Should me and my girlfriend come out?

It all started when i broke up with my long time boyfriend. I was getting older and started to realise something wasn't right in are relationship. He was always really intense and i felt like i had to mother him.

Im still not sure how i feel about men and if im only attracted to girls. Im not ready to put a label on my sexuality.

There was this girl in my we were always fighting at first and acted like we hated each other because my dad arrested her dad for some really bad stuff but deep down i was crazy attracted to her. She's extremely smart, beautiful and witty. She's all i ever think about and she makes my heart just wanna melt.

We got made to work together on a class project and i tired really hard to let her know i wanted us to be cool with each other. We started working really well as a team together and found out we had loads in common. She started opening up to me about her dad and how he'd lied to her and her mother and put she wished people would just be honest with who they are.

I got lost in the moment and kissed her, seeming as we both come from strict Christian backgrounds i was terrified once she pulled away what would happen but all she did was lock the door and carried on making out with me.

We've been dating in secret for 4 months and we are really starting to have some strong feelings for each other. When im with her it's like im in heaven but as soon as the thought of my family and friends finding out im scared sick. I've not even told my twin sister and we tell each other everything. It was bad enough when my mum found out me and my ex were having sex. She kicked me out and made me sleep in a tent in the garden to let everyone know she was punishing in the town as it put a lot of shame on the family in the community.

My ex boyfriend is still pretty beat up about us breaking up and i don't want to hurt him even more.
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I feel like a coward for not being open about my relationship with my girlfriend but at the same time now everyone will hate us if we come out. I really want to be open as it's driving me crazy living a lie but she doesn't, she is head the Christian youth club, she has a clean reception in the community and cares to much about what people will say.

We bouth agree but God made us the way we are but we are scared others won't see it that way.
Should me and my girlfriend come out?
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