A guy who fell for a girl in a friends with benefits scenario. What do I do now?

Just as the title implies, I am a guy who has fallen for my friends with benefits partner. we've been seeing each other for six months now. Started off as a hookup turned into a fuck buddies. We're both in college, she's turning 21 this summer and I am 24. (didnt go to college until 3 years after high school) We do couple stuff like hold hands in public, cuddling after sex, go to movies and dinner. She is home for the summer and has told me she has already made out with a guy from there. There was also an instance during the beginning of our friends with benefits relation where she and I were at a party together and she made out with a random stranger in front of me and then cried about it and broke off our relations the next day. a week later she called me back and wanted to continue the friends with benefits status until now. (started in january) She has told me that she is the kind of girl who gets drunk and hooks up with random guys and she has done so in the past many times. I am the only one who she has been with for so long. I really want to believe that she likes me more than a fuck friend but her previous actions and her future ones keeps me doubting. She's just confusing the hell out of me with how she acts when she's with me and when she's not with me. She told me she hasn't hooked up with any guys since the early parts of our fuck friends stages but has admitted that she has hooked up with a guy since being home and away from me, 2 weeks now. I want to wait for this girl to come around but is this just a lost cause? Or do I just need to be patient? Girls are weird man..
Wait for her and keep crushing her with love
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Nothing is gonna come out of it. Forget her.
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Nothing is gonna come out of it but keep hooking up with her
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A guy who fell for a girl in a friends with benefits scenario. What do I do now?
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