Abortion should be illegal and punishable


Do you ever wonder how sick and tolerable this society is to being Pro-Death ? By no means I think a woman has a right to choice to kill the life inside of her. You have to realise if you think you "pro-choice" you're really pro-death in the support of murdering unborn children. Did you hear that ? 'Murder of unborn children!'. 55 million children have been slaughtered and sacrifriced since 1975; making what Hitler did nothing in comparison.

Abortion should be illegal and punishable

Did you know the ancient Canaanites had a way for dealing with birth control ? They had this giant bull and they would take thier sons and daughters unto the fire and murder them. That was abortion and it has continued today. But the wicked people that support abortion are much more wicked than the Canaanites themselves because now there's a new law being introduced somewhere in America land of slavery so that now when the child is born, that child can be thrown into a bucket; neck broken and still ALIVE and slowly die. MY sister had an abortion almost 3 weeks ago, they let her hold her dead child they had murdered; so cursed be them to HELL.

Leviticus 18:21
Leviticus 18:21

Anyone that supports abortion I hope you go to HELL and burn forever and ever with no water to quinch your thrist. No child deserves to die before they are even born as how would you like it (those that support abortion) to have been aborted before you were even born ? To have your head cracked and your body broken into pieces; well in hell you will get that! I think people should bomb abortion clinics and throw fire upon them. Who likes Beyond Meat by the way ? I heard Beyond Meat gets their "meat" from Planned Parenthood as for so-called 'plant based burgers' they don't tell you their 'fetus based burgers' that sounds healthy for all you vegans and child murderers. So I'm a woman saying women have no right to do want they want to do as did you know one group of people that gets pissed off with people like me are satanists ? Why's that ?

Abortion should be illegal and punishable
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  • ChgzDaniel
    I FULLY agree with you. It's a very triggering subject for me, a lot of people get angry when you tell them they are murdering babies. I just can't fathom how anybody sees this as acceptable. It hurts my soul to hear about any child dying.
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    • Ishcah23

      Thank you soooo much. I know it is a very triggering subject and I know people in this day and age of pc culture it is easy for anyone to get offended by this specific topic when I use words such as 'murder, kill' as many have deluded some themselves (including some so called Christians would think God would support this) by removing those words and replacing them with words like 'womens healthcare, womens rights, fetus, non-life'. I'm happy to say I'm anti abortion as as I said above my sister had one 3 weeks ago and she right now is dealing with what she did to her little girl. I warned her and told her to do the right thing but she listened to her friends over me and now she feels 'lifeless' and knowing what they do I don't know how people that work at abortion clinics live with themselves. But even after all my anger towards my sister I know I need to let that go and forgive her

    • Ishcah23

      Even though it is very hard to forgive for something like this as I had hopes for the child to be born... but I don't know. All I can hope now that child can enjoy Heaven and be looked after by Yahuwah's caregiving angels.

    • ChgzDaniel

      I'm a very forgiving person, I won't hate a person for what they have done because I know that they don't know any better. I know it's bad because I've had the right path in life that has shown me how evil it is. I will even admit that I had considered abortion in the past but I had the right people in my life who talked me out of it. I can't say how grateful I am because of this.
      And in regards to the triggering parts of this subject, you can say murdering babies because that's what it is. What gets to me is when people call babies "clumps of cells" or "parasites". Like, can you think of more offensive and dehumanizing words to call someone?

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  • People like you are exactly why I am pro choice.
    • Ishcah23

      You mean pro death?

    • kespethdude

      No , pro CHOICE, you inbred warmongering death penalty supporting PEDOPHILE. Fuck you, you're BLOCKED. Die Of AIDS. You probably blame the victim for getting raped too, you piece of shit.

  • NaultD
    To psychoanalyze ourselves how we get to our strong opinions on this matter, i want to give an extreme example that is going to help understand how we as a person created that opinion.

    In my Alaskan athabaskin culture that is also vary Christian calls new borns "baby" untill it starts talking. Even if they do have a birth certificate name. You can also be given a native name in early adolescents. Why is that?

    We as a culture are completely ready for that new born to die. Kids born without really being named could get the flu, small pox, starved to death in a brutal winter. You buried the body without a name respectfully enough but move on the next day.

    Not naming the child was a necessary mental defense. This idea was fundamental to survival because there was another child that had a name that needed you to survive.

    The main point I'm making this grey area of abortion line is determined by what is life to the mother. Where you draw this line is the real question is the real debate. Some say its when the seed leaves the dick. My culture says when the child starts talking.

    When i say I'm pro choice, i say figure out your own shit. My culture is not an example for the modern day but to say it's morally impossible to have these struggles, you haven't struggled.
  • BlacklightShade
    Reasons for legal abortions:
    - you got raped by someone with aids
    - your child is brain dead and will not live after birth
    - your child poses a deadly heath risk to you which could kill you
    - the child will end up as a sex slave by the neighborhood gang leader
    • Also:
      - too poor to raise a child
      - father would kill you if you got pregnant
      - because it is your body
      - any private circumstance that doesn’t need to be explained to the world

  • Ripper_E
    I think it should be, but it isn't.
    Since it isn't I think father's shouldn't be held responsible for kids. If it isn't for them to have say before it's born or whether it's born at all, then he should no obligation to care for the child he doesn't want.
  • Inneedofusername
    The law for bodily autonomy stands higher than the right to live. If it was otherwise, we would force people to donate their organs to dying people to save their lives. But we don't.
    Facts don't care about your feelings
    • Lightning8

      That's an interesting point. Only problem is the we don't go out of our way to kill those dying people, or ensure that they die.

    • Lightning8

      **"Only problem I see is that..."**

  • TheDarkNighty
    This is what I do when you write a long description
    Wow 😕
  • Anonymous
    It’s a doctors job to help people get better not kill them. There have been doctors who told some women to have an abortion because their child has spina bifida. The parent’s insisted not to carry out an abortion, the doctors ended up carrying out surgery on the fetus. During the surgery, the unborn child grabbed the hand of the doctor. This is major news in pro-life circles and straight up proves they are living beings and that pro-abortion people lose the fight.
  • Anonymous
    When abortion is not available, people have a way of resorting to other more grisly methods of getting rid of an unwanted baby.

    • Ishcah23

      That is really messed up but not that the so called pro (death) choicers would care but mothers that resort to those mean need to be locked away for LIFE. If a woman wants to kill the life that grows inside of her she has to give up her LIFE as that is a fair trade