Who learns from their relationship mistakes more? Men or women?

Who do you think learns from their mistakes - or even their partner's mistakes - and overall learns from their experiences in relationships with the opposite sex?

I feel like men do because you have guys out there who don't know what they had till it's gone, and that was a serious wake up call for them. And as dudes get older they will be honest and tell you how they messed up in a relationship. But also you have a lot of guys who were really very good to a woman and she was the one who took that completely for granted and walked away, and although it leaves those guys pretty broken, they eventually develop motivation from that breakup and do and become a lot better than where they were before. Even those videos from Coach Craig Kenneth profiled guys who wrote letters to him about their devastating breakup but how they later on became a lot stronger and were doing better things with their lives, and then that's when their ex girlfriends came back but the guys were no longer interested, or questioned if they even wanted to be back together.

I notice that women very rarely ever talk about mistakes they made in a relationship, how they regretted hurting the other person, or even how they could've done better. They will more often blame men for problems they had or for the bad relationship period, never taking any responsibility for their failures in it. They also tend to keep going back to guys who are toxic and don't even give a shit about them but turn their backs on guys who really do. I feel like the mentality of a lot of women is to just keep moving to the next guy and the next, or going back to what is problematic but familiar, instead of changing what's going on inside themselves.

But what do you guys think?
Who learns from their relationship mistakes more? Men or women?
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Who learns from their relationship mistakes more? Men or women?
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