My first girlfriend at 32? Am I a simp?

I’m having a girlfriend for the first time at 32, she’s 42. Due to the fact that she’s my first girlfriend I’m very immature and naive. I think like a 12 year old in terms of romance. I don't know if the good outweighs the bad. So in this question I’m gonna share with you the pro and cons.

1. Food: always cook for me on her days off. Even took the time to learn my favourite recipes.

2. Budgeting: She’s very smart with her money. We both have over 50k saved up with no debt. We have it planned to buy a house together and pay a low interest rate.

3. Open-minded: I can talker her about almost anything and she’s a good listener.

4. Very sharing: She let me borrow her car for 3 weeks when mine got totalled. Every time she gets bonus pay she’s willing to spend on me.


1. Has temper: Every time she has to explain something to me a second time she screams me. We end up fighting and not talking for days.

2. Conceited: She believes she so hot that every man in the world wants her. Her exact words “I have a big ass and D cup breasts. Every guy wants me”. Women should be confident but this is ridiculous.

3. Verbal/Emotional abuse: She tells me that I’ve never had a girlfriend because I’m socially awkward & weird. And how I’ll never find anyone better than her. And that the only reason she agreed to date me is because I’m handsome with muscles. And if I stop working out she’ll replace me.

4. Shallow: She refuses to date guys her age and only wants younger men. Nothing wrong with dating younger, but refusing to date your own age is dumb.

5. Male friends: She only has 4 female friends, the rest are guys. She even admitted a couple of them want her. She has a male bestie Alex who she texts almost every day. Whenever Alex has a girlfriend he barely texts her and she gets mad. She agreed not to hang out with guy after I told I’m uncomfortable, she said I’m “just being jealous”.

Is this how a relationship is supposed to be? please give me the best advice with your comments.
My first girlfriend at 32? Am I a simp?
This is normal
I’m a simp
I’m just naive
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My first girlfriend at 32? Am I a simp?
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