Men Who Like Curvy Women: My Boyfriend Doesn't Like My Figure?

This is my SOS to men who date women with the opposite figure they prefer.
I've been in a relationship for nearly four years. I'm very happy with it, but my personal insecurities have me questioning whether he is. His ideal female figure is curvy. I do have curves, but he would like me to gain weight to become even curvier than I already am. I have body dysmorphic disorder - I have an incredibly warped sense of myself and feel my body is larger than it really is, which affects my eating habits, socialization and self esteem. I was heavier in high school and worked hard to lose weight, so to gain it back would be incredibly difficult for me. He is aware of this and has been nudging me to gain weight since we first started dating - taking me to restaurants and "anciently" ordering a larger portion, extra dish, or flat out telling me I should eat more. At first I was able to ignore it, but after all this time of being told to change my appearance, I'm beginning to fear he no longer, or never has, found me attractive. I've become so insecure, I'm afraid for him to touch my body because I don't want him to be disappointed. If I gain weight, I will be even less happy with my body. But if I don't, I'm afraid my boyfriend will never be happy with it.
I guess my question is:
Guys, what is your opinion on girls who aren't your preferred body type? Have you dated them? Did it work out? Is there a compromise that can be made?
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Men Who Like Curvy Women: My Boyfriend Doesn't Like My Figure?
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