Like my FWB? Am I a side chick? What is going on here?

I have a friend (for the sake of the this story we'll call him Joe). Well Joe and I have been friends for a little over a month. Joe is a lot like my ex and I have a huge crush on him. Well, one problem, he has a girlfriend (long distance and I am slightly skeptical of her being his girlfriend) One weekend Joe and I hooked up and that's how both lost our virginities. Of course a day or two later I told him I liked (well loved) him. And I tried kissing him a few times all attempted been deflected (hes hasn't had his first kiss yet... Or so he tells me) A few days later I told him it was a joke and I didn't mean anything by it. Since then I have continued to sleep with him (he has now declared it a friends with benefits. I also broke up with my best friends brother as well.) and I still try to play off the crush thing. A lot of people have see the chemistry between us (hell, his parents though we were dating at some point). And he said he'd date me if he wasn't dating his girlfriend. And my point in typing this out as simply as I can is to ask of anyone else has been in a similar situation and what to do? Like I know I'm not gonna see him after he graduates (he's a junior RN. I'm a sophomore) so do I continue to sleep with him? Don't? Self-pity? How do I continue to conduct myself in such a situation?
Like my FWB? Am I a side chick? What is going on here?
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