“Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Agree or disagree?

Let me give you an example: you have a brief romance with someone, but then you’re not able to physically see them again for, say, a year and a half to two years because you live in different countries and there’s travel restrictions, border closures, etc. You still see what they’re up to through social media, so it’s not like they’ve totally disappeared from your radar. Then, after a year or two, they reappear, you cross paths again, and have the opportunity to see them in person. Assuming they haven’t changed for the worst since then, do you think you would still be attracted to them? If so, do you think even more than you would have been if you’d seen them after only, say, six months to a year apart? Or would you no longer have any interest in them, do you need to physically be with someone on a constant, regular basis in order to stay attracted to them? I know it’s complicated and different for every person and every situation, but I know that it’s something a lot of people around the world are going through right now. What are your thoughts?
“Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Agree or disagree?
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3 mo
Now, what if, for example, when you saw them again they looked even BETTER than they did before, like they had lost weight or something?
3 mo
I should clarify, what I mean is instead of waiting for someone for one or two or however many years and then getting into a relationship with them, I’m referring to someone you just hooked up with before. If you were still single when you saw them again, would you want to hook up with them again?
“Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Agree or disagree?
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