I feel like my partner doesn’t contribute to anything, what should I do?


me and my partner live together, weve currently been living together for about 3 weeks now (and have been dating for about a year, it was way better when we were friends with benefits tbh). I mean its okay. But i just feel like he doesn't really contribute to anything, I've been the one put stuff away, like all of our belongings, i wash dishes and wipe them and put them away, while he games. I cook food, i clean, i do laundry, i make sure the house is clean as a whistle.

but he doesn't really contribute to anything, even asking him to duck to the store to pick up toilet paper is a hassle, i either have to walk or we dont use anything. I sometimes hardly get a “thank you”, he just watches me, our sex life is so lousy, about once a week is when we have it. Last night i tried to work him up and he pushed my hand away, so i tried again, did it again. Then got out of bed, i said “huh... well have fun wanking yourself from now on” and then rolled over and went to sleep.

i just feel like he doesn’t contribute to anything and is always watching me do everything, there was only 1 time he helped me with something, but that was when we first moved in and it was basically moving all of our stuff. Otherwise, he doesn't help me and i dont really get a little payment (if you know what i mean, not money.. stuff in the bedroom). It used to hurt when him and his friends would talk about girls (some were from my town and some are models) and he would say “yeah... she is hot, i would bone her” there has been times where I've felt like saying “you can't even bone me”. But i dont say anything, basically there so much stuff i would like to say. But i just prefer to bottle it up, cause it saves arguments, but what should i say or do? I've tried dressing up, doing my hair and makeup. But even that failed, he called me a raccoon and wanted the bathroom for himself.
I feel like my partner doesn’t contribute to anything, what should I do?
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