Just caught my boyfriend using Tinder secretly for 4th time.. what to do?

My boyfriend and I have been together in a long distance relationship for 2 years, I'm graduating college this semester and moving to his state in 2 months.

About a year ago, when he came to visit me, I found the tinder app on his phone.. he was flirting, giving out his number and asking to meet girls. But he denied meeting them or anything else, he was just on it because was bored. He was very apologetic and promised not to do it again..
About 2 months after that, one of my friends found him on Tinder again, he offered to take her out and stuff... I was heartbroken, I was so disgusted and felt so bad about myself... I broke up with him.
After 8 months, we started talking as "Friends" then we eventually got back together, everything was better, he seemed more mature and more responsible.
I went to visit him during spring break, as I used his phone to make a call, a Tinder notification came up on the screen. I was devastated... I confronted him about it, he was embarrassed but he defended himself by saying that he didn't do anything on the app, he was not flirting like he used to do, he just chats here and there when he is bored..
I didn't believe him this time, but I explained to him that having that app on his phone is very disrespectful to me and that I have lost trust in him because of it. I let it slide to not ruin our vacation.. nonetheless, he apologized again for it, and promised again to never ever do it again. I was not very convinced...
Last night, I was thinking about this and got paranoid so I decided to go on Tinder and check if he indeed deleted his account. My heart stopped when his profile popped up, saying that he was last online 35min ago... I couldn't believe it. He still downloaded the app after I left, despite all our conversations, what he went through because of it, and despite how I feel about it... I felt something break inside me. I didn't confront him yet about it. I don't know what to do...
Thank you in advance for your insights.
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Does anyone know if the profile stays up if the person deleted the app?
Just caught my boyfriend using Tinder secretly for 4th time.. what to do?
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