My boyfriend randomly private messages different girls on Facebook...

My boyfriend and I have been together almost three years. - (Just to make clear; this is not some teenage romance we're both around 30 and really looking towards the future.) - He freely shared with me his email and Facebook passwords very early on in the relationship. I'd always said I'd never be a girl that snooped but when I became suspicious I found myself going into his FB & peeping around a bit. About a year in, I found out through an FB chatlog he'd been communicating with a girl he use to see. I confronted him; he apologized...begged forgiveness and said it would never happen again.

I've NEVER felt worried that he would physically cheat on me...BUT I do consider the call/text/chatting with the girl was cheating. He says its over and I believe him.

The problem is, I still have access to his fb and on several occasions I've found messages to other girls. Girls he use to hook up with (checking in on them); other girls he sends flirty jokes to; and even once to his ex saying he wish he could call her for advice (one night after we had a fight). It's never suggestive or proposing actual dates but I am completely uncomfortable with the situation. I've brought it up again. He said he'd stop but it continues. He's just quicker to delete them after sending. In one message he even asked the girl for her number!

I love him immensely, I hate snooping so much, but the more I see the more I feel the need to check. I just can't understand why he needs to be sending these messages out to random girls so frequently. Please guys & gals...what should I do?
My boyfriend randomly private messages different girls on Facebook...
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