Turning hook up into a relationship

So, this guy I was recently seeing for about a month seemed to really like me, but then he ended it saying it wasn't going where he thought it would, that our personalities are really different, and I remind him a lot of his ex-gf who was really demanding. I hadn't spoken to him in about two weeks and texted him asking if he wanted to just hook up and the answer was yes. My question is 1) how long should I wait to text him after we hook up, to hook up again? (i'm horny and am not a ho so I don't go out looking for guys but I don't want him to think I'm trying to get back with him or that I'm too needy, etc) and 2) is there any chance of the hook up turning into a relationship or does it just become an it is what it is type of deal? Thanks!
Turning hook up into a relationship
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