AITA for wanting my boyfriend home at night?

My boyfriend regularly goes on walks at night after work and plays poker once a week. He’s usually gone 3 or 4 nights a week. Sometimes more. I know he isn’t out cheating on me (I have reasons but I don’t want to type it all out) but I don’t like that he’s gone half or more of the week. Especially when he comes home at 2/3 in the morning. I feel like it isn’t fair. We have 2 kids at home and usually I feed them and put them to bed and then come to bed and hang out alone. It sucks being alone so much. I’ve told him how I feel and he’s admitted that is wasn’t fair and said he was definitely going to be home more but this is the 3rd night in a row he’s been gone. I don’t mind him playing poker once a week or having hobbies. I’m not controlling and I want him to do things he wants to do but it seems like he only wants to spend time with us whenever he gets bored. He also doesn’t plan anything for us to do. He’s never planned a date for us. He always relies on me to make the plans or tell him what I want to do. We rarely go on dates or do anything alone without the kids. It’s been months and months since we’ve spent the weekend together or gone and done anything on a date. Usually we stay at home every weekend and are different rooms doing our own thing. It just seems like there is an overall lack of interest. I don’t want to make him out as an asshole though. He supports us and is a good dad. He always encourages me in whatever I want to do. Other than the bad part we have a good and healthy relationship. We get along we don’t yell or lash out if we have a disagreement. We spent time on our own hobbies and with friends. Everything else seems to be fine but sometimes it seems he’s just living in another world from us and doesn’t want to be around us. Am I overthinking or asking too much? I don’t know what to do.
AITA for wanting my boyfriend home at night?
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