Is this woman interested in me and how on earth should I handle this situation?

Hey everyone. Hoping to get some insights here as my head is pretty fried with this:

So, in the area I work I quite often pass a woman who I've spoken to a few times, albeit only for a minute or two each time. She always waves enthusiastically, with a big smile, and often she will blow me a kiss as we pass each other (sometimes I'm on foot and she's in her car, sometimes it's the other way about). This has been going on for a year or so now, but happening more often in recent months. One of the times we spoke she was with her mother and she said to her as we were parting, "Doesn't he have a beautiful smile..." and there have been a few similar comments made by her on occasion. One time recently when we were speaking she asked me if I had a partner, and I told her that I have a girlfriend (which I do). Since then she still blows kisses and I really get the impression that she is attracted to me. Or is this just her being friendly? To be completely open, I find her to be an amazing girl in every way, and if I didn't have a girlfriend I would have definitely asked her out by now. I also recently told her that she made me smile and that I thought she was really cool. She replied, "Well, the feeling is mutual."

Before the whole Covid thing she also asked me for a hug (last Christmas/New Year) and in the spirit of the season I did. The first time I bumped into her since Covid started we did the elbow bump thing and as we were doing it she said it was a shame we couldn't get a hug. So, that's the general story. We pass each other a couple of times a week and last time, because we hadn't seen each other since the New Year, she beeped at me and then pulled the car in for a chat. She blew me a kiss at one point while we were chatting.

Additional info: We are both early-40s. This woman is single.

I would really appreciate any insight into what you all think her stance is here, regarding me, of course. And any thoughts on what I should say to her in future?

Thanks so much
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Thanks for the replies. I sort of think the same but of course I don't want to make any moves in case that's not the angle she has been approaching it from. I guess I'm just afraid that I would spoil the 'relationship' we have with each other now, as I do really like her a lot and would hate to make things awkward between us. I would like to wait to see how much further she goes but do you think it might be more a case of her waiting for me to make the move?
Is this woman interested in me and how on earth should I handle this situation?
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