Should I stay with my girlfriend when she's cheated multiple times?

I really love my girlfriend's personality. Its everything that I want in a partner. I've been with her for almost 2 years but for the past year or so I've found her making out and sleeping with other guys. Since she's very outgoing and nice (confused with flirty) everyone tends to end up liking her. I don’t want to leave her but she's cheated so much on me already :( can't even count how many times she has.

I think the first time she cheated was when we went to a party, got a little buzzed. She hopped on guys shoulders all throughout the party. Later that night one of the guys she was being flirty with ended up having sex. My friend yelled at me to come over in the room and stop her and so I did. I asked her what the hell she was thinking! She was very sorry and gave me the excuse of “I get so pressured into things”.

Another time I found out she was seeing another guy temporarily because she felt he needed “the help” to get back on his feet. They had sex all the time. After she quit seeing him she admitted she did like the sex but was manipulated by him into thinking it was okay. That was during a time I was on meds that lowered sexual drive.

Countless other times where she was making out with randoms and hooking up with guys in school she had crushes on. I was so disappointed we took breaks from each other. Whos knows who she slept with during the breaks. She comes back everytime saying she doesn’t want nobody else. I feel so used and betrayed by her. She was the first girl I've ever had a relationship with. So far its left a bitter sour taste in my mouth and I hate it and makes me sad. I love her though and have so many great memories (known each other for 4 years), its hard to let go.

What should I do? Resolve the issue, talk it over with her so she won't cheat no more?
Or leave her, move on and find someone who won't cheat on me?
Dont break up, instead resolve things like a couple
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Break up, you cannot forgive her for cheating
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Should I stay with my girlfriend when she's cheated multiple times?
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