How to Achieve Enlightenment without a Theology Degree

How to Achieve Enlightenment without a Theology Degree

There are three steps you can use to achieve enlightenment and this is the three step process I’ve developed after 14 years of constant study

1. The first stage is the investigation stage. Choose a symbol in a religious text you consider to be authoritative and than examine its usage and meaning and try to include it in your personal spiritual repertoire and theological exegesis when you are speculating on God or delving into the scriptures that discuss Him.

2. The next stage is healing. Focus on your unconscious emotions and not what is natural and what is man made, what is loving and what is selfish, what is peaceful and what is confrontational and than attempt to remove negative habits with positive mental repetition and exposure designed to increase tolerance levels and heal emotional scars by bringing unconscious pain to the surface where it can be accepted and acknowledged and than released and rejected by replacing it with new found dignity and strength

3. The next stage is enlightenment. You achieve this by emptying your mind of all attachment and worry and fear and bias and desire and detaching yourself and your mechanisms from the context and people and environment until a revelation comes to you, than note it on a paper or electronic device and incorporate that into your taxonomy of spiritual knowledge.

4. The last is love and loving kindness and intimate care with the divine being - this is not part of today’s study because not everybody has access to it or knows how to access it.

How to Achieve Enlightenment without a Theology Degree
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  • CashMoneyElias
    I didn't read the entire post but I disagree with you. The following is just my opinion and I'm not saying mine is correct and yours is wrong. I believe true enlightenment comes when you stop playing characters in life. You realise that your name, job, social status, religion, colour, ethnicity, nationality etc are just labels (names) and therefore there's no you but you're just a point of awareness in an infinite stream of consciousness. Once you do it all the depression, anxiety and stress goes away.
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    i think i got leg work to do before attempting this
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  • blutwolfe
    It took 14 years or just been studying that long? And it's 4 steps not 3 it looks like lol unless I got that wrong

    gonna need some clarification on the first step though like which symbols? I didn't know there were that many lol
    • I came up with 17 book outlines but I'm not publishing most of them cause Its not ready yet.

  • Bootylicious905
    You're looking for yourself. Not science. Because God is beginning of everything. If you dismiss him. Truly your research should be to ask yourself where am i going after this? What is life? What is purpose of it?
  • Skadouchebag
    trying to achieve enlightenment without a theology degree is like trying to become a doctor without a medical degree.
  • Twenty2
    Enlightenment isn't a degree based stuff. Enlightenment is knowing your own self. Tho if you pay me, I can teach you🤭 if you don't have money and still want to learn, I can guide you for free too.
  • lucas262
    No such thing as enlightenment.
    We are not god, little gods or omniscient.
  • In_Trance
    There are other ways outside of theism to be enlightened
  • Nice. Can you reach this enlightenment without theology?
  • i couldn't possibly understand that any more, or less lol
  • BoxySama
    Yes , the church girl knows about how to be enlightened
  • Or just eat magic mushrooms
  • michael1469
    The devil made me do it.