Unclear relationship?

So I've been sort of seeing this guy, but really I don't know if we're seeing each other. we hang out every so often and whenever at his house we end up physical, etc. but otherwise it feels like a friendship or something, because we just hang out do normal things like movies, etc. but then when it comes to physical contact, it only happens in the bedroom. its not that its' only sex, because we cuddle and whatnot. but still it's not that we do any pda at all, so it seems like we're just friends.

and he's being a little passive-aggressive about wanting to hang out. he says he wants to then he won't reply for a while and I'll have to pursue and then finally he starts pursuing again.

i'm so sick of this game or whatever it is. we clearly stated before that we were interested in a relationship, but he said he wasnt sure about a label yet.

is he using me or what. I have no idea anymore and its pissing me off.
Unclear relationship?
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