Why You Should Be Careful Choosing The Right People Around You



Why You Should Be Careful Choosing The Right People Around You

Believe it or not, having healthy people around you can give you a healthy environment in your life. Being with the right people can give you a lot of benefit in your emotional state, quality time and others. I will state it all here the reason why you should choose the best people to be with:

1. People has the power to influence you

No matter where you go, there are only 2 types of person you are going to hang out:
The Toxic People and the Motivational People.

Being with the toxic people
Toxic people are stressed, good at cursing, manipulators and so much to have all those negative ambiance within that person. We all know that not all people are good at reading minds, so rather, you should stay away with people like this. I think you deserve to be with people who could help you and not put you down. This works 2 way around, there will be people who will approach you to lead , and people who would want you to assist them in their lives.

a. Leading a toxic person
It's not that hard to hold people who needs a hand to lead them. But this is a warning, this people needs some changes asking you to fixed their shits for them. So rather ( They are a big NO! NO!). If you are a strong type of person, that can answer back to shitty people, then it's a yes, you can lead them. But for me, it's easier to stay away. Because, I think our jobs are more stressful enough than to hold people that just adding up stress . Rather than risking your time with people like this, FOCUS on your job. help yourself, you have a lot more things to do rather to fix peoples who don't know how to appreciate and respect you

b. Following a toxic person
This person are your leaders, boss or whatsoever you called them. You are trap to follow them, They have a stressful life, and you are trap to live in a stressful environment too. Not all leaders or boss, are bad. But I believe they are having an issue with their job, or personal life. As a follower you have a job to follow orders from them. And you have no right to complain(unless he/she is making you do something bad) and make "RUMORS" of your leader.

I believe that when we are discourage, we are emotional motivated with anger, disappointments, and all you hear those negativity from your leader gives you those emotion to pass it also to your colleagues. That's not a good idea, because if you do that you have nothing to differed from that person. Its hard to talk to your leaders, as you don't have right to speak about your needs. But I think its a business you have to personally build with your leader. You have to get along with that person, asks for that person trust, so you can open up a communication with that person. I think leading people is a tough job (think about this when you became a leader yourself). But of course it's hard to change this person too, if you just want a job. Apply in a job with healthy environment, because you will spend most of your time in that place and with these peoples. It's going to be your second home. So choose the best people that will fit for you.

If you have encountered those kinds of peoples. I come up with a solution for this.

Build A Boundary
Having a boundary means setting people to learn and see you as a person. A boundary is not a wall that you set people whom to trust with (you might get disappointed, because not all people are into you. You should be open with all people, you don't have to measure trust because you have to share your life with someone for them to see you and understand you too).A boundary is a rule that people needed to follow when they get along with you. Without boundary, people will disrespect you and will not take you seriously. You are a person to be seen and be respected. Those toxic people have no right to say bad things about you. yes "they have no right" to treat you poorly because you don't owe them your life. Stand up for yourself, and show them who you are, you have a boundary that "you can be easy to get along with, but not a joke to play around with".

Set a Good Communication
If you love your job, and these toxic people are just blocking your way, do not make a fire in your place. Even how really pissed you are, don't speak back negatively with these peoples, rather hold on and be in control. The more you show that you are affected or any emotion, gives those toxic people the power to destroy you more. Just remember you can't ever change these peoples because they are used to be like that already. But when they see that you are professional or decent, they will get humiliated onto their selves. They will realize that this is your place and they do not own anything of it. Setting a good communication simply means, you can talk to them face to face in a mature way. They are like children, asking for attention, that needed to be set right.

Being with Inspirational people

Inspirational people
Inspirational people

They are the best to people to be around with, they are full of drives and motivations that keeps you going. They are the people that brings out the best in you, though its hard to find these peoples. but I'm sure it will be a great hunt. Getting along with these kinds of people are like going in an adventure with them. It won't always be on good terms. but its worth valuable time spending time with them. You'll gonna learn more, grow more, love more, believe more of yourself than you ever imagine. You will feel great. you feel cool around them. Of course, they are not always perfect but they will try everything to stand up again. Although being around them, sometimes, you will feel less around them since they are great people but they believe in something to help you up. They are tough to catch and they are so called home and family. Ever felt that feeling of having a soul sister or that you can call partner, they are like the best version of you. They hold on to that principle that you never had. They are like a gift to everyone to have them around. You feel the best around them, because they bring out the BEST IN YOU.

Sometimes, those people feels like you want to hang around them most of the time, they are different, hard to read, and something about them make them so special, even they are so great, it's hard to be around them also. Since that they have a silent or a private world of not knowing what they are going through. And sometimes they never speak about it to you. You can always see them smile. see them positive but you never truly known what it even means. They have negative side too but don't mind about that, stick to that positive side of that person. You'll never regret having them in your life.

Adapt the High Spirit

These people have that undying fire within them whenever they come along. It's like people move differently under this energy. Sometimes they have mood(not always in good) but you will still find them highly motivational to others. When you have that spirit in you, you are going to change the path of many people. Even you want to make people laugh, people fall in love to you and etc its all in that high spirit. You will earn that power to make a change to be positive. I think its great

Don't stress out life, Have fun!!!
life doesn't always goes favor in you, so have time to relax have fun. Spent your time with people who will share you a nice day. A day to help you build yourself. Be happy. Motivational people, don't live in a gloomy environment, but they always keep themselves happy. They always think positive most of the time.

Share Ideas
These peoples might be intimidating sometimes, though it will be a good idea to help each other and give ideas because I believe that we need each other to grow and we will be more powerful to have each other rather than working alone.


Why You Should Be Careful Choosing The Right People Around You
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Lynx122
    I think I have great people around me but I'm still struggling with a lot of stuff so I can't always feel positive. I often feel mentally exhausted and low on energy. My job is pretty draining for me and I'd like to do more on the side but most of the time I can't. I am trying to see things more positively though and focus on what I achieved in a day and not what I couldn't get done yet. Nice Take.
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    • MikkiM

      You have to pull yourself up. If you won't think positive, its either they pull you up or you pull them down. You have to relax and enjoy your life. Do the things that will make you happy, even it is stupid or great. It doesn't matter. If you're job is draining you, you have to look for a better job. You have to live a lighter life. You have to see things in positive side than more of negative, if you have those negative things around you, you have to let negative energy go. See yourself in a positive environment. You have to grow every day, every moment of your life. Living is great. When you're finally happy, you could see people becoming happy for you too. You will see people smile back at you. Don't lose those energy for the wrong ones but use it for the right ones :)

Most Helpful Girl

  • GhettoGirl
    Wow, ain't nothing about drug dealers or pimps? Or the cowards that commit drive bys you could step off into the middle of at anytime. Nothing about the aggressive loser homeless that'll beg for your change and beat you down for not having any.
    If all you got to stress you is "Toxic People" I want to be where your from.
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    • Stop hanging with trash then retard.

    • MikkiM

      there's nothing we could do to change toxic people for real, we can only give what we can, but never try to save these toxic people if things doesn't work out, just leave or find new job or new people that can influence you.

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  • DiegoO
    People hang in places, and with other people that are familiar to what they have experienced their whole life. Everyone needs motivation, and hanging with a social circle that motivates is great, the thing is, changes come from within first. Motivational people motivates each other, and only if you are a motivator you'll the chance to experience lifetime motivation from others.
  • Idkmoon
    So many people have alterior motives now a days and access to so much information . It almost feels like high school in the 80's and 90's. People out to do harm have no sense of consequence or responsibility.
    • MikkiM

      well, nowadays, people are more wreckless to be honest. People are busy pleasing their own life than caring for others. You can actually see it when they too focus on using social media than spending time with their love ones.

      We actually lose connections. We are too busy for everything that all it means of the consequence or responsibility. Actually what made me sad nowadays, people can't fix their own mess. If all people can fix their mess then we can help each other more. We can uplift each other better.

  • Bmp55
    Absolutely, you are a, product of your surroundings , whether we want to admit or not
  • Jersey2
    In the US there are women in jail because their boyfriends robbed or had drugs etc. Choose wisely.
  • Shamalien
    I really, really disagree with so much of this. Life is not about being positive, it's about facing truth, and if that truth is positive we rejoice, if it's not we take serious actions to make it positive, so that we can THEN rejoice, but we should not spend too much time dwelling in fantasy when reality is so ugly.

    I want to be around people I can have fun with, of course, but I also don't want them to act like everything is alright in the world and in their life, I don't want them to lie to me and to themselves.

    It's true that I am probably a bit on the gloomy side... but I would be so much happier if those around me wouldn't shy away from the truth, just knowing that they are willing to see what I see would make me so much happier rather than being labelled as 'the negative one' when really it is the world that is negative and I am doing what I can to bring the light.
    • MikkiM

      it's actually because we have different personalities. It's really hard to understand opposite people in 2 different poles. People who are positive are more driven and focus but in some way they also lack of understanding and intellectuality. in the other end.,, negative people are more controlling and see all the ways around. so most of the time. 2 opposite personality wouldn't work well.

      It actually depends on you if you can handle people. But, growing into positivity is better because it feels more lighter to be around with them.

    I wish i had a girlfriend, like you. Id live a happy life with no regrets..👍
  • IceCastles
    Yes, shitty people makes for a shitty atmosphere.
    • MikkiM

      yeah right, seen so many. I had to actually grow up, and learn how to stop these people for intoxicating good people like us.

  • Razal
    Very nice and interesting
  • RedRobin
    Nice take
  • Chuck21
    It makes life that much better
  • mermaidia_lol
    Very persuasive.
  • AngelLily
    Good post👍🏼
  • Joker_
    I'm careful
  • Michael82
    How do I choose the right people around me?
  • Okayboss
  • Anonymous
    how about you all just believe in GOD and do the right thing
    • MikkiM

      Well God is great too! I believe in God. But sometimes there are things we couldn't follow the standard of the bible in reality. I put God in my heart instead and he knows me better than anyone else.

  • Anonymous
    seriously? I don't need to read the content to believe the title. the phrase "you can judge someone by the company that they keep". if your mates are always asking for money, it isn't cool. if your mates are always asking for lifts, it isn't cool. if your mates are usually getting the first round in at the pub, it's quite cool. try to be careful not to bring your mates down as well. everyone has issues, but find a suitable outlet for them. specific (anonymous?) website forums, etc. if your mates are always offloading onto you (offloading is ok, "always" offloading isn't so), suggest coping mechanisms you have found,,
  • Anonymous
    That's why I avoid women. They're nothing but manipulative snakes who rob you blind
    • CocoBat

      That's racist, what do you got against snakes man?

    • Daniel012

      @CocoBat it's actually animalist.. or speciesist

    • MikkiM

      hahahaha! you should see better, actually, there are different types of woman. you need to learn every of them so that you would learn why some come of powerful. Woman are like different books :P

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  • Anonymous
    • MikkiM

      that's really sad :P haha

  • Anonymous
    I tend to distant myself from other people who I don't know, if they're collegs I am not that social because I'm not that confident talking with new people, my social circle are my family even I started to distant from my cousins and aunties also my grandparents I distant my self from them.
    • MikkiM

      Hey, dont worry., not everyone lives confidently. We can only discover our self confidence when we are willing enough to seek it for change. Try all the things that will make you happy.

      Dont worry, its alright to live alone. You need to find yourself first in order for you to communicate with the people you love. You'll learn to care for others when you start taking of yourself first.

  • Anonymous
    This was very helpful. Thank you for sharing this!
  • Anonymous