I slapped my ex-boyfriend for disrespecting me, does that make me abusive?

So my boyfriend has been lying to me about talking to his ex girlfriend. I use his computer and he's still signed into facebook and I see him and his ex girlfriend have not only been communicating throughout our whole relationship, but he has been discussing my personal and sexual life with her as well. His ex girlfriend hates me and has disrespected our relationship in the past. When we first got together my boyfriend admitted he knows his ex still has feelings for him. I told him if he wanted to maintain a friendship with her, I would need to meet her. She refused, she tried to have sex with my boyfriend while we were together, so I forbidded that he ever see that fat tramp ever again.

He swore that his loyalty was to me. Boy was I wrong. He was telling her all my personal, embarrassing details of my life. He was complaining about me. Just making me seem like he didn't want to be with me... but thats not how he acts with me. I broke up with him 2 weeks ago and he begged me to stay with him.

Anyway, I gave him a chance to tell me the truth about his ex and he laughed in my face and told me he would never stop seeing her because she they have history. He says he doesn't want her romantically but she isn't going anywhere. So, I slapped him in his smug mug. I gathered my belongings and began to leave. He tried to stop me from leaving by withholding my purse. So I picked up a shoe and threw it at him. I grabbed my purse and headed for the door. I walked out the building, to my car i tears. I felt betrayed and humiliated. Why did he beg me to stay with him, if he can't commit to this relationship?

He now is going around telling everyone in his family that I am abusive. I never put my hands on any of my boyfriends before but the level of disrespect, I just couldn't contain. I know I should have kept my hands to myself but I felt so defeated.

I am leaving him for good and there is no looking back.
I slapped my ex-boyfriend for disrespecting me, does that make me abusive?
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