Women Want Attention, Not Love-How Men Can Test Dating Prospects


Men want sex and women want attention. Dating life for men out there is savage. There's a lot of women out there who are not interested in finding love. They are interested in ATTENTION. Not ALL women are like this.

Gentlemen, women have been playing games and shit testing us for generations. It is time for us to be wise to the games for attention and playing hard to get. This is how you weed out the games that a lot of these women play.

Set the Date Right Away

A woman knows within 5 seconds of seeing your picture whether she will have sex with you. Dating apps are for connection and setting up dates. They are not for "getting to know you". Send 1 to 15 messages to a woman on a dating app and then ask them out for an evening date. Have a place in mind. If any woman starts saying things like "I want to talk on here first..." or "I want to get to know you more..." It means she is not interested. Her attraction is low. She is playing attention games. Call them out on this BS and say something like, "Well yes, that's what dating is for. Getting to know you." or say, "You're not one of THOSE girls are you?" Then she will ask what. Then say, "The type of girl who only wants to be a pen pal but will never meet for a date." Check these ladies.

Flaky Women

A huge red flag is a flaky woman. A woman you meet in real life cancels the date. Or tries to switch up the place. Or she wants to reschedule but won't offer an alternative time and date?Ghost this chic. She's playing games. If she really likes you she will beg for another chance.

Ignore Her

Stop talking to women between the first dates for hours. Set up the date. Go radio silent. You are an alpha with a busy life, other women who want to talk to you, and other dates. Women use men for attention. The ego stroke they get from being wanted and desired by other men is better than sex or crack. THEY ARE LAUGHING AT YOU.! Don't be one of those friendzone guys. Make her chase YOU.

Women Want Attention, Not Love-How Men Can Test Dating Prospects
Women Want Attention, Not Love-How Men Can Test Dating Prospects
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