This girl friendzoned me, but acts weird now?

So this girl is new so she doesn't have a lot of friends, my guy friend told me she thought I was cute and I asked her to see a movie a month ago and.. So after like weeks of waiting, I finally told her I liked her to her face, and she said that she is more comfortable being friends, and hoped it wouldn't get awkward between us.. and then texted me with A LONG PARAGRAPH saying if we dated, it would ruin our friendship..

So nothing changed really, we still talk normally in class, and I've acted more distant.. but I still treat her nice, and still talk to her. But yesterday she comes into class, and kinda slowly approaches me, with like this kinda nervous look, and biting her lip... She looks REALLY tense, she's done this a few times in class, like she started to act like this for some reason.

Even in class if I get called on, she'll kinda giggle if I don't know the answer, and she'll answer for me, and stare into my eyes, and when I look back at her, she'll hold it for a second and look away fast smiling.

Why is she acting so weird if she friend-zoned me?
This girl friendzoned me, but acts weird now?
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