Mother/daughter issues?

My mother just opened a can of worms on me today. I’m a seasonal park ranger joining the Peace Corps in 2 weeks. Long story short, I just received a lifetime of blame for being alive. She claims I owe my parents money when I could have sworn I was up to date with phone bills and car insurance. Later, I am asking my dad about the amount I owe as I had no idea I owed them anything.

I’ve apologized over and over for things I didn’t even know that I’d done and yet, she keeps finding things to blame me for. I have deeply considered leaving my parents home, driving 2000 miles to where my boyfriend is, and living with him until I leave for the peace corps.

There is much more context to this but my main question is: should I leave?
1 y
I’ve asked my dad about whether I owe my parents money and he assures me that there is no truth to that statement.

Since I’ve asked this question, I’ve seen some very deep rooted anger and behavior of a young teenage girl from my mother. I am going to be speaking with different people this week for advice. Based on what I’ve witness and the emotional abuse she has put me through, I will be seeking out help for her. My mother is displaying signs of bipolar disorder.
Mother/daughter issues?
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