Why many mid age men who are still single dont pursue serious relationships?

Also why men in such age group who still are single are also more sexual than some younger men?

Does this has to do with men nature, biology or what?
Most women under the same category think differently than men. I dont know if it has to do with the norm that women are to reproduce and start a family and we are more picky to find good partners for our future so we have to settle with the right ones who can support us and take care of us as in part we may depend on them and we need a man worthy of us.

So if there is a single women who are between 40 and 47yrs still single, no kids and has no boyfriend or even dating, people question their motives cause at her age most humans has a family at least or at least just married and if that women does not have any of that they could as Whats up with her? or they comment, "You are running late to conceive children IF you want to have kids still of course.

But if there is a man also between 40 and 47 who are still single, and ain't dating and does not have kids still, society applaud him wow good for him, " he knows what he wants" or do not question their motives of being still single, no kids no married although some do question that a guy who is not married yet and no kids, and still single and enjoying his freedom are irresponsible because they are just to ave fun with ladies they are acting immature and they won't never settle with any lady they are not worth partner material to any woman.

I also heard this from my aunt who is 65 years old one day. "You have to know that most guy who are still single and have no kids yet and they are between 40 and lets say 47, they are not men who lets say would like to date like teenager date, dont expect that from them, , guys at that age know what they want and it is normal that they want to have sex often even in your first date, as they are not kids anymore" Is it because the sex drive at that age is higher?
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So if you see mature couples who are still single and have no kids but going out often, believe me they are having sex already even if they just met.
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But also I heard this that the primary reason a man asks one woman to marry regardless of his age and not another lady is that each woman treats him differently.
Why many mid age men who are still single dont pursue serious relationships?
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