Would you believe your partner if they constantly made excuses not to have sex with you?

Your partner all of a sudden stops showing you affection and when you try to initiate sex with them they say they aren’t in the mood or they are stressed out etc.. you get sexually frustrated to the point that this is going on for way to long and you tried everything to make them want you again to the point you are tired of being pushed away, left feeling unloved and wanted , So Would you trust them that they are telling you the truth? or would you feel like they are up to no good and making you feel like a sitting duck? Would you wait around or would you dump them and find someone else that wants to be with you? In most cases this is where people tend to cheat in relationships, I have slept with married women that I didn’t know were married until after the fact , that confessed to me as to why they cheated on their husbands and this was the answer I received , I also met married guys that cheated on their wives cuz the sex died down and the wives made them feel unloved and wanted , sadly I witnessed this so many times happening in long term relationships and marriages to the point I can see why cheating might become someone’s option , even though cheating is so wrong period but when the sex dies down and the affection is gone and the one partner is left being unfulfilled to the point they feel they are just being used , it’s pretty much abuse is the way I look at it on their part, My opinion You should never make your partner feel not loved or valued or wanted whether you are stressed out or upset you should value your partner and make them feel valued , To me sex is one of the best stress relievers , so when a partner says they are stressed and doesn’t want to have sex with you makes no sense what so ever to me This is one way I can see cheating is somewhat necessary , I know a lot of you will not agree with this, but this is something I have experienced and witnessed in today’s world. So What would you do if this was happening to you?
Would you believe your partner if they constantly made excuses not to have sex with you?
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