The only documentary you need to watch about Abortion.


Its clear that abortion is one of the most controversial things in existence. Its a process that raises questions in areas of medicine, philosophy and epistemology, religion, and literally life and death.

Most often, all we hear when the subject is brought up are the loudest voices, the most scathing and accusatory positions. Because *prepare for sarcasm* obviously everyone here already knows exactly whats right and wrong in every situation end of story. The problem is we all like to think that, but we can't all be right can we?

So, if you have a shred of humility, if you have a shred of honesty, take a moment and consider the very real possibility that you a human being might be wrong about certain things or not be seeing what other people see. Act like you just heard the word "abortion" for the first time and you genuinely want to learn what happens and how others feel about it before you sound off.

With that, enjoy this video. It was eye opening for me so i wanted to share it.

The only documentary you need to watch about Abortion.
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  • theronaldmcdonald
    I am not going to watch this, I do not care what the position is. I am pro-choice but even if the video is pro-choice, the chances it will provide an accurate and complete argument are slim. People, please do your own research, even if you come to a conclusion that is opposite mine. Look at sources from all sides, even if you have made your decision. Information and, consequently, opinions can change with time. Never trust that one source will give you a full picture. Never trust one source is enough for you to cultivate an educated opinion.
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  • Agape93
    Yeah Im not going to bother with the click bait esque title.
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    • Uh, you already did, obviously. So the title worked.

    • Agape93

      Apologies, a better word would be “substance”. In other words I’m not going to bother watching yet another anti choice leaning video.

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  • Aiko_E_Lara
    A cherry-picked documentary made by prolife. Also known as anti choice who just likes to make straw man argument about pro-choice being a supporter of abortion when they only support choice themselves. Because if that were true we would be putting laws for pro lifes unlike pro-life making laws for abortion. How others "feel" about it is not a rational thought. If you feel it a human being then we don't feel its a human being because if that's the case sperm cells and egg cells are human beings to but people discard them everytime.
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    • And you're don't think you are evil for making laws for people's point of view for whatever reason because hypocrisy. This is just like when christian say that everyone who is in the christian will go to hell. Just because of how we feel about it. That shows supremacy actually if you're really going to talk about who is the real evil here.

    • Nikola99

      Hello. use condoms. or girls can be on a pill. or simply don't have sex. you both knew there maybe a chance a girl can get pregnant. so someone else shouldn't deserve to die just cuz you screwed up

    • @Nikola99 And you can't simply tell people what to do. Yeah sure I don't support sex being taken for granted but accidents always happen and there are risks when performing abortion too but it's still their choice. I know how to look at both of the pros and cons unlike you who wanna be one sided just because of how you feel. All you want is for the baby to be born. Nevermind the fact that we have over 7 billion people on this planet polluting the world, unwanted children are likely to suffer from mental illness, malnutrition and they end up in the orphanage at some point. "someone else shouldn't deserve to die" <--- Because strawman arguments. In you OPINION that's "someone else". Not a fact. They don't breath, see, hear, remember anything or even have a name like people who are already born. Because that's the case, sperms and eggs are humans to and we kill them everyday.

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  • sheepdip
    This is really simple.

    Can a person use your body, against your will, to filter their blood and feed off you?

    If you want to grant that ability to a person then you are granting someone rights over another person.
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    • Lightning8

      If you trap that person inside your body against their will, then how else can they survive?

    • sheepdip

      How can you conclude that a woman has willfully trapped them?

    • Lightning8

      I didn't mention intent. But in the case of an accident you also can't just commit a serious crime that impairs another's body, while expecting the law to just let you dodge responsibility for it. So, that principal also applies to situations that don't technically involve criminality. Now, rape is truly a grey area, where no matter which side you argue for, there's no way in my opinion that a woman shouldn't have a say so. But otherwise I don't really know my position on this topic, other than maybe to not touch anything yet

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  • slatyb
    A 12-werk fetus is not a person, not a "someone", not an "unborn baby'. There is no such thing as an "unborn baby'". A baby is the result of a live birth.
    • Boppy

      So... are chicken eggs vegetarian because there's no chicken?

    • slatyb

      @Boppy What silliness is that? A chicken egg is animal protein. But it's not a chicken. A fertilized egg will become a chick if it hatches. Then most likely it will be killed and eaten a few weeks later.

    • Boppy

      That "silliness" is me attempting to model your perspective in a way I can grasp more easily.

      I take it that if you were a vegetarian you'd be fine eating fertilized chicken eggs?

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  • Kurαȷ
    I see what pro-life people see.
    It's whatever that their utter lack of capacity for forming independent, informed opinions allows them to see.

    I get it, when you don't have a brain of your own you follow dogma and your emotions, but that is, objectively, not the right thing to do, and I think it is perfectly fair for those who actually do have the capacity to think, to make the choices for those who don't.
    • Just because someone doesn't share your opinion does not make them sheep. Well informed and educated people of all opinions can still disagree with you.

    • Kurαȷ

      @Chobitsmaster It does make them wrong, however.

  • PurpleStorm
    ''if you have a shred of honesty, take a moment and consider the very real possibility that you a human being might be wrong about certain things or not be seeing what other people see'' I really hope you follow your own advice and realize people who are pro choice also have very valid reasons behind it.
  • ThisDudeHere
    You don't convince others about the validity of your cause or beliefs by claiming that they should just ignore any and all information they already have and simply trust your sources because why not. For that reason alone, I'm not watching it.
  • John_Doesnt
    It's not one of the most controversial topics in history. It was never controversial until recently when politicians realized they could use it as a tool to gain votes from conservatives and religious zealots.
  • glutendan
    Is this a joke. We are supposed to ignore everything else in favor or some video a random person online picked out?
  • NorthwestRider
    Who cares what someone else is doing to their own body
    • Infearmal

      Imagine thinking a fetus is your on body. Totally already bought by the cynagogue of Satan.

    • To the other dude replied: Tone the Evangelical down like, all the notches

  • Parker85
    It really comes down to when does life begin? If you don't think it's a life then killing it isn't a problem. If you do then its murder, so its important to distinguish that. Personally I'm pro life and see it at conception.
  • Lightning8
    What is the difference between a human life, and a human life form?
  • DJZest
    A note to truth seekers: There are forces active everywhere, especially on popular forums like G@G, where people-bots, followers of mass opinion/emotion, post opinions that are contrary to what is good and true. They have been programmed through mass media for negative reaction to whatever the powers that be hate, possessing insufficient awareness to realize what is actually going on within themselves, which would be necessary to counteract the uprising urge to go through with their typical whiny attitude. PC warriors.

    As most cultivated souls know, one needs to research thoroughly, think individually, and contemplate deeply.
  • jimmy2
    Its just simply wrong
    100% sure I don't need to watch any of them.
  • Good mytake
  • Anonymous
    I'm pro-choice and this video does nothing to make me want to change my mind.
  • Anonymous
    Unless the groups and individuals who vehemently oppose abortion have decided to adopt, financially and emotionally support all the children who would've been aborted before birth until a natural parent would ordinarily die, (79 years on average, with average age of women at abortion being about 30, so the parent lives at least 49 years past birth) these groups or individuals have no say in the matter of whether a potential child's life continues to birth or is terminated before birth by a potential parent in question. Though many prolife agencies want to help women during and shortly after pregnancy, there are none who support a financially indigent woman or checks on whether this woman gets appropriate work, the child gets schooling and lives well until they leave home after high school. This is the irony of prolife groups. And it is indeed a realistic concern if a woman cannot afford a child. 50 percent of women getting abortions already have children. 56 percent were using birth control. Having a child in these circumstances threatens the new child and the living children with further poverty. When perfect, inexpensive birth control is readily available to all and everyone gets proper sex education, the need for abortion will probably disappear, just as the need for smallpox vaccination has.
  • Anonymous
    Personally always viewed pro-lifers as the most pathetic of hypocrites & I happen to come from a generationally religious family (deacons, priests, etc. not just simple-minded sheep filling the pews).

    They bark like dogs about how pro-choice is "evil" - even in vile situations like rape & insect - & yet ultimately offer little to no support to the women who are destined to carry these children or keep them.

    Have they never heard thou who is without sin shall cast the first stone & yet they continually sin and sin and sin by judging others (something the bible says no mortal has any right to do) this way?
    • Stephen_77

      You took the Bible out of context. You support baby killing and have chosen eternal hell.

    • Anonymous

      @Stephen_77 No, sheep, I didn't. That's exactly what pathetic pro-lifers do. Too stupid to realize that abortion was mentioned in the Bible. And are you unaware, pro-lifer, that there's more religions than you can likely count?

    • Anonymous

      @Stephen_77 In fact, pro-lifer, what *do* you know of the Bible? Likely nothing. That is pro-lifer motto. Know nothing, take the bible out of context, etc.

      The ideology of abortion - though the word is never mentioned - is relatively clear.

      If someone else causes premature birth it is a fine to the perceived value of the child per MORTAL eyes. Nothing about hell and less about god.

      Now the people in serious shit are those who blatantly & willingly cause harm to a pregnant mother that causes her death. In fact, Exodus 21:22 says a father has every right to return favour with favour, an eye for an eye & kill those who kill his pregnant wife.

      As many pro-life laws, specifically those that are extremely limiting, will cause mothers' deaths. Those responsible for such pro-life laws will have to return favour with favour per god's ruling & thus they are far more likely to go to hell.

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  • Anonymous
    Sorry but I will not watch a video posted by someone who tells me it's the only video I need to watch on any subject because I know before I even begin that it will be biased.