Boyfriend forgot my birthday ... What now?

So, the title pretty much said it all. Today is my birthday and my boyfriend of a year and a half forgot. We were talking last night but stopped at around 11:30pm because he had to work on this really long math assignment for college. I was really tired but waited to see if he would call or at least text at midnight. He didn't. I waited til 1am and cried myself to sleep because he didn't say anything and I assumed he forgot. So at 1:30am he texts me to see if I can help him with a question on his assignment (since I'm really good at math). I was awake but didn't answer. So today I've been getting the happy birthdays from everyone (family, friends, etc.) - all but one from him. So he again texts me at 3:30pm to see if I can help him with a problem to which I replied: "yea thx 4 remembering my bday." That's when he finally said happy birthday and said he didn't forget when was my birthday just that he's been too busy and preoccupied with his assignment and didn't notice today's date, which I think is complete BS. So we argued and he's apologized over and over and said he doesn't want this to be the reason we break up. I haven't answered his calls or responded to his texts for a few hours now.

So, please guys, HELP! I don't know what to do. I'm extremely sad he forgot my birthday (out of all the happy birthdays I've gotten today, I only wanted to hear his and I didn't) and him apologizing doesn't make it any better. I really do truly love him and I don't know what to do. What do you guys think? Should I break up with him? Or should I try to understand him?
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OHH ... and I'm a really sensitive person and, combined with how deep my feelings are for him, I'm just really taking this hard and I don't know how to handle it ... any advice would be great thx =]
Boyfriend forgot my birthday ... What now?
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