Should Women have the right to abortion?


These are my claims. I ask you, if you disagree with any of this, comment. I'm not claiming that I will always think this way, this is just my current opinion as of when this was written.

Disclaimer: If abortion and women's rights are sensitive topics for you, do not continue reading. Take care of yourself emotionally first, maybe read at a later time.

What is life?

According to Britannica, "Life, living matter and, as such, matter that shows certain attributes that include responsiveness, growth, metabolism, energy transformation, and reproduction." We will be ignoring the reproduction part as a unborn child is unable to have children. However, They have what they need to reproduce before being born (women, before birth, have around 6-5 million eggs. This number decreases greatly later one). All living organisms are comprised of 1 or more cells, for life to begin, there has to be a new cell created in the process.

The new cell is created when Sperm fertilizes an egg, thus is the creation of a perinuclei (a haploid nuclei). As the chromosomes of the sperm and the egg shifts, this creates a new cell, a zygote. It's human DNA differs from their mother and often have different blood type. A African American mother can adopt a Caucasian zygote/embryo and it will not be birthed looking like her.

Collins English Dictionary defines a “stimulus” as “any drug, agent, electrical impulse, or other factor able to cause a response in an organism.” Studies have shown The unborn having such ability, a 2005 paper in the journal Human Reproduction Update notes that a compound called platelet-activating factor “acts upon the zygote” by stimulating “metabolism,” “cell-cycle progression,” and “viability.”

The Mother's placenta is specifically important. As said in the medical text Human Gametes and Preimplantation Embryos: Assessment and Diagnosis, “At the zygote stage,” human embryos metabolizes “carboxylic acids pyruvate and lactate as its preferred energy substrates.” The embryo may use it's mother's placenta but this does not make it a parasite- Which often is of a different species and leeches on at the expense of the host.

Forced Donation and The Natural Death

I believe life begins when at conception. However this doesn't exclude or take away from the possibility of a miscarriage. I recall seeing a person argue that if a unborn is a child, why don't women mourn miscarriages, which are very common. This is untrue.

According to an article from live action, a poll showed that "42 percent of women who have experienced miscarriage feel pressured by social media to be happy and hide any worries or concerns. 66 percent feel “bombarded” by pregnancy news and stories on social media. 77 percent feel angry towards their pregnant friends on social media while 80 percent feel jealous of those friends."

Differing Miscarriages and Abortions, the difference is the women's choice.

This is the issue with the Force Organ/Blood Donation argument as well as the famous violinist argument. This video provides good points against this:

"The problem with abortion isn’t that the baby is entitled to help and you’re refusing to give that help. The problem is that you’re killing the baby.”

“Once you’re pregnant, you only have two options. Help by carrying the pregnancy to term, or kill. There is no ‘I just refuse to help’ option.”

A handful of comments under the video provide a homeless person on the boat analogy.

The Issue of the Pro-Life Movement

I do not believe that abortion should be Illegal, Indeed, It should be readily available to every woman.

I think pro-lifers who wish to ban abortion should focus on caring for pregnant women and women's healtth

Reasons Women Get Abortions: The Statistics Aren't What You Expect (

0.36% of abortions done to save the life or health of the mother (5,200 per year)
0.09% done in cases of rape or incest (1,300 abortions per year)
0.24% done for fetal birth defects (3,470 per year)
0.69% done for all the hard cases combined (9,970 per year)
99.31% of all abortions are therefore performed for social or economic reasons

These are all things that should be addressed in a proper manner without the need to emotionally bait people through dishonest means. Do you have strong opinions on teen moms who chose abortion? Focus on helping educate young people on prevention methods (for both pregnancy and r*pe) and how to protect themselves in these cases. Educate teenagers how to be financially responsible, College is expensive and many people are not financially prepared to have children. Many Pro-choicers wish to keep Planned Parenthood around due to their services towards women's health beside abortion.

Some women choose not to put their child up adoption due to the emotionally burden of being unsure what will happen to them. Addressing open and close adoptions here may be useful. Making Abortion illegal will do no good to the women who chose to have them regardless.

TL;DR I believe that abortion is wrong morally because the unborn is still a child however it shouldn't be illegal to abort your child. I think there are issues to be addressed beforehand if you want to make abortion illegal. This is simply my opinion as of when this was written.

Should Women have the right to abortion?
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  • Xoxocutekitty

    Of course women should have the right to an abortion. To criminalize it is to criminalize an act only performance by one gender.

    Hey men, is there any law that exists that would biologically only affect you?

    Is there a law about mandatory circumcision, is there a law that could affect your fertility down the line, is there a law about how you must wear your facial hair?

    Of course women hate these gender specific laws. Of course we don't want male opinions about body parts they do not have.

    If you don't support abortion, support adoption centers, support family counseling, create grants for low income families, support social workers and addiction centers.

    Stop using your energy tearing down already scared women who obviously cannot handle the emotional responsibility of parenthood alone. No one in their right mind actually enjoys an abortion or the decision to get one. It's unnatural, it's poison, there are consequences. We do not need to be a society only focused upholding punishment.

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    • NoManToo

      Sure. There are laws that force males to pay child's support if a kid biologically shares his DNA.

      If the government should stay out of a woman's uterus, the government should stay out of a male's wallet.

    • half of women disagree with you, then there is still men.
      Abortion affects both men and women, fathers and the male babies.
      There's plenty of laws that only benefit women though...

      Your whole argument is crap.

    • @NoManToo As there should be. To use your own argument, " If you want the government to stay out of your wallet, stay out of her pussy". Every time you go in it, protected or not, there's a risk involved. If you want zero risk, don't stick it her vagina. If she gets pregnant and wants the child and you don't, too bad. Why should my taxes support your kid without you paying the biggest share? You did it, not me.

  • BlacklightShade

    A woman's body, a woman's choice what she does with it.

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    • Anonymous

      It's not a woman's body that she is aborting. It's the body of a fetus, a human, would didn't consent to. Sure, a woman can choose what she wants to do with her body or how she parents her born child (within limits ofc, then others would have to step in if her "parenting" goes too far- like abuse).

    • This conversation has been hashed over a billion times but my position is that a woman decides what she does with her body and someone else doesn't have rights to change that. We can't be mandated to donate organs or even blood to save someone else, including a baby. Special circumstances don't matter either - rape, incest, disease, poverty, drugs, or whatever mitigating circumstance -because that baby is part of a woman until its born. I find that pro-lifers care more about unborn people than about infants, children, and teens.

    • Anonymous

      This isn't about forcing people to give organs to help someone else. This is about intentionally killing a innocent life.
      "The problem with abortion isn’t that the baby is entitled to help and you’re refusing to give that help. The problem is that you’re killing the baby.”

      It is also untrue that the fetus is part of her body. A body part has to do with the common genetic code it shares with the rest of its body. The baby has it's own DNA and chromosomes set different from it's parents. It is genetically different from the time of conception. The child, if anything, is the responsibility of both parents and the unjustified taking of a fetus's life without it's consent would be a violation of it's rights (ofc they can't really consent).

      Also on your last point, on pro-lifers not caring about other already-born children, I cannot comment for all pro-lifers. This is only my current opinion. I wouldn't say that's the case, there's definitely many cases of child abuse or older children being treated inhumanely that deserve attention as well. I wouldn't say I'm 100% a pro-lifer since I think abortion should remain legal without the government overstepping into the bounds of what a family can do or what even is a family. I am, only morally.

      I've also found many pro-lifers advocating and wanting to improve the adoption system for both the parents and the children, wanting to help children who age out and/or those who are homeless. Many of the pro-lifers I've seen attempt to improve conditions in neighborhoods for the children and better education to offer them. OFC this isn't every pro-lifer and I can't speak for everyone.

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Most Helpful Guys

  • Riebeck

    She has the right to say no to sex. Or at least no to the guy coming inside her. Seriously, why give it up so easily? You know who you are. Oh, you thought he would be a good dad, but as soon as he learns you're preggo, he bails. y'all need to evolve more than your animal instinct. There's clearly a problem with spiritual beliefs in these countries.

    It's not even a huge financial burden. It's only made up to be because everyone's such a panzy these days and makes you buy insane amount of baby stuff that never even existed 20 years ago. You don't need a god dam baby snot sucker.

    We grew up fine, mostly.. Without the need for all these baby gizmos.

    Also, considering 50% of the population regularly takes care of a dog or cat. There's NO REASON you can't take care of a baby for a few years!!!

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    • mistixs

      Obvious troll is obvious

    • Anonymous

      For the sake of the argument, pets are easier to care for. You don't have to cloth them or buy them school supplies. Animal medicine often cost less than for children, you don't even have to buy your pet's a bed or anything. These are just simple stuff too.
      Also, not everyone have the same taste regarding their significant other, it often largely depends on their parents (girls often look up to their father for the kind of man to date and their mother to the kind of woman to be.) Some women are even pressured into abortion.

    • Riebeck

      Not a troll. I use that avatar as a safety

      But you also have child care and other benefits to take care of a child. If it really such a burden after a few years you can put them up to adopt.

      But the fact remains you still have the choice to say no to the guy. Why let him impregnate you when you know the consequences? Abortions are a free pass like claiming insanity in court

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  • NoManToo

    Bottom line. Abortion kills human life... at a early stage.

    Not let's talk ethics.

    If a woman can abort a mans child, can the father refuse to pay child support for a kid he doesn't want?

    Turn around is fair play.

    Don't want a kid. Don't get pregnant. No need for abortion. Problem solved. Everyone is happy.

    The bottom line is a male can't knock up a woman unless she allows him to stick his dick in her.

    So it's up to the woman to take control of her reproductive system and not get pregnant.

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    • Anonymous

      Legally, yes, I think the father should have a right to refuse it (I just don't want the government to be in the matters of family so maybe child support wouldn't be a thing for the most part). On the other hand, morally, I think that father owes some responsibility towards his child like the community has onto each other (charity, maybe?)
      Both parents are responsible.

      Having sex is a natural thing for most people, though. Sure there's birth control but it isn't a guarantee. If people didn't have a drive to have sex and reproduce, you might find more nuns and monks. However, many people later realize that they can't really afford to give their child a good life. Adoption, especially closed adoption, also isn't really a option for some women. It can take a great troll on their mental health, some mothers can't deal with the anxiety of not knowing what will happen to their child.

    • NoManToo

      I completely agree with you.

      Both male and females need to think before they engage in sex.

      Responsibility is the key.

      I am no fan of abortion so I always preach about not getting pregnant in the first place.

      As to the child support issue. I toss in that example because I think it is unfair that a father has no choice if his child is aborted or not, but he is forced to open his wallet to pay for a child he never wanted.

    • Anonymous

      Wouldn't education help here? I know some pro-lifers are against sex-ed for teenagers but it's also usually that time when people begin experimenting (first kiss, first boy/girlfriend, etc). Developing technology so abortion wouldn't be needed, I think, would be a good thing such as the artificial womb underdevelopment currently.
      I simply don't think it should be up to the government to decide abortion, I think it should be up to the parents. The society, if anything, can influence.

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  • nightdrot

    The British statesman and political philosopher Edmund Burke wrote, "The effect of liberty to individuals is that they may do as they please. We ought see what it will please them to do before we risk congratulations." Therein lay the problem with laws that permit abortion on demand.

    A society that premises its law as "Choice"- to use the locution of abortion rights advocates - effectively leaves open the question of the value of human life. It becomes not a standing principle, but a subjective judgment to each individual. In such a society, human life becomes not an end in itself, but mere instrument. Life becomes not an object whose preservation is the highest standard, but rather a convenience to be maintained or not according to the satisfaction of another's will.

    We shape our laws and then our laws shape us - see also the civil rights laws of the 1960s which have effected a revolution in race relations. (The idea that a black man and a white man cannot sit together at the same lunch counter is as alien to this generation as Neptune. Yet in 1965 it was pretty much the norm.)

    Inherent then in the pro-choice argument is the idea that life has no value save that which each person chooses to attach to it. It denies society any authority to make a collective judgment on such questions. Therefore, in this view, the law may not afford protection to life except at some arbitrarily defined (and inherently subjective) point.

    This then conduces to an assertion of power over rights. Life is maintained not as its own end, but according to the will of the person who, effectively, controls it because they can. An ethic of convenience is established and it is a slippery slope on which to build a culture and a legal edifice.

    Such a society will not value life that sees life as not an end, but as a means to some other end. Indeed, that is why at about the same time as the culture began to shift on the abortion question we also saw a rise in child abuse, spousal abuse, divorce, out of wedlock births and other social pathologies. These were not unrelated phenomena.

    Aristotle said that the first questions of politics are, "How ought we to live? What kind of a people do we wish to be?" The implicit answer of those who support abortion on demand is, in effect, that it is nobody's business. Predictable results follow. One cannot expect the society to absent itself from collective moral judgments on the value of life and then expect an ethical social order to result.

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  • DaisyM23

    Yes, abortion should be legal and available for all as an option and willing choice. I hate that it is men who discuss and debate this mainly and force girls and women to have babies they don’t want which risks both lives. Also, women may turn to other options if legal abortion isn’t available and that’s extremely dangerous.

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    • Elsa143

      Exactly. Pregnancy is the most painful thing. If it's a mistake then why not abort? If it were men in place of women, they would run like Hell. Men can't even commit to a single woman and imagine if men had the responsibility of pregnancy... they only wanna control women that's why they interfere on women's topic.

    • Elsa143

      If that's the case then sex should also be banned for men who only want to have it casually.

    • Yeah men can discuss and debate whatever they want. Cry me a river

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  • MCheetah

    I'm not reading all of this, but the answer is yes. However, men should equally have the right to opt out of parenthood and absolve all responsibilities to raising a child, also. Not that I agree with men doing that, but hat's fair is fair, and it's utter BS that women have literally 100% of all parental and pre-birthing rights and men have none.

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    • Absolutely. Best answer.

    • Great answer, Roe Vs. Wade for men, wish the guy had fought it in court all the way... maybe its time for someone to try again.

    • No, men should stop sleeping around with women, not murdering children or approving of it. If men weren't sleeping with women then women couldn't get pregnant in the first place. I agree women having 100% control over the whole process, and that's why men should get a clue and stop sleeping with them.

  • Leavesbound

    somewhere during the 2nd trimester probably towards the end, a fetus acquires the ability to think, feel and be self aware. Granted there may not be much intellectual stuff going on but they are at that point human beings. Unfortunately there is much debater exactly when that occurs. We have a moral and ethical obligation to protect all who are vulnerable and to assume a wide margin of error on this and that means we need to criminalize mid and late term abortions as murder.

    Prior to that a fetus cannot feel anything nor think and are not self aware and therefore aborting such a baby is not causing anyone harm or trauma. First term abortions should be a right but 2nd and 3rd term abortions should not be. The line of demarcation between you and the baby is just that, a boundary. While a fetus started out as a part of her it is not like an appendage like finger to be amputated. it is a unique and discrete sentient being living inside you being sustained and nurtured inside you. Just because you can't hear it scream does not mean it isn't screaming in agony as it is being ripped apart piece by piece.

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  • Archerer

    Abortion must remain legal, we need to focus on education and better access to affordable birth control. Also continuing to improve birth control options. Abortions in my mind aren't as big of a moral dilemma as other people make it out to be. I'd more worried about the mental health of the woman having the abortion than the life of a fetus. An unfertilized egg and sperm are really not that different from a fertilized egg, but for some reason people flip out about the fertilized egg and are completely ok wasting billions of sperm and eggs otherwise. It's stupid. It isn't a hard line, life is a spectrum, and until there is contemplative thought, it ain't worth much. Especially seeing as humans are over populated, and destroying the earth. Human life just isn't as special as people make it out to be. Most people who care about abortion don't care that their iPhones are made by children working in horrible conditions. There's a spectrum of morality here and it's not always so black and white, but overall a woman > a fetus.

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  • Smashingdoozy

    Pro lifers aren't pro life they're just anti abortion. They don't give a shit what happens to the kid.

    I'm pro choice. Making abortions illegal doesn't make them go away it just endangers women because they will choose to get an unsafe abortion.

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    • NoManToo

      So are you saying women are incapable of being in control of there reproductive systems?

      That is some fucked up thinking!!#

    • Where did I say that?

    • Djaay

      NoManToo... How ironic , yea !

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  • Kas19

    Abortions will always exist. I'd rather them be safer for the mother. So yes, I do believe women have a right to do what they please with their bodies.

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    • Anonymous

      I agree that women have a right to their own body, but we're not talking about her body. We're talking about the fetus's body. The fetus is only developing, it isn't becoming more human, that it already is. It may lack some qualities, like self-awareness, but adults also lack these qualities occasionally- it doesn't make it anymore justifiable to kill a mentally disabled adult than a fetus. Children are born without any self-awareness, yet to kill them would be infanticide.

    • Kas19

      I am talking about her body. The fetus/baby is inside the mother's body. Fetuses don't have a conscience. I don't remember my time in my mother's womb and wouldn't have known or cared if I had been aborted.

    • Anonymous

      You're making the argument that I tried arguing against. People can be injured without feeling the pain,
      "For example, a temporarily comatose person who is suffocated to death “experiences no harm,” but he is nevertheless harmed. Hence, one does not have to experience harm, which is sometimes manifested in hurt, in order to be truly harmed."
      If we are going to judge a person's personhood by whether they are or are not conscious, then a sleeping person or a person who temporally passed out would not be human anymore.

      Babies still have a body of their own and are not parasitic in any manner. To kill it would be to violate it's own bodily autonomy as a person like the one you're advocating the woman to have (although this isn't her own).

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  • HawkPerception

    I don't understand why anyone else thinks they have the right to make the choice for the woman, where the matter literally resides.

    You're telling me if a couple lives secluded in the mountains and the girl gets pregnant and decides on abortion, it's suddenly the governments and other people decision if she is allowed to have the abortion? That notion is ridiculous and I would classify anyone that believes so as low IQ and irrational.

    The father should not have any say in whether she is get an abortion or not. If he wants kids, then he should talk to the woman and they should both agree that they want a kid. He is does not have the ability to go through child birth so who is he to say "No you have to go through childbirth because I said so."

    I personally hate the logic of pro-lifers. And no matter what anyone says, whether or not it is a life or not is irrelevant. Sperm cells are alive. Every time a guy cums, does that mean he's a murderer? No. Any stage before having any experiences in life is an okay and ethical time where it would be okay to abort.

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    • what about the babies choice or the father? your logic is completely flawed, a sperm or an egg is not a life, they will eventually die.
      The woman still has a choice, she can close her legs. Once she's pregnant she has lost any moral choice.

    • No. Your logic is flawed. Cells are all alive and you literally kill them by cumming. Read a book why don't you? Or at least google it before talking out of your ass.

      As I stated earlier, men don't have to go through childbirth like women. So they should not get a say in it. If you want kids then talk to your partner and if she is willing to have them, it'll happen. And you disgust me if you're saying women should just close their legs if they don't want kids. We're all humans and desire sex. Why don't you put your dick away? The baby is still a lifeform that does not have any experience so it is at a point where it's ethical to abort. I've already addressed all your so called points. You really need to learn to read.

      I'm not going to continue a debate with you when I know it will be a circular one with your low IQ. Go force some girls to have your kid.

    • you logic is idiotic. I work as a software engineer, so I'm confident in my IQ.
      but anyone who reads you comment already knows your an idiot...

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  • zollo

    First off I just want to say that this was not only very well written but very respectful! I also love that you put a disclaimer at the beginning. While I do disagree that abortion is morally wrong I respect your opinion, which I feel like I can rarely say because people on opposing sides are usually nasty.

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  • GnatSocks

    Abortion is murder. It's the same as smothering a baby with a pillow. They're both dependant on others for survival and cannot live on their own. They both have a genetic code that is different from their mothers. They both are simply human beings in a vulnerable state. Murdering this person who is innocent of any right or wrong and wholly relies on you is just about as evil as you can get.

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  • purplepoppy

    What is wrong with abortion for economic reasons? Should contraception fail and the mother isn't financially secure enough to raise a child then termination is a valid reason. Similarly if a student gets pregnant it would be more logical to abort so she could finish her studies then have a baby later in life rather than end up a single mother in a low paid job.

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    • So in other words, if a person can't support themselves, they should be aborted too right? That's what happens when you base the right to murder on finances. Let that sink in.

  • Vickymoore9

    I think yes but I also think if married no the husband must sign off on it. I personally don’t believe in abortion but I think not allowing it takes away freedoms. But like I said when married I think my husband has every right to stop an abortion. Like if a girl says I don’t want a kid and the guy says then I’ll raised the child sign her off to me. I think the guy should be allow that right the same right a women has!

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  • djmzes

    It relates to thi: either you believe IN God or not.

    If you do not believe in God, then go on and do it.
    If you believe in it, then you know it is Him who create and destroy. So you have no right in deciding as you will be trialed for it.

    Whether you are or not, it does not matter as long each one agrees and stays in their limit.

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    • NoManToo

      Atheists can believe abortion is immoral.

    • Sparky99

      @NoManToo Agreed. It comes down to ethics and values, a required university class. When there is life and it feels pain, is it really ethical?

    • djmzes

      @NoManToo there are some atheists that believe that there is something that govern the world. They do not believe in religion but in some higher power.

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  • TrainingDay

    If this really is an issue for men. Ask the women about there thoughts on abortion before you fuck them. Stop fucking women that won't have one. Or only fuck girl you date and want a long term relationship with. Or wear a condom and pull out. Solutions. I give you NOW solution not LATER solutions. Vote me for Pres of the USA.

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  • slatyb

    A fetus is not a child, not a person. It has no right to life. It's an unconscious bit of protoplasm. It's not near consciousness until sometime in the 3rd trimester.

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    • NoManToo

      So it only becomes human when it pops out its mother's vagina?


      Babies are born months premature.

      So please name the exact point that the protoplasm you speak of becomes human life?

    • slatyb

      @NoManToo You are invoking the fallacy of the beard (https://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Sorites_paradox). There is no exact point, it's a gradual process. But we know that in the first two trimesters the fetus is nowhere near consciousness. There are other legal questions that are similar. We don't know exactly when someone is too drunk to drive, so we make it illegal to drive with a blood alcohol concentration above 0.08%.

    • NoManToo

      So you are using a subjective alcohol limit as an analogy as to when human life becomes human life?

      By scientific definition it is human life through out pregnancy.

      Let's talk facts.

      Then you can argue ethics.

  • Jesus_is_the_guey

    I've always struggled with this concept although it is her body and pregnancy is hell her decisions cause the conception of that life but on the other hand it is straight murder it’s like me waking around murdering anyone that inconvenienced me because life’s too hard

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  • exitseven

    i am pro choice but there has to be a predetermined time limit and it cannot be two minutes before the baby is born naturally. I don't know what that is and I am not sure who should determine it. I just know it should not be a priest or a politician.

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  • Adam1978

    I didn't read all that, I don't need to she should have a right for abortion. What I am missing is the right for men to legally reject being the father of a child. Ie no child support, no co-living. If the woman wants to go ahead without him, she can but then she has to take full responsibility of raising that child and he won't have any claims in any form.

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  • matchrestore

    A well written argument, which I disagree in part with. I think it is very idealistic to think that solving all of the issues you said to address will somehow negate the need for legal abortion. I do think they would reduce the incidences of abortion greatly, but that rate would never quite get to zero. I applaud you for being able to separate morality from legality- there are many people who struggle with separating the two.

  • SavageGirl101

    Ofc we should the fetus is literally in our body so we make the decision I don't know why this is still under discussion 🤣🤣

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    • Anonymous

      Because it isn't so crystal clear for some. Legally, I agree abortion should be legal but I don't think it's right. The fetus has a right to it's own body, it's not a parasite, it's a human being that didn't consent to getting aborted.

    • When the fetus can speak then it can decide 💀🤚 until then it’s the mothers decision and hers only

    • And the money is literally in my pocket, yet somehow I'm supposed to pay for women's mistakes either through taxes or child support.

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