"Friend" wants to trick her husband into getting her pregnant?

My "friend" who is more of an acquaintance through my grad program is married. I've met her husband, and they could not be any more different. Husband is 10 years older with a high-paying job and a quiet, nerdy-ish but kind personality. Wife is your typical South Beach/Jersey shore-like trophy wife who thinks the world revolves around her.

They're married, but she's unhappy. Usually she's out splurging and shopping and flirting with other guys while her husband is away at work when she's not in school. He's paying for her education, so I'm guessing that's why she's still with him. Recently through one of our mutual classmates I heard she wants to have a kid, but her husband does not. So she wants to trick him into getting pregnant with her kid, divorce him, and get child support/alimony through him.

I think this is so fucking evil on the wife's part. The husband works hard and is a nice guy (I've met him a few times) and is about to get divorce-screwed. Should I speak up and try to save him or just leave him and his unhappy, doomed marriage alone?
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For all of you saying this is second-hand info, it isn't.
I studied with her today and during one of our study breaks she told me the same thing that I just shared with you guys. But now she told me not to share this info with anyone or else she'll sue me for sexual assault (I've never touched her ever, she's threatening me). Point is, what I told you guys is true. She will have the kid and divorce him, if she has her way.
"Friend" wants to trick her husband into getting her pregnant?
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