I'm not impressed by some girl who thinks she's reached a deeper level of sexual Nirvana by extending physical generosity to other women or both men and women. I don't see it as noble or "sexually flexible," rather she has no courage and confidence in being a woman to a man so she has to go all out.

25. How does it feel to get kicked in the balls?

- Terrible. A feeling I really can't describe, something all on its own. I too have always wondered what it feels like when the pussy gets hit or your boobs get punched by another woman or guy. Is it a normal pain?

26. Do you ever get tired of trying to be manly all of the time?

- Most of us never really have to try, and most of us are not tired of being manly. I think the only men complaining about it are MRAs and MGTOW followers.

27. Why are you so afraid of gender equality?

- That depends on what your definition of gender equality is. I often feel like women aren't really being sincere when they talk about gender equality, pretending to advocate a world where both men and women are really equal, but actually hoping for a world where one day you can be dominant in the careers while men are the homemakers and date-payers and that "It's okay" if a guy doesn't want to. I guess that's your idea of equality. Not mine.

My Turn to Answer BuzzFeed's 36 Questions Women Have For Men

28. How do I deserve to be paid less than you?

- I wouldn't think so, though I do have to say if you're just a receptionist for a construction company, doctor's office, or law firm, then no, you probably should not be paid as much as the men - or the women - who work there. If you're in the same line of work, there should be equal pay.

29. In what world does 77 cents equal a dollar?

- I'm still really not sure what I think about these stats. I do wonder if there's some truth to the argument that if women are really being paid less than men then shouldn't more women be hired for cheaper labor? I also wonder if women who own their own businesses pay their female employees equally, and female CEOs too.

30. In what world does 68 cents equal a dollar?

- Same answer.

31. Why are you intimidated by a woman who makes more money than you?

- Women looooooove thinking a guy must be "intimidated" by them for whatever advantages or privelages they have as a woman. Just because you have a good-paying job or career and you got rejected by a guy doesn't mean he was intimidated by you.

32. Why are opinionated women seen as bitches when opinionated men are seen as bosses?

- Can't be true. Opinionated men are usually seen as "big shots," "Mr. Expert/Know-it-all," jerks, or thinking he should have the say as a man. Opinionated women are seen as both bitches but also "empowered" or even intelligent.

33. Why aren't you speaking up when your male friends, behind closed doors, say offensive things about women?

- No, you can't make me your fool on this one. When have women ever stood up for us when their friends are slamming us behind closed doors?

34. Why are you so afraid of recognizing your own privilege?

- There is a kind of male privelage that does exist. It makes some men deny it when women talk about it, and they never talk about it in a good way. It makes men feel scrutinized or as if they're supposed to apologize for it. It's not a problem for me to recognize it, and in some ways I don't necessarily disagree with it either. However, there is also female privelage, that is much more common for women to deny and pretend doesn't exist, than for men to deny male privelage.

My Turn to Answer BuzzFeed's 36 Questions Women Have For Men


Ya know, I just can't take BuzzFeed seriously. I never could. I used to watch that shit until I finally gave it up a year or two ago. They pretend they're not feminist or not putting men down, when even the female commenters on YouTube can see it! They are probably the most biased, bullshitting, pretend-intelligence click-baiters on the web.

Using college grad career women for all your videos is supposed to give us an illusion that how they feel and see the world is the way most women feel. It's not our fault that they're really virgins in disguise, nerdy vloggers men don't want, or rejected "sluts." Don't come on video with all your pitiful, limited experiences and telling us only what you notice or are biased about. Give us something real to chew. Get the hell off the dating sites, XHamster, your vibrators, out of the bars and clubs your uni circles hang out at, and get out more. Meet real people, real men. See the world for what it really is. Get real hobbies. Really get laid. And chill.

My Turn to Answer BuzzFeed's 36 Questions Women Have For Men


My Turn to Answer BuzzFeed's 36 Questions Women Have For Men
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  • Relentless_Hippie
    I hate buzzfeed so much. They make everybody look like an idiot. I kinda wanna write my own take now haha.
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  • the_rake
    ahah this is becoming a trend, I like it :P

    I think their stupid makes all of our brains cry.
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  • RhythmBlack
    BuzzFeed is for entertainment, not information. Who watches it to inform themselves? It's like watching American Dad to get a true feel of what it means to be American.
  • AshliKleier
    Why do men send us dick pics? I think they have low self esteem of themselves. I hope it isn't their best feature they show in public.
    • ManOnFire

      I think I could just as easily ask the same the same thing as to why all the chicks out there love displaying themselves on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

  • KingHippoRules
    That is a lot of questions
  • Anonymous
    I wanna make one now!!!