Men in relationships, when are you going to stop liking other women’s Instagram photographs!

Men in relationships, when are you going to stop liking other women’s Instagram photographs!

I thought I’d put out there my opinion on this. Hopefully some women will relate and some boys that act in this way will realise how it makes their partner feel.

I really don’t understand what level of thought process goes behind liking a photograph of another one - that isn’t a family member… Yes it is the simple tap of two fingers. But, why do you feel the desire or need to openly display that you’re attracted to them or like their photographs. Honestly, it is the subtle equivalent of walking past a woman when with your girlfriend/wife and whistling at her or telling her she’s attractive. You wouldn’t do that, so why like the photograph?

Many men also get rather defensive when their girlfriend asks them not to do this. Why is that? I’d understand it would seem controlling if they told you not to, but what is the problem with simply asking? What do you gain out of liking the photographs? Do you want these girls to see you have liked them? For them to think of you? Or even for these girls to message you? Then if this is the case, you’re not devoted or fulfilled enough by your current girlfriend and should not be in this relationship.

Men also fail to recognise or reason with the hurt this can make a woman feel. Yes, as women we understand it is natural to be attracted to other people. It is not natural to inform the person of it via a like, as well as all the other people who have access to this account! The first thought that will come into many women’s minds is ‘am I not enough’. Do you really want your girlfriend to question herself like that, just so you can double tap on your screen? If you can’t consider that, you’re not considerate enough of her feelings and should leave the relationship.

A common response is that being hurt by this is only reflective of a woman’s insecurity. This is true, but we all have insecurities, just some people are better at ignoring those thoughts. Think about what drew you to this girl’s photograph… Was it her large breasts, her hourglass figure, her beautiful complexion? These are the same things your girlfriend may hate herself for because she doesn’t have them. Also, the girl in the photograph, she probably doesn’t look like this… she will almost definitely have posted her best angle, the best photograph of many, and many women edit their photographs too. So you’re encouraging your girlfriend to compare herself to something completely unrealistic.

Even if your girlfriend is secure about her body, there are other reasons this may make her feel insecure. She will wonder if you’re viewing other women, and essentially informing them that you are attracted to her, then are you bored of your girlfriend… do you want someone else.

So this is for the boys that do this, I will not call you men. Men would put their girlfriend’s feelings above anything else. So to these boys, are those two taps really worth the torture she will put herself through, the doubting, the comparing. I hope not.

Men in relationships, when are you going to stop liking other women’s Instagram photographs!
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  • uppastmidnight
    A man can like a picture of another women purely because of the aesthetic maybe you like the look of it purely because of the way the person took the picture we are a visual society we are taught from young what is visually pleasing finding something pleasing and liking it isn't a crime yes people have insecurities but if you are really that insecure that you can't appreciate an attractive picture then maybe you have no business being with someone and rather taking the time to sort out your issues and finding some confidence in yourself
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  • JSmuve
    I don't see what you're squawking about. The women who get uptight about this are just insecure about their looks. They're probably the same ones to keep guys around and pass them off as "just friends" but when a guy objects they call him insecure.
    Difference is, guys can't cheat with these girls whose pics they like, but the girls can and certainly do with their "just friends" guys.
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  • Wraith_Cemetery
    Instagram is full of attention seeking half naked girls doing the same poses with their arses sticking out, wearing the same hideous athleisure clothing, et cetera. I have no time for that place.

    The only guys that go on there, "liking" every single pic, are desperate morons.
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  • bamesjond0069
    You're right but men do it because their girl isn't cute or just not sexually inviting. My girlfriend is gorgeous and never tells me no so i don't be looking at other girls much. But honestly if she said no regularly id be looking at other girls all the time and have a wandering eye or if she never put in an effort to be pretty. Hope that helps.
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  • Fayeleo
    The arguing point here is not whether guys naturally are attracted to beautiful women. The fact is in a relationship if he knows certain facts bother you, whether he chooses to prioritize your feelings or keeps doing what he feels like doing. And in my opinion, the latter one is not suitable for relationship and definitely not worth staying long with.
  • AdithyaR
    It's really not that deep.
    Sure if it's a model whose pic he liked then there's at least a tiny bit you can criticise.
    But anyone that's not family? So one can't like pictures of friends?
    It doesn't mean we are attracted to the person, it means we like the picture. Or sometimes just liking as a formality cause it's a nice thing to do, people do feel happy when others like their pic.
    • What about someone they used to have casual sex with…

    • AdithyaR

      Purely would depend on how their relationship is now and what the couple themselves feels about it.
      Most likely that would be a case where contact would not be a good idea but not everyone is the same.
      There's a chance they can be platonic now and if the if the guy and hus girlfriend have talked about it, and are cool with it, it could be fine.

  • Clarke498
    Never liked them to begin with lol. Find a new guy girl
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  • FunkyMonkee
    A: I don't bother with instagram.
    2: So what if I did? I had no idea it was against the law! What's wrong with looking at pictures of other girls? Looking is FAR from cheating!!
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  • Guanfei
    Whenever we feel like it, we're not your servants. Liking a pic isn't cheating, as far as I know.
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  • Leonharted
    I don't even have an instagram account, so there's that.
  • Femalebodyinspector
    I don't understand why liking a picture of some E-thot or celebrity that a dude will never ever meet is a big deal. It screams insecurity, and it's pathetic to be honest.
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  • jonibravo
    He can like what he see car, building, girl etc same for girls you just cannot control them it is not right please change the way you think thanks
  • OddBeMe
    Why? What’s wrong with it? Better than watching actual porn isn’t?
    • Porn is better because they can’t message the girls. These are girls he is acquainted with, it’s rude and disrespectful

  • emperor90
    I stop liking out of respect in a relationship
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  • zagor
    When they stop looking good.
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  • EaterPeter
    Only if we can help it.
    • EaterPeter

      If back with ex. and she would provide all she provided before in better way, then.

  • Anonymous
    Women who file for divorce, when are you gonna stop asking for alimony and child support!
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  • Anonymous
    It's none of your business.
  • Anonymous
    Why is this such a problem for you? It's just a photo - get over it.
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  • Anonymous
    "Men would put their girlfriend’s feelings above anything else."

    Entitled much?
  • Anonymous
    You sound toxic.

    Like a "like" works like online dating. Pfft. Children. Get off social media.