Why won’t girls talk about things such as “red pill” or anything where guys try to understand women better?

So I notice that girls really hate the idea of red pill or any other idea where men try to teach eachother how to become attractive to women.

The usual reply is “we are women, we are not a hive mind.”

Based on my experiences, yes you are. Let me explain why, from my perspective.

I was abused heavily as a child. Had zero female interaction my whole life. Obviously, I failed miserably with women.

Well let me tell ya, ALL women I have come across, now that I have gone great lengths to learn and to change myself so that I could finally get some female attention, have responded WONDERFULLY to it.

I went from being ignored and discarded by women, to nowadays, where girls are constantly trying to talk to me. Trying to touch me. Find reasons to hug me. Act girly as hell around me. Flirt with me constantly.

I FEEL LIKE I HAVE A NEW LIFE. It feels amazingly good to finally have so many girls be interested in me.

Girls, there really is something to your sexuality. And there’s definitely some universal traits that us guys really want to learn to understand.

Us guys, we want to do what will get us YOU. We want YOU. And we will do ANYTHING that we believe will get us more of YOU.

I’m not saying red pill or whatever is correct. But it helps guys who are clueless find a clue. And I see that most girls become very angry about this. You take offense to it. You hate your own sexuality. You hate that we can read some books and learn how to attract you and make you want us. And it works. It worked for me. It’s worked for many guys.

So what’s the problem? Don’t you want men to be attractive? Or would you rather have losers and incels populate the earth? Obviously not right? So why be so angry when losers and incels actually learn how to become men that women want. Become those men. And then Get women.

You think it’s fake. I suspect. But it’s not. A man must truly change to become good with women.
Why won’t girls talk about things such as “red pill” or anything where guys try to understand women better?
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