My Boyfriend Is Stressed and Being Distant, What Can I Do?

I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for the past 6 months now and the first 5 were amazing. We dated before previously but broke up because I moved away. We both work at the same place which is how we met the first time. He has always been extremely affectionate and open to me about his feelings.

The past month, our work environment has been incredibly stressful for both my boyfriend and I due to summer hours and short staffing. My boyfriend has also recently taken on additional responsibility at his job. Since this has started my boyfriend has become very distant and seems to have put our relationship to the side. We used to talk, joke, text and hang out frequently however our communication has become almost non-existent and we haven't had time to have a proper date in a month. I have attempted to communicate my feelings to him a few times and he admitted that he is stressed but has no made attempts to make time for our relationship. He simply told me that he has been keeping his distance as to not stress me out or worry me. When do see him I work he does make an effort to speak to me a bit or give me a quick hug and kiss but that has been the extent of our relationship.

I have tried to be as supportive as I can by giving him his space and not being too clingy. However, I don't now how much longer I can function in a relationship like this where I barely am able to see or speak to my boyfriend. I have been stressed as well but I have started to keep my feelings to myself as to not be a burden on him. Should I continue to give him space and wait for him to come around or should I demand that we start working on our relationship and stop letting work control our lives? Is this typical behavior for men to push away their loved ones in times of stress? Sorry for the long post and if you have taken the time to read this and respond it is greatly appreciated.
I prefer to deal with my emotions alone when I am stressed
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My Boyfriend Is Stressed and Being Distant, What Can I Do?
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