Is Sex outside the relationship better?

Is sex outside the relationship better than with your significant other? Scared to get caught , forbidden fruit?

If you ever cheated on your significant other, was the sex better than your girlfriend/boyfriend or spouse?

The reason I ask is my wife cheated on me over 18 years ago before we were married back when we were in college. We have been married for 15 years and have 4 kids and marriage has been great.

We went to 2 different universities about 30 minutes away. I played football/basketball on a athletic scholarship, which means I travel a lot and our relationship was up and down. She confessed 12 years ago in which She admitted to having sex with the guy 1 time then said it was a few times as she liked him as he was showing her attention/affection. She knew during this time it was wrong but liked the attention and the excitement. She mention I was always gone and distant.

She checked all the boxes, it was not good, sex only last a couple of minutes, he was small, very fast humping. Honestly I don’t believe any of this.

We we’re watching a movie together and a couple was having sex in a public bathroom. She made the comment “Risky sex is the best sex.” Which made me think about her Cheating back in college. But then again we had sex in risky situations and places.

All this leads to my initial question above. Please share your experience or thoughts.
Is Sex outside the relationship better?
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