Women Want Attention, Not Love-How Men Can Test Dating Prospects


Men want sex and women want attention. Dating life for men out there is savage. There's a lot of women out there who are not interested in finding love. They are interested in ATTENTION. Not ALL women are like this.

Gentlemen, women have been playing games and shit testing us for generations. It is time for us to be wise to the games for attention and playing hard to get. This is how you weed out the games that a lot of these women play.

Set the Date Right Away

A woman knows within 5 seconds of seeing your picture whether she will have sex with you. Dating apps are for connection and setting up dates. They are not for "getting to know you". Send 1 to 15 messages to a woman on a dating app and then ask them out for an evening date. Have a place in mind. If any woman starts saying things like "I want to talk on here first..." or "I want to get to know you more..." It means she is not interested. Her attraction is low. She is playing attention games. Call them out on this BS and say something like, "Well yes, that's what dating is for. Getting to know you." or say, "You're not one of THOSE girls are you?" Then she will ask what. Then say, "The type of girl who only wants to be a pen pal but will never meet for a date." Check these ladies.

Flaky Women

A huge red flag is a flaky woman. A woman you meet in real life cancels the date. Or tries to switch up the place. Or she wants to reschedule but won't offer an alternative time and date?Ghost this chic. She's playing games. If she really likes you she will beg for another chance.

Ignore Her

Stop talking to women between the first dates for hours. Set up the date. Go radio silent. You are an alpha with a busy life, other women who want to talk to you, and other dates. Women use men for attention. The ego stroke they get from being wanted and desired by other men is better than sex or crack. THEY ARE LAUGHING AT YOU.! Don't be one of those friendzone guys. Make her chase YOU.

Women Want Attention, Not Love-How Men Can Test Dating Prospects
Women Want Attention, Not Love-How Men Can Test Dating Prospects
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  • joeblow123
    The more I read about these relationship-related posts the more I believe it is just a whole lot easier to rub one out and go on about your day.
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  • EaterPeter
    Nice article. Wish I can save for later.
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  • coachTanthony
    LOL most guys aren't alpha's with a busy life and always get caught playing stupid games like this.

    Work on yourself fellas... get the life you deserve first then have someone come in and complement it.
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    • Great answer!! Funny some guys say women give bad dating advice... But this take shows some men do too 🤣

  • crazyish
    I see your point with women not wanting to meet up with guys. Because honestly without all this technology that was how you actually got to know someone. So you might have a point there. And I get what your saying overall. The thing that hits e the wrong way is that you're encouraging men to play head games. You're trying to fight fire with fire. Which makes the whole dating situation difficult for the ones who don't play games. I don't like games on either ends. I'm more of a blunt, straight to the point kind of person when it comes to dating. I'm 32, I literally don't have time for all that. Tbh when a guy makes me chase, that's a huge red flag. I won't chase anymore. Yes, I used to see it as a challenge, something worth the effort but the whole relationship ended up being based on solely on that. It never worked or lasted. And the guys definitely weren't worth the effort. I understand that you believe most, if not all women, are like this so your trying to ensure a relationship. But women who chase aren't secure in themselves and it would be a waste of time for guys to do this in the end. Trust me, I was once one of these women. I didn't love myself and I was chock full of insecurities. It caused problems. My opinion is that the women you describe and your suggestions of how men should be in return are both completely toxic. It's a disaster in the making. Just be yourself. Be real. Be raw. If you're not getting the same back then move on. Don't waste your time, life is too short.
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    • True.

    • Apope16

      No no no. If a woman is really into a guy and thinks he is hot? She will meet him. Any guy talking to a girl for more than 2 days and she doesn't want to date yet? she's playing games. Trust me.

    • Yep, this is true. I remember this girl I knew, she asked me for my number before even asking my name. And she wanted to skip the dating and have me over for a cooked meal asap. When I hear about guys talking to girls for weeks or months and talking about meeting, it makes me cringe.

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  • originalemerald
    I feel like that's not at all. I wouldn't meet with someone without getting to know them over text. Because I'm not gunna go run to some place and risk meeting some psycho.

    Also if a girl says she likes a man or wants to see them right away most men think they're a slut or they're intimidated And back off.

    I don't know where your getting these facts from.
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    • Apope16

      For most women... the text game is ego and attention. Women despise a man that knows the games they play.

    • So men don't go online to boost they're ego? They literally have a tinder commercial with dudes acting like straight douchebags.

    • You didn't even acknowledge my opinion , by the fact that if a woman shows interest too fast, it's considered slutty, undatable. Like she's done it with everyone else.

  • Adam1978
    Don't agree, but you should get that first date within the first week of texting. Unless you got a model photo as avatar I doubt that a average guy will get a yes from any quality girl directly. But like always skip dating apps, because the best girls are not on them.
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  • JEndigoBleue
    I do like to get to know someone before going out with them. I don't believe in playing games. If we're vibing, connection, etc. I will make it know of my interest in you. You'll know my intentions. I don't keep one guessing.

    I do agree if someone is truly interested they will definitely meet you in person with no excuses.

    Only girls play with boys... Men and women don't play games.
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  • slatyb
    1 to 15 messages? About two should be enough to set up a meeting, All the rest is manipulative bullshit. Smart women see through this. Games are for transactional people who keep score in life and worry that they aren’t getting enough. Transactional relationships are miserable. If you can’t be completely honest, they you aren’t going to have a happy relationship.
  • spartan55
    It took me way longer than it should have to figure this one out at the beginning of my second singlehood.
    Interesting you mentioned canceling, because that drives me crazy. I developed a personal policy regarding cancelation of dates: I get it, life happens, etc. But if you need to CANCEL, the onus is on the person canceling to reschedule the date AT THE TIME OF CANCELATION. Not, when they check their schedule, or any other bullshit. I know if I were really interested, I would be bending over backwards to make sure the date was rescheduled and nailed down. My policy has never failed me.
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  • Daniel_Dano
    Definitely most women want attention , very few of them actually will actually settle with a man for love , good loving women exist but they are very rare maybe 1 in 100 women.
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  • BlackPrince1
    Helpful but I don't think men looking for sex and women looking for attention are good partners for long term relationships. Although I can't really say that men and women who're not looking for those are good partners. I guess you gotta get what you want however you can ( without hurting anyone of course)
  • Nazgol
    You're such a women expert. How many of these did you write? 🤨 is it your 9-5?
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    • Apope16

      No idea. Probably hundreds over the course of 4 years. So 365 days a year. So maybe hundreds over thousands of days. Prolific. Are you threatened because this take is true of you?

    • Nazgol

      I don't know but you are too confident about your knowledge of women. Seems like you are even obsessed. Everything u say does not apply to all women

    • Apope16

      Of course I am confident. I am a confident guy. I am an alpha who believes what I write and what I say. Why would you want to read an article from a guy who has no convictions, values, or beliefs? You may be annoyed and pissed off right now... but you are intrigued by me because I am a principled man. Deep down you actually think I am attractive because of it. As a matter of fact, my confidence is how I attract dates. haha.

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  • daisydukeso
    I feel safer knowing them more before I see them in person
  • AzzaBlue
    Sorry but I have to disagree. Women who play these childish games are NOT worth the time or effort.
  • monkeynutts
    Haha, it can be true, but the last girl I dated she was real, but everything else in life can ruin a connection with a real woman too.
  • robocop666
    ingenious advice
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  • Shihab91
    👍👍👍👍👍👍 we don't want simps
  • pavan_bhori
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  • Anonymous
    Most women love games, until others start playing them... then they 'don't have time for any games'

    This Mytake is spot on. My advice to you is to forget about dating, just focus on your purpose and don't bother chasing women. Most of them just want your validation and attention. Only your purpose is worthy of such energy.
  • Anonymous
    It depends on the woman.
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  • Anonymous
    Well, I'm a woman and I want attention but also sex🤣
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  • Anonymous
    You forgot, women also want MONEY.
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    • You mean they only want my baby batter and my money... SOB!!!

    • Anonymous

      @michael1469 Those things and much more.