My boyfriend said im "thick".. does that mean he thinks im fat?

My boyfriend is a really fit guy and he's into fitness/gym (he gyms nearly everyday)
Im the opposite. Im not that into fitness. Im not obese or anything but I am not fit
he's a tall guy (6ft4) and im short (5ft1)
But anyway.. I was telling him my concerns that if he gets really really buff, he would go for really really fit girls
This is the conversation we had:
boyfriend - not all fit guys go for fit girls. Some of them go for average girls too. And im not into ripped girls. They dont attract me
Me - are u sure?
boyfriend - yes. Hell no, they dont attract me at all. Girls with abs.. its a no no for me. I like cute, short girls with a bubbly body. Like you. Its something about it that really attracts me.
Me - bubbly?
boyfriend - yeah. Like a thick body. I like girls with some meat on their body. Not boney. Short girls with thick body really attracts me seriously. But not too thick.
So he said i have thick body
Does that mean he thinks im fat?
Yes it means he thinks you're fat
No it doesn't mean he thinks you're fat
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My boyfriend said im "thick".. does that mean he thinks im fat?
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