Would you agree that women are much more shallow than men about the opposite sex, looks as well as wealth ?

I can't help but notice that women are amazingly shallow about guys' appearance. They're forever going on in precise detail about how a guy MUST have a certain look before they can be remotely attracted to him. The usual stipulation is along the lines of "he MUST have broad shoulders, an athletic build, a square jaw, a perfect smile, be at least 6 feet 2 inches tall" etc. etc. etc.

And women are always going on about how the aforementioned tall, broad shouldered etc. look makes them "melt" , and how they would do anything to get a guy with that look, and once they got him, that they would do anything for him. I do find this amazing, as I don't know any man who would "melt" just because a woman had a certain look, nor do I know any guy who would do anything to get a woman with a certain look, or do anything for such a woman, regardless of how she treated him.

And of course women are forever going on about how such and such is hot, or such and such is not hot. I think women must have invented the use of the word "hot" in this sense, as it's a concept that women are absolutely obsessed with, and they seem to think that someone's level of "hotness" is the absolutely most important issue on God's earth. Never mind the Middle East or Third World poverty etc, if you listened to most young women today, you'd think how "hot" somebody is or isn't is the most important issue on the planet.

And it's noticeable that women will only show any interest whatsoever in a guy as a human being, if they think he's "so hot", failing which they wouldn't give one damn if the said guy died tomorrow. And women frequently use a man's lack of said hotness to put him down in a cruel fashion - I don't know why, but women seem to think trying to annihilate a guy's confidence is a fun sport. You don't even need to show the remotest hint of hitting on a woman for her to hit you with " I don't find you attractive", or " I don't think you're hot at all" as a completely unprovoked put down and an attempted confidence wrecker. In cases like this, women speak to you as if the fact that you're not super hot to them is a serious crime, and that they find you to be a completely worthless individual for this reason. They will tell you how you don't give her "butterflies" like the tall, perfect bodied chap does, and that as a consequence she'd rather eat her own vomit than be associated with you in any way.

People generally accept that women are the far shallower gender when it comes to the opposite sex's wealth. Yet for some reason women don't get the reputation for being as shallow about the opposite sex's appearance - which is crazy, as the evidence shows that women are not just shallower than men about the opposite sex' wealth, but are also FAR shallower about the opposite sex's appearance too.

So why is it men who tend to get the bum rap when it comes to shallowness re the opposite gender's looks ?

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Edit :- I'm trying to establish that men getting the reputation for being the shallow gender is crazy, when it's actually females who BEHAVE in the more shallow fashion when it comes to the opposite gender's appearance. I'm not talking about what women claim to be, i.e. the deeper sex, which is nonsense, rather about how they behave.
Would you agree that women are much more shallow than men about the opposite sex, looks as well as wealth ?
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