Should women keep multiple men on the side while in a serious relationship?

I think that all women should practice the habit of "keeping our options open" because men are as faithful as their options. A lot of men will claim that they are all for exclusive monogamous relationships and even claim that they will be exclusive to one woman if she is "the one" for them but let's just be honest with ourselves men are visual/lustful creatures. And they are never fully satisfied with one woman so I don't think any woman should rely on a man for Fidelity when we know and that all men lie and cheat because that is in their nature.

It does not matter how much he loves the woman or how long he's been with her it is only a matter of time before he either cheats or feels tempted to cheat because men like variety they will never be happy or satisfied with the woman that he has he will always want more so it is only a matter of time before they cheat on their woman. They are going to look at other women, lust after other women, flirt with other women and unfortunately cheat with another woman

So I believe women should stop giving men titles and the expectation of faithfulness because they will have you thinking that you are in a monogamous relationship and will have you being loyal and faithful to them while they are not showing loyalty and faithfulness in return and while you are claiming the guy as "your man" he is more than likely seeing other women behind your back because I have seen it and experienced it many times.

So when women come to the realization in the conclusion that they will never be the only woman that their man wants and that he will always want and like other women, then women will be more comfortable and doing the same thing that they are doing such as keeping multiple men on the side as Replacements just in case the man and that they are in a relationship with either does them very wrong or the relationship ends badly for whatever reason, they have someone else to easily turn too so they won't be as hurt.
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Men have spare tires all the time so why shouldn't we?🤷
Should women keep multiple men on the side while in a serious relationship?
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