Girls, Can women be happy in female led relationships?

So as per the title. My girlfriend is a strong character. We have been together for 4 years and in that time her strong personality has kind of molded me into a more submissive partner. Im not just talking about bedroom stuff either but just in general.
It happened slowly as the relationship went on. But since we started living together she has definitely taken control of the household. She has a better job than me too and will always earn a lot more money (lawyer vs teacher).

Don't get me wrong we are a normal happy couple that does normal couple stuff and we didn't just wake up one day and decide she was boss. It's just how our relationship dynamic went over time.
But im just wondering if any women are truly happy taking the lead? Like if some super strong alpha male came along would she be more interested?
But its been 4yrs and im on the cusp of asking her to marry me and I guess this is just the last little bit of doubt that I have in my head.
Girls, Can women be happy in female led relationships?
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