Do you wish you were innocent? Here’s a simple trick to reclaim your purity

Do you wish you were innocent? Here’s a simple trick to reclaim your purity

So I concluded today that humans become corrupt because society corrupts them.

if you were to empty a jar of water without replacing it with new water

or if you were to cut off an alligators supply of food and water

what would happen?

the alligator would die

and the water jar would become empty

therefore the key to innocence is personal detachment

like a guy might get horny looking at porn

while a woman who looks at a naked woman feel nothing

when you change your emotional appetite and your frequency, you change what things in this world are allowed to enter the gates of your mind

so the key to innocence is closing your gates and draining out the sewage waste of hatred in your mind

this is done by detachment

and detachment comes with meditation and inner healing

so detachment leads to cleansing and healing which leads to innocence

Do you wish you were innocent? Here’s a simple trick to reclaim your purity
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  • Lord knows I'm No Angel but if I could reclaim my innocence I would and I would have followed the way of Wiccan religion because I finally found out who I am and who I am is a Native American healer and Medicine Man in practice if I could go back and reclaim it all I would I think it would have been a lot different
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  • Enochian
    I know I'm far from perfect, but I will use this as a step to becoming a better person.
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  • buddies
    Society is not the reason for the corruption of the human race. Corruption is sin. We read in the Word of God that Adam and Eve had one rule. One thing that they could not do and retain morality. There was no one else there. Just God, Satan, Adam and Eve. There was no society, and yet they became corrupt.
    Also, Cain killed his brother Abel out of anger and jealousy. Society did not encourage it. In fact, he was the first murderer... that level of corruption had not yet been reached.
    We are not a product of our environment or society. We are born corrupt, and only the blood of Jesus can save us from our corruption. His sacrifice is the only thing that can wash away the sin with which we are born.
    Innocence is not ignorance. Innocence is purity. Purity is cleaness. However just because we are clean, does not mean we have never been dirty.
    "For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God," says Roman's. And yet God also expects us to be pure and holy," Be ye holy, as I am holy..." (Hebrews) and " He that hath clean hands and a pure heart... he shall receive the blessing from the Lord..."(Psalms) So I conclude that we are a product of our choices. We either choose to be cleansed by the blood of the Lamb, and therefore welcome innocence, or we choose to ignore the sacrifice of Christ and continue in our sins as we substitute innocence with ignorance and unbelief, and corruption.
  • JaneDoe377
    Yea thats so not the way. Meditating is bad juju. Unless you are meditating on some scripture. I know this opinion will rile someone but it's true. Truth is not subjective.
    yes, this is it... altho others may not believe in your purity, but what do they matter? i've subconciosly done this with certain aspects...
  • amyba
    Only children are innocent... if you stay innocent people will take advantage of you
  • gerit
    It's like will power, trying to control it is hard and might be impossible, instead just take away the bad thing you want to fix.
  • Sweetener_
    Thank you so much!