Is something wrong with me or it was her fault?

I'm 30 she's 39

Since day 1 I was honest with her I did fall in love with her after second date. I have morals so I was faithful I refused to flirt with any other girl I had many choices thankfully I'm top 10 guys at the gym. I did confess my love to her she didn't believe it and had doubts I was like surprised I mean I was asking myself what's wrong with her she gives signs that she's n love with me but she just won't say it I was okay with it then she said you're just a friend to me it was horrible feeling.

But day after day she started to be distanced I asked her did I do something wrong she never give clear answer , there was up n down as any relationship and I was the one who always start to try to fix I even went to her place one day to try fix things. anyway after the distance I found she's trying to disrespectful me here it was red flag and I started to wake up I pulled myself from the scene she felt that then she started to be cool again it was the last week of our relationship I asked her to set and have talk to not lose each other she didn't answer me instead after 1 day she posted picture with someone else and she did make fun of me that I'm delusional it was hard for me very hard to handle that I wanted nothing I loved her from all my heart so it was strong hit and I just left and wiped every social media.

First 2 weeks were bad but thankfully I stand again and I improved myself mentally and physically now she can clearly see I'm at another level in every way.

we had contact after 5 months now I feel nothing to her actually I feel she's like old sister for me she became fat and the other guy dumped her she show's signs she wants me now but I feel nothing she's like old sister I'm surprised with My feelings. I mean I'm not even attracted to her sexually. During the break up I met other women things happened.

Ist normal to feel she's like old sister to me?
Is something wrong with me or it was her fault?
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